Strong Curves Program Spreadsheets & PDF

If you are looking for a comprehensive workout program that can help you work on your strength and physique simultaneously then you should look no further than the Strong Curves workout program.

Created specifically for women, the Strong curves program can help you shape your body curve and gain strength through efficient training methods and workouts.

The authors Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis have put in their years of experience into creating this program and delivering it to the users in the form of a book. Kellie herself has used this program and you can see the results yourself as she has modelled for workout photographs in the said book.


The Strong curves workout program is not a free program, the Google sheets in this page are created by different reddit users. These excel sheets will help you to schedule, track and automate your training but for in depth understanding of the training methodology you must read the Strong Curves book before referring to these spreadsheets.


Strong Curves Program Overview PDF

Though the Strong Curves program is a paid one, the author Bret Contreras has put together a smaller 46 pages free PDF version of the program and made it available for free.

This free giveaway PDF will give you a sneak peek at the program. Click the link below to access and download the free Strong Curves overview PDF.


The program consists of complete theories about key components of human anatomy and science behind working on physique through proper training and nutrition. It also has well defined workout routines for suitable for all fitness levels and body types. 

Strong Curves Spreadsheet

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Bootyful Beginnings Spreadsheets

These three Strong Curves workout spreadsheets are created by different Reddit users of /r/StrongCurves. Anyone who is looking for three distinct excel sheets for three four week blocks of the 12 week program can find these three spreadsheets very useful.

These Google sheets are intended for those who are just getting started or fairly beginners in their fitness journey and wish to follow the entry level bootyful beginnings program.

Week 1-4

The following spreadsheet consists of the schedule for the first four weeks of Bootyful beginnings program. Throughout the schedule, you have 3 workout days each week. Every week you do one session of workout pre-sets A, B and C


Week 5-8

As the workout pre-sets change for the next four week block of the program you can move to the next spreadsheet for tracking your workouts.


Week: 9-12

The new workout plan A, B and C for the final four week block of the program are included along with sets and reps information in this excel sheet.


Bootyful Beginning Weeks 1-8 & Bodyweight Program Weeks 1-4

This is not just a Strong Curves workout spreadsheet; it can work as a complete guide for the whole 12 week of Bootyful beginnings program. This reddit user created this comprehensive guide for you to be able to track your beginning weeks and program weeks effectively.

This Strong Curves spreadsheet provides you with an option to choose among 3 or 4 workout sessions per week. The first sheet of this file contains instructions, recommended and alternate weekly schedule and a workout template. The next 8 sheets are dedicated to 1-8 weeks of Bootyful beginnings.

Each workout has exercises targeting glutes, quads dominate exercises, press type exercises, pull exercises and core exercises.

10th sheet is instruction for Bodyweight programs, here too you can choose to work out on 3 or 4 days a week. Next four sheets consist of workouts for 1-4 weeks of bodyweight program template.  All these sheets have a clear mention of exercises to follow on each session along with warm ups, stretches and photographic explanation of each one.


Bootyful Beginnings Weeks 1-12 + Gluteal Goddess Weeks 1-12 

This Strong Curves workout plan spreadsheet contains three sheets in it. The first sheet has the twelve week Bootyful Beginnings schedule to guide you and help you track the progress.
The second sheet has 1-12 week plan for Gluteal Goddess workout routine. Here along with two main exercises targeting your quads and glutes, we have an additional one targeting hips. They named it the Gluteal Goddess for a reason.

The creator of this spreadsheet u/krissycole87 has added a warm up sheet too.


Gsluteal Goddess Spreadsheet with Pictures of the Exercises

This Strong Curves workout spreadsheet created by u/LeeJessLee has the 12-week Gluteal Goddess routine spread over three sheets.

The first sheet contains A, B and C workouts for 1-4 weeks along with a pictorial description of the exercises. It also has space for you to mark after completion of each exercise in order to make the tracking of progress easy. Other two sheets are for 5-8 and 9-12 week workouts.


Gluteal Goddess Spreadsheet with Explained Exercises

This twelve week Strong Curves spreadsheet created by u/Snyegurochka, not only lets you track the series, weights and reps but also has links to explanation videos.

If you are on mobile, long press on the exercise to follow the link to watch the video explaining that exercise and from laptop, you just need to click on the link.


Best Butt Bodyweight Program Spreadsheet

The Reddit user u/baroqueen created this excel sheet to serve you as Best butt bodyweight program template. It has different sets of warms ups described for type A, C and B workout pre-sets. Pictures for warm ups and main exercises are included in the Google sheets.

This excel sheet is useful for those working out form home or gym. You can use alternate exercises if some equipment isn’t available.


Gorgeous Glutes Spreadsheet

In this spreadsheet created for Strong curves Gorgeous glutes program, the creator u/DonutsWaffles has included a three month calendar for scheduling your workouts. There is also a measurement sheet to record your starting body measurements and track the progress every 4 weeks.


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Strong Curves Exercise Index PDF

To make it easy to find a particular exercise in the Strong curves book the author Bret Contreras created this exercise index PDF. About 100 pages at the end of the book are exercises explained with pictures. This index, segregated by the target muscle group will help you find the exercise you need much faster. You can download this free PDF from the link below.

Strong Curves FAQs

How Long Does Strong Curves Take?

Every workout session has glute dominant, quad dominant, pull and push type exercises and other accessory work. The session would take about 40 to 60 minutes to complete depending on the pace and rests.

What Is The Strong Curves Program?

Strong curves is a whole body strength training design focused on hypertrophy and strength of the lower body. It has programs that can be used by all fitness levels and body types.

Can You Do Strong Curves At Home?

Yes, almost all exercises have alternate options, so you can do the complete program at home with a pair of dumbbells, barbell and some resistance bands.

Do I Need Special Equipment For The Strong Curves Program?

All the exercises having alternating ones eliminates the necessity of special equipment for the Strong Curves program. Simple barbell, dumbbells resistance bands are enough for entry level and intermediate levels, while a squat rack can add value.

Is Strong Curves Only For Beginners?

The strong curves design offers workout routines for beginner fitness enthusiasts to advanced level athletes. And the design can be used to derive custom programs.

Do I Need Lifting Experience To Start Strong Curves?

No lifting experience is needed to start a Strong Curves program. It has different variations for all fitness levels.

Is Strong Curves Really As Good As Promised?

Many users of the program believe that the Strong Curves is a must-have guide for women to build a better body. It does deliver good results in shaping your glutes and overall body.

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Created by an experienced fitness trainer Bret Contreras and co-author Kellie Davis the Strong Curves book is a complete guide for training and nutrition to build a strong and shapely body. Read the book and refer the program spreadsheets provided in this page to better plan and track your workouts.