10 Best Spinning Shoes for Women (Review) In 2023

Spinning is the best low impact workout that helps you achieve the results faster while being easy on your joints. Being an indoor activity, it also eliminates occurrence of many unforeseen, unwanted events that may affect you.

Even if spinning is one of the safest exercises, doing it without the proper gear might cause you little harm or may result in lower efficiency. For example, if you are not using right spinning shorts you may end up getting saddle sores.

Being comfortable while doing the workout keeps you motivated to put more efforts. And for being comfortable while spinning you need to use right spinning shorts, right spinning shoes, cycling gloves etc.

No matter if you are an elite cyclist or just looking for some cardio workout the one thing you must have is good spin shoes. While choosing the best indoor cycling shoes for women many factors are to be considered such as compatibility with your bike, features and limitations of the product.

It might seem a difficult task specially if you are beginner and want to choose the best women’s spin shoes, but don’t worry we got you covered. In this article we have tried to answer almost all your queries about women’s indoor cycling shoes and also we have shortlisted the 10 best spinning shoes for women.

Why buy women’s spinning shoes?

You might have seen people cycling even with their slippers on. If they can do it with slippers, sandals or any kind of shoes then why you need to buy spinning shoes in particular? Yes, that is an obvious question. And the short answer is to prevent injuries and make your workout efficient.

Preventing injuries might be reason enough for buying spinning shoes, but it doesn’t harm to know its other benefits. Here are few reasons to buy women’s spinning shoes;

  • Keeps your feet stuck to pedals eliminating the possibility of slipping and getting injured
  • The stiff soles distribute the pedal reaction force throughout the feet, hence improves the comfort of the ride/session
  • With normal shoes you can only work pushing the pedals down, with spinning shoes, as these are attached to the pedal with cleats, you put efforts while lifting them up too.
  • These ensure use of calf muscles along with the thighs for spinning, thus improves the efficiency of your workout.
  • Spinning shoes provide proper ventilation to feet
  • Much lighter than the alternatives
  • They reduces the time and effort to wear and remove.

Types of indoor cycling shoes:

Basically, the indoor cycling shoes or the spin shoes are a mix of mountain bike and road bike shoes. These offer little more traction than road bike shoes and are a bit lighter than the mountain bike shoes.

The type of shoes can be defined by the type of cleat that can be fixed on it. There are primarily two types of cleats named SPD cleats and Delta cleats or SPD-SL cleats.

SPD cleats are used mostly in mountain bikes and mountain biking shoes. These are also more popular in indoor bikes and indoor cycling shoes.

Most of the indoor bikes come with both cleat options. Thus, the indoor cycling shoes come in both two hole type which is compatible to SPD cleat and three hole type to accommodate delta cleat.


Many indoor cycling shoes for women can be used on either SPD pedals or SPD-SL pedals only. These are not compatible with each other. So before choosing the shoes, make sure which type of pedal your indoor bike has. If you have already bought the wrong shoes by mistake, you can opt for a converter.

Top 10 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Best Spinning Shoes for Women

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Every shoe listed here promises comfort and high performance. While all the shoes listed here are good shoes, but each of these have different features. Take a read carefully before finalising the pair for you.

Here are our top 10 picks for women’s spinning shoes. These will not only help you improve your performance but also keep you comfortable and help you enjoy the workouts.

Choosing the right bike and spinning plan:

If you are yet to buy an indoor bike you should take time to go through this comprehensive indoor bikes comparison before making the decision. Cause not every bike is suitable for your needs. This will help you choose the right bike for efficient workouts to achieve your fitness goals faster.

Choosing the right bike and the best spinning shoes is important and choosing the right spinning workout plan is essential if you wish to achieve results.

Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes SPD



The Gavin MTB mountain bike mesh indoor fitness cycling SPD shoes are made for performance. Best fit no matter if you are a newbie, an expert on in between. These lightweight and durable shoes are your best mate for your indoor cycling class.

The mesh on the top keeps air flowing on your feet while you are riding. The three hook and look straps makes it easy to put on and remove. Use of carbon fibre in the construction makes the shoes lighter.

Along with being stylish in look, these shoes have stiff soles, ankle support. Designed to work on clipless SPD pedals. The shoes have two hole system to accommodate SPD cleats. Cleats can be purchased separately if hadn’t come with pedals.

The shoes have perforated, light weight inner soles in order to shed the sweat and water quickly. These easy to wash lightweight shoes are your best mate for your spinning class or even a muddy trail ride.

These two bolt shoes are compatible with MTB pedals, SPD spinning bike pedals, crank brothers.


  • Two hole type shoes compatible with SPD cleats and pedals
  • A notch in the shoe tongue to allow ankle movement
  • The rigid soles made of fibreglass injected nylon
  • Upper panels are made of mesh to allow air flow
  • Inner soles are perforated for quick water and sweat removal
  • Inners are padded and have anti slip lining for comfort

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Tommaso Pista Women’s Spin Class Ready Cycling Shoe



These Tommaso pista spinning shoes for women are designed for the spin class. You can choose which cleat to attach to the shoes, as it is compatible for both type of cleats. Also, there are many colours to choose from.

The stiff soles of the Tommaso pista shoes allow you to transfer maximum power in to pedalling. This is will help you to reach your maximum potential while feeling comfortable.

The extremely effective heel cup of these shoes makes it no slip hold, keeps your foot in position for maximum efficiency.

These great looking high performance shoes are compatible with all spin cleats.

The bundle come with the delta and SPD cleats and a key to fix it. The bundle makes these shoes compatible for peloton bike, SPD two bolt MTB pedals, look delta and SPD-SL cleats.


  • Specifically designed for spin class
  • Compatible with both type of cleats, fits all type spin bike pedals
  • The cycling shoe bundle come with SPD and delta cleats
  • Ventilated mesh to keep your feet cool
  • Right amount of padding for comfortable ride
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Fibreglass reinforced sole

TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Spin Shoe, SPD Compatible



If you are looking for a pair of shoes that doesn’t compromise on style and still performs duties of being a cycling shoes well, then the Slipstream is what you choose.

This comfortable women’s spinning shoes has single strap on closure system.

It is compatible to SPD type cleats that means you can use these on spinning bikes with SPD pedals.

The unique design of the soles makes these shoes comfortable on and off the bike. You can walk with ease wearing these.


  • Athletic textile on the upper part of shoes makes it breathable
  • The rubber outsole to make walking a bit easy
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Slip on single strap spinning shoe
  • Durable nylon underfoot

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Tommaso Terra 100 Women’s Indoor Cycling SPD Compatible Shoe



The Terra 100 women’s cycling shoes are specifically designed offer maximum power transfer to assure the best workout efficiency. The stiff polyamide sole reinforced with fiberglass makes sure to distribute pedal reaction force throughout the underfoot.

The three strap closing system offers great adjustability and comfort.

This is a women specific shoe. It is a two hole pattern shoe; you can fit SPD cleats on these.

These are compatible with spinning bikes, MTBs, touring bikes and commuting bikes.


  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Fibreglass reinforced stiff polyamide sole
  • Optimal padding on tongue and the heel area
  • Recessed cleat attachment and rubberised sole make it easy to walk in
  • Built to be used hard

New Balance Women’s 09v1 Cycling Shoe



Breathable mesh of the New Balance women’s cycling shoe along with making it look cool also allows air to flow freely on your feet. The adjustable midfoot strap and supportive synthetic no sew overlays support the midfoot perfectly and provides adjustability.

The full length plate type sole is perfect to transfer maximum power produced by the feet to the pedal making your workout efficient.

The unique New Balance fresh lining inside the shoe is designed to keep the odours away.

These shoes are compatible with SPD cleats that means you can use these on all the bikes that can have SPD pedals.


  • Easy clip in and out made easy with easy step in feature
  • Single direction release
  • Odour fighting NB fresh lining
  • Breathable mesh
  • Hook and loop strap for midfoot support
  • Recessed cleat attachment
  • Lightweight EVA midsole
  • Synthetic sole

Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Air Flex Bike Shoes



The Louis Garneau biking shoes are for Indoor Cycling, Commuting and MTB, SPD Cleats Compatible with MTB Pedals. These versatile shoes good for commuter bike, training bike and more importantly spinning bike riding.

The shoes come with multi air flex outsole this offers good flexibility for walking while preventing heel pressure. The ventilated insole helps prevent overheating and keeps good air flow.

The hook and loop straps make it an easy to adjust shoes. The heel cup designed to keep the heel firm in to the position.

The shoes are compatible with SPD pedals.


  • Flexible and ventilated shoes for all types of riding
  • More room for your feet
  • Synthetic leather and mesh on upper make it breathable
  • Composite sole to flex the toe and support the heel
  • Deep treads to avoid cleat scraping

Gavin Road Bike Mesh Cycling Shoes



These stylish unisex spinning shoes promises maximum power transfer form legs to pedals with the stiff nylon fiberglass. These stylish shoes built for performance come with three hook and loop strap to provide best fit possible.

The breathable upper mesh keeps the air flowing to your feet. The reflective strip on the heel makes the shoes visible at night.

These shoes are compatible with two and three bolt cleats. So, you can use these with Look Keo, SPD, SPD-R, SPD-SL and Look Delta cleats.


  • Rigid, stiff nylon fibreglass soles
  • Threaded inserts for attaching cleats
  • Perfectly moulded heel cup
  • Padding at the tongue and the heel for comfort
  • Reinforced stitching for strength
  • Three hook and loop straps

Tommaso Venezia Women’s Spin Class, Urban Cycling, Road Biking Shoes



Specially designed for women, these shoes perform as well as look beautiful. No matter where you are riding, it is essential to look good and feel comfortable while doing it.

Experience the power push of the Tommaso Venezia women’s shoes and push your spin bike training to next level.

These shoes are compatible with all the bikes having SPD pedals.


  • Best performance and value for money
  • The optimal padding will make your feet happy
  • Padded rubber sole and recessed cleat attachment
  • Full range of motion
  • These are built to last, come with 2 year warranty

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe – 2 and 3 Bolt Cleat Compatible



The high performance road cycling shoe are built with purpose that to make you pedal powerfully on your road bike or the indoor spinning bike. The rigid nylon fibreglass sole makes sure of it.

These shoes are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo, Look Delta and SPD-R cleats.

These come with two hook and loop straps and one micro adjustment buckle to make it perfect custom fit. The upper part made of synthetic microfibre leather and breathable mesh to give your feet breathing room while riding.


  • Nylon fibreglass sole
  • Enhance cycling experience
  • Micro adjustable buckle
  • Designed for comfort
  • Optimum foot to pedal connection
  • More control
  • Synthetic microfibre leather
  • Compatible with 2 or 3 bolt cleats

Louis Garneau Women’s Jade Bike Shoes for Commuting and Indoor Cycling



Louis Garneau shoes are super tough. These are designed for balance and comfort, will also provide breathability and support during the ride.

These are the best shoes for beginner to intermediate riders. These shoes feature strong lightweight outsole and patented Ergo air multi vent system to prevent your feet from overheating.

The shoe has offset hook and loop fasteners to make the adjustments very easy. HRS 80 inside the heel cup helps keeps the heel in one place and supports it.

These shoes are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, TIME, LOOK and SPEEDPLAY cleat system.


  • Genuine leather
  • Clipless shoes with better balance in comfort, support and breathability
  • More room for the feet
  • Breathable design with patented ventilated outsole
  • Patented injected nylon fiberglass sole
  • Compatible with all major spinning and road bike pedals

Now you have the list of top 10 best spinning shoes for women. But before making the buy decision, figure out which type of pedals your spinning bike has. If you are going to work out in the gym or spinning studio nearby, then check out their bikes for compatibility. Most of the spinning studios have bikes compatible with both SPD and delta look cleats, but it doesn’t harm to make sure of it.

If you are buying the spin shoes for the first time, you can check the shoes personally in the store for fit. Or if you want to buy online make sure you buy the shoe size that fits comfortably.

Indoor cycling or spinning is a great exercise to help you lose fat with very little fear of unwanted injuries. With the right gear that possibility of injury vanishes to none, and spinning shoes are the most important part of your cycling gear. Choose wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need spin shoes?

If you go for spinning even once a week then yes, you need spinning shoes. Spinning shoes offer better breathability, comfort and balance to your feet while making your workout efficient. All this makes you enjoy your workout and put in more efforts and in turn getting faster results.

How Often Should You Replace Indoor Cycling Shoes?

You can use them till they physically torn out. If your fingers or heel is peeping out of the shoes or if the outsole is falling off, it is time to change the shoes.