Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Want to learn about a cheap indoor bike with some powerful features? Then we have a worthy suggestion for you – The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 exercise bike.

Although an entry level exercise bike, the SF-B1995 has the real potential to be your long-term fitness partner. Therefore, if you plan on buying a budget exercise bike, this sunny bike truly deserves to be on your wishlist.

And to give you a complete idea about this sunny Pro II exercise bike, here is a comprehensive review of the same. So, read along, and learn all you need about this simple, yet powerful exercise bike.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 spin bike Review 

Similar to other exercise bikes from sunny health and fitness, this one also comes with a number of powerful features for an entry-level exercise bike. 

The most notable one, as usual, is the trustable build quality. The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 bike is made of thickened alloy steel tubes, ensuring safety, stability, and durability. And thanks to such a thicker frame, the bike weighs close to 100 Pounds.

Besides the heavy-duty steel frame, the bike also has a 40 Pounds flywheel that maintains your momentum. This will prove greatly helpful when you plan on engaging in longer duration spinning sessions. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike with Device Mount and Advanced Display – SF-B1995, Silver

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Another cool feature with this bike is, unlike other budget spin bikes from sunny, it has a live performance monitor. It shows several values, including your live pulse rate.

The only mentionable drawback with the monitor is- it will show only one value at a time, and only one switch to navigate between these values. 

The frictional resistance mechanism of this sunny stationary bike will let you enjoy a wide range of real-road biking experiences. That is, you can emulate conditions similar to riding on a straight road, going up the hill, climbing down the hill, and several resistance levels in between. 

As stated above, the bike uses a frictional resistance mechanism, with a felted fabric brake pad. 

Speaking of adjustability, the bike is designed to suit taller individuals as well. With an inseam height range of 28/41 inches, people of a wide height range should find it comfortable. For clarity, measure your inseam height and check whether it comes within the range. 

That was a brief review of this sunny exercise bike. Moving further, we will dive deeper into the detailed review of the bike.  

Features & Specs 

Given below is a table of all key features and specifications of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 exercise bike.

Have a quick look before we proceed further. 

Features & Specs


Sunny Health & Fitness


Pro II SF-B1995


Gray, Red


Alloy steel


46.65 x 18 x 46 inches (LWH)

Weight Capacity

275 Pounds

Product Weight

99.4 Pounds


40 Pounds

Adjustable resistance


Type of resistance

Frictional resistance

Frictional brake pad material

Felt fabric pad

Dual felt pad


Drive system

Belt drive

Pedal type

Caged pedals

Seat adjustability

4-way adjustable

Handlebar height adjustability


Inseam height range

28 inches – 41 inches

Water bottle holder


Performance monitor


Power source

Battery Cells (2 x AAA)

Device holder


Pulse sensor


Transportation Wheels



Along with this belt drive variant, there is a cheaper, chain drive variant available for the same bike. However, due to a number of reasons, we would recommend you buy the belt drive variant.

Build Quality

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 spin bike comes with decent quality in terms of both the ergonomic design and the quality of materials used to manufacture it. 

Given below is where this exercise equipment stands in terms of the build quality of different components. 


Overall, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 indoor bike weighs close to 100 Pounds, or precisely, 99.4 Pounds. 

And for an entry-level indoor bike, that is a decent number.

A major portion of the weight comes from the heavy-duty alloy steel frame. And thanks to such a heavy frame, the bike will be a lot steadier than most other bikes. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike with Device Mount and Advanced Display – SF-B1995, Silver

Flywheel and Resistance 

Another mentionable feature of this exercise bike is the 40 Pounds flywheel. Such a heavier flywheel is what gives you the momentum to do spinning for longer durations. In other words, the flywheel will give life to your indoor cycling sessions. 

About the resistance mechanism, on the other hand, we have a mixed opinion. The bike uses 2 felt fabric pads to offer you resistance. Over time, the pad may wear out, and then you may have to replace it.

But considering the price, we would never blame them. 


The pedals of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 stationary bike are made of aluminum. That means the pedals will be firm and light in weight at the same time. As a result, you can go for the standing position to ride the bike without worrying about safety. 

In addition, the pedals are enclosed inside pedal cages, protecting you from fast rides.  

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The handlebar is made of quality material and is designed to suit various holding positions. Also, it is wide enough so that you can place your tablet in between without affecting your holding comfort. 

Additionally, the top layer of the handlebar has a friction surface, giving you a better grip while holding it. The handlebar is also where the pulse sensor is placed. Place your arms on the sensors to know your live pulse rates. 

Speaking of the adjustability, you can adjust its height from the ground by using the knob given right below it. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike with Device Mount and Advanced Display – SF-B1995, Silver


The seat of the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 is comparatively longer. But if you are planning to do longer duration indoor cycling, you may have to buy an extra saddle cover for better comfort, as the cushion is not very thick.

Now, speaking of the adjustability, you can adjust the seat in both vertical and horizontal directions. The seat post is made with decent quality, and you won’t have to worry about safety or stability. 

However, one possible drawback is, you cannot perform micro-adjusting the seat height. The reason is, the height holes are placed around 1 inch apart


Given below is how the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 indoor bike incorporated various technologies for different key components.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike with Device Mount and Advanced Display – SF-B1995, Silver

Flywheel and Resistance

Using this sunny bike, you can emulate real-road biking experiences within the comfort of your home. The 40 Pounds flywheel and the frictional brake pad combine together to offer you adjustable resistance

Here is how the resistance mechanism works- the friction between the felt pad and the flywheel is what creates resistance. The more pressure the pad exerts on the flywheel, the more resistance you will feel. You can also adjust the resistance by simply turning the adjusting knob.

Also, if you want to stop the bike all of a sudden, simply push the lever given beside the knob downwards. 

In addition to combining with the felted pad for creating resistance, the flywheel also contributes towards the bike’s stability. Such a 40 pounds flywheel also carries the momentum, inspiring you to pedal for longer durations. 

Performance monitor

The improved live performance monitor is yet another cool feature with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 exercise bike. 

Using it, you can track various stats related to your workout, namely:

  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Odometer
  • Time
  • RPM
  • Pulse
  • Additional facility to scan among values. 

For a cheap indoor bike, these many stats is really worth mentioning. And sunny has done a decent job here. 

Also, you will not have to keep the monitor plugged in, as it works on battery cells that arrive with the product. 

However, one possible issue you might face with the monitor is that you will have to keep on pressing the switch in order to reach the value you prefer to see. The reason is, the performance monitor has only one switch, and shows only one value at a time. 

Belt drive

This SF-B1995 variant from sunny comes with a belt drive. Although there is a cheaper variant with a chain drive, we recommend you buy the belt drive one. 

The reason why we suggest a belt drive is that it will be far smoother, convenient, and durable than a chain drive.

A chain drive requires stricter maintenance, regular greasing for example. Belt drive, on the other hand, does not demand much stricter, time-consuming maintenance. 

Also, a belt drive creates far less noise than the conventional metallic chain. Overall, riding a belt-drive bike will be far smoother than riding a chain-drive one. 

So, if you want your indoor cycling to be smoother and quieter, a belt drive is what you should opt for. 

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Assembly and Maintenance

Assembling the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995, like other spin bikes from sunny, is an easy task. Overall, it will require less than 30 minutes of your time to assemble the bike.

The shipping package is heavier compared to most other spin bikes. That means, you might need a helping hand to start with transporting the package and unboxing. Once you’ve done that, take the user manual and the toolbox, and start with assembling. 

Now, once you’ve assembled, and got into your spinning actions with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 exercise bike, comes the maintenance part. 

You need to take proper care of the bike if you want it to last long and give you greater user comfort. 

  • Every day, check for the safety of the pedals, seats, and all other key screws and connectors. Checking the pedals and tightening them is crucial for safety.
  • Once a week, inspect all hardware, moving parts, and screws. Make sure they are intact. Inspect all pop-pin assemblies, and lubricate them.
  • Once a week, clean the brake pad. Get rid of dirt and other foreign particles. 
  • Once a month, check for all screws and connectors. In case you notice any wear, go for immediate replacement.
  • Once a month, lubricate the posts for the seat and handlebar. Remove any foreign particles, if present. 

For detailed maintenance instructions, refer to their user manual.

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Aesthetics and Styling

Differing from other recent bikes from sunny, this one has a gray colored frame. Besides, the posts, seat, handlebar, and a few other parts are black in color. 

Speaking of the style, being frank, we would say the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 bike has below-average aesthetics. But never take that as a final judgment because the concept may vary from person to person. 

Another obvious drawback considering the aesthetics is that the components of the resistance mechanism are placed in an exposed manner. You can see some wires or cables connecting the adjusting knob and the pads. They are provided outside the frame, and may give a poor impression. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike with Device Mount and Advanced Display – SF-B1995, Silver

Pros & Cons 

Given below are some notable pros and cons of this sunny Pro II bike. 


  • 40 Pounds flywheel
  • Heavy, thickened frame
  • Improved performance monitor
  • Greater stability
  • Decent inseam height adjustability
  • Durable moving wheels
  • Belt chain drive
  • Dual brake pad


  • Limited handlebar adjustability
  • Seat and handlebars are not micro-adjustable
  • Fabric pads may create noise
  • Below average aesthetics


Is Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 stationery bike Worth the Buy? 

If you are someone looking to start with indoor cycling, and are looking for an entry level bike, then you should definitely have the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 stationary bike in your wishlist.

Also, the performance monitor with this bike shows far more stats than most other budget exercise bikes. So, you can receive live-time feedback about your spinning progress.

Additionally, the 40 Pounds flywheel can really keep your momentum to ride longer, and thereby burn more calories. 

Now, one thing you should seriously consider about any exercise bike is its inseam height range. This sunny bike has a maximum inseam height of 41 inches, and a minimum of 28 inches. That is supposed to suit persons of different heights but still, kindly check whether your inseam height belongs in the range. 


That was a detailed, honest review of the Pro II SF-B1995 model from sunny. We hope the article was helpful to you in learning about the bike.

Overall, we are impressed with the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II SF-B1995 indoor bike. It has some really powerful features that you can rarely see among other entry level bikes. 

So, if you are on a budget, and want a bike that can give you a feeling of safety and comfort, then this sunny bike can put an end to your search. That being said, this is just what we feel about the bike, and the ultimate judgment shall be yours.