Sundar Pichai’s Daily Routine, Sleep Schedule, Habits & More

The man who brought a revolution to the technological world and inspired thousands of individuals around the world to dream big, yes you get it right! We are talking about Sundar Pichai.

We all are very well aware of his journey from the city of India to the head of one of the most successful companies, Google and Alphabet. But one must wonder what Sundar Pichai did that brought him this enormous success?

This article will give you a sneak peek into how the tech giant, Mr. Sundar Pichai spends his day.

Through this article, you will know about Sundar Pichai’s daily routine and the habits that made him one of the most successful leaders of all time.

Sundar Pichai’s Daily Routine

Sundar Pichai Daily Routine
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The CEO of Alphabet has shared his journey from India to Stanford University and all the hardships that he had to face many times. He has his fair share of daily problems, just like any other human being.

Even though Pichai is not a fan of mornings and does not call himself a morning person, he has managed to design a very basic and easy morning routine for himself.

In all his daily habits, we can still vividly see the Indian culture and habits. Let us now have a clear look into what a day in the life of Sundar Pichai looks like.


The mornings are just like any other Indian household. In India, all the people value waking up in the morning the most, and all youngsters are advised to wake up early and begin their day early. This way, there is little room for laziness, and one starts the day afresh.

Mr. Pichai wakes up at around 6:30 -7 am and kicks off his day by reading a physical newspaper, a common sight in India.

He likes to follow this with some chai or Indian tea, then he eats his breakfast which is also very common in Indian households, omelet, and toast. He has tried to meditate but finds himself struggling with it, so he tries to indulge in long walks and listens to podcasts.

Doesn’t this sound like the typical Indian household mornings? Because it is! The greatest quality of Mr. Pichai is that he has still not forgotten his roots and values them greatly.


Sunder Pichai’s schedule in the afternoon is all occupied with work. Looking after the new projects, taking meetings, and discussing the company’s performance.

We also know how he is trying his best to redefine the work culture in the company.

He is trying to make the employees’ work more enjoyable and wants to make them feel relaxed and at their best while they are working. So yeah, he spends his afternoons working.


The evenings are occupied by spending time with his family and also looking after his work.

He knows how to balance his professional and personal life very well. He has his dinner in the evening with his family most of the time except for when he is out for meetings. The tech wizard feels the most productive at the night and after 10 pm.

He likes to keep his schedule flexible and does not have a fixed time to sleep. But he makes sure that he sleeps for around 7-8 hours every day.

Sundar Pichai’s sleep schedule

We know how important it is to have a sound sleep of around 7-8 hours every day. Many research studies have shown us how important sound sleep is for leading a healthy life.

Pichai does not have a fixed time for sleeping. Just like most of us, he also feels the most productive after 10 pm. Therefore he spends his time innovating and looking after his projects.

Let us have a deeper look into the sleep schedule of Mr. Pichai.

How many hours does Sundar Pichai sleep?

The tech wizard makes sure that he has his 7-8 hours of sleep every day. He believes that a proper sleep cycle is important for a healthy body and mind.

So if you have been surviving on mere hours of sleep, it is high time to change your old habits and replace them with new and healthier habits.

What time does Sundar Pichai go to bed?

He does not have a fixed time to go to bed. He tries to go by 10 pm, but it may vary. As he finds himself the most productive at night, he may indulge in innovative research or studies.

So he does not fix himself a deadline for sleeping. But keeps his time flexible.

What time does Sundar Pichai wake up?

He is not a morning person but still manages to wake up between 6:30 am- 7 am.

He does not like to work out in the mornings and tries to keep the workouts for the later parts of his day. Mostly, exercising in the evening time.

Sundar Pichai’s work schedule

Sundar Pichai work schedule
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Sundar Pichai’s work schedule is what one would expect it to be. That is hectic! He is heading a big company that requires a lot of hard work and time.

He tries to devote the maximum of his time to his work. Reading journals, company’s performance and looking after the effective working of the employees.

Most of his time is occupied by work.

How many hours a day does Sundar Pichai work?

The CEO works for around 7-8 hours a day and tries to devote the maximum of his time to work on the company’s future.

How many hours a week does Sundar Pichai work?

The Alphabet CEO tries to devote 35-40 hours a week to his work. On the weekdays, he tries to exercise and looks after the fitness of his body.

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Sundar Pichai’s Habits

Habits are what define the quality of a person’s life. You can very well tell whether a person will be successful or not judging from his habits.

The CEO, even though not a fan of having a strict morning routine, knows the importance of having good habits. All this networth that he has built has been through sheer hard work and discipline.

Let us have a look at the habits of the tech giant that have helped him shoulder such great responsibilities and execute them effectively.

He believes in working hard

Throughout his days, whether it was in India or at Stanford University, he has worked very hard.

To get to the top of his game, he tries to spend as much time as possible polishing his skills and keeps on upgrading his knowledge.

He tries to exercise as often as he gets time

Exercising is directly linked with a clear mind and sharp intelligence. The CEO knows this very well and tries to devote time to his fitness.

He indulges in various forms of exercising and spends his evenings exercising and getting in shape.

He looks after creating a healthy work culture for his employees

We all have heard about how beautiful Google offices are and the facilities that Google provides to the employees to help them perform better in the office.

But the mind behind this revolution is Mr. Pichai. He is trying to bring the best work culture to his employees so that they feel at ease and do not work in stressful situations.

He likes to indulge in listening to podcasts

Podcasts have helped him get better in life. As he struggles with meditation, podcasts have helped him relax while he is walking and they have helped him better deal with anxiety and stress.

He devotes enough time to his mental health

We know how taxing it can get to handle so much pressure. The CEO makes sure that he gets enough time to focus on his mental health.

He likes to go on long walks with his dog and loves listening to NSDR on youtube. It helps him with relaxation and better sleep.

You can judge from his habits only that he has been so much hard-working and disciplined throughout his life. And all the hard work has paid him off very well. He has not only brought laurels to his country, but he is today a guiding light for the youth.

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The Bottom Line

The tech giant has brought some revolutionary technologies into this world and will keep on continuing to do so. All this was possible because of his sheer hard work and positive attitude towards life.

We all know that it can be difficult to keep up with routines and follow them every day. But after reading about Mr. Sundar Pichai’s daily schedule, the whole gaga behind waking up early in the morning gets a bit cold.

You must devise a daily routine for yourself and stop running behind by following any trends that you are not able to keep up with.