Choosing The Right Spin Bike Flywheel Weight

We have all sorts of amenities on our hands in today’s world, what is limited and scarce is the time. All of us can’t go out for walks or don’t have enough time on our hands for heart-pumping workouts.

If we ever look for something handy other than home gyms, for our workouts, that is a Spin Bike. You can pedal the stationary bike fast or smooth to make you sweat and burn all of your excess fat. Like all of the other exercises & fitness machines, this also requires determination and a focused mindset. We have to pedal hard and fast to make our heart go running.

Be it sitting and riding it smoothly or getting a bit aggressive and pedaling with your might on the spin bike flywheel, we can make it work for our greatest use all the time.

Right Flywheel Weight For Your Spin Bike

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Spin bikes came into the limelight in the 1980s. It gives that feel of riding outside to the biker. The workout on indoor bikes works our thighs and legs muscles. It also works as a good cardiovascular exercise on the same hand.

The spin bike’s most important and discussed part is the flywheel. And most frequently asked question is what should be the perfect weight of the flywheel! Let’s discuss what is a flywheel on the spin bike and why we have huge debates over its weights.

What is a flywheel on an exercise bike?

What is a flywheel on an exercise bike

On the spin bike, there is a large disc fitted in the front or backside, it is called a flywheel. This disc is attached to the pedals with a chain or belt. This disc or spin bike flywheel’s primary function is to create resistance for us to work against (in the beginning) or momentum in the same direction for a smooth ride.

Some of the newest indoor bikes come with a magnetic resistance system. These magnets, which are on either side of the flywheel increase or decrease resistance when we move these magnets close or away from the flywheel.

How much does a spin bike flywheel weigh?

There has always been a huge conflict of thoughts regarding which spin bike flywheel weight is better, heavyweight or lightweight? Although there is no rule of thumb regarding the ideal weight of the flywheel but people who love enjoying the pleasure of outdoor biking, consider 30 lbs to 50 lbs as decent.

People have different logics to support their theories about their preferences for spin bike flywheel weight. Ranging from heavyweight flywheel which it’s going to affect more, to lightweight which would make our legs go crazily fast, all of these thought processes hold their grounds somehow.

Heavy Flywheels vs. Lightweight Flywheels.

Heavyweight Flywheel

Lightweight Flywheel

Generally, it’s 30 lb, and it generates enough momentum for a smooth ride.

It weighs around 10 lb and builds momentum by moving faster

Because of its weight, pedaling takes some effort, and it is a bit hard on the body’s joints

Not much of a push is required for starting or stopping the pedals

These spinning bikes are pocket friendly

Lightweight flywheel indoor bikes are on a costlier side.

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What is the best Flywheel weight for a spin bike?

What is the best Flywheel weight for a spin bike

One of the most frequently asked questions is what would be the best flywheel weight for a spinning bike? It is divided into two major sections, heavyweight flywheel, and lightweight flywheel. Both of they have significant pros and cons. Let’s discern one after the other.

Heavyweight flywheel gives the rider the feel of cycling outdoors. The momentum produced by that heavy flywheel keeps it rolling for a longer time. Anything over 30 lb could be considered as heavy, so for a bike enthusiast, anything nearing 30 lb is going to be a perfect start. Moving that heavy wheel needs a serious push, and it can take a toll on your joints. Although this weight keeps the tempo going, but starting that tempo needs a kick. Once it’s done, then you can enjoy a smooth ride cycling all along.

Whereas lightweight flywheel indoor cycle can get the biker going in no time, but the pace he would generate won’t last for long. Although its pedals are comparatively easy to move, and can help people suffering from achy joints, but one has to move his legs a lot faster to keep it going. On the product cost side, these spinning bikes are expensive because these spin bikes use gears and other similar setups for faster and smooth rotation. You need deep pockets if you want to acquire one.

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Is it better to have a heavier flywheel on a spin bike?

Adding weight to the flywheel would definitely help in increasing that feeling of cycling outdoors. As we all know, great things come with the greatest of efforts, so does this pleasure of riding. We have to push those pedals initially with our might to endure that contentment.

Around 30 lbs of weight is fine to start and continue, but anything over that is going to be a task to move. What is the point of dragging something that heavy, which is not going to serve any purpose? People around the globe consider riding with a heavyweight flywheel because of the pace and momentum it generates, but it shouldn’t be very heavy. These kinds of stationary bikes are less expensive to buy compared to lightweight flywheel indoor cycles.

Moving this heavy flywheel needs power, and more you’ll push more calories you are supposed to burn. The more resistance exercise bike offers more intense your biking workout is going to be.

How heavy is the flywheel on a Peloton bike?

The weight of the Peloton bike’s flywheel is somewhere around 38 pounds. These stationary bikes are top-notch indoor cycles. Features like HD touch screen, Webcam for interactive training, full-body workout schedules, compact carbon steel frame, and unlimited exercise classes make it go far beyond the reach of its competitors. With the Peloton app for IOS, one can go through their desired class preferences, and on the same hand, they can keep track of their workout schedule and history.

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Standing on any side of this debate would be kind of unfair. Individuals have different sets of preferences and choices regarding stationary bikes. Majorly what one would look for in a spin bike is its cost-effectiveness. Heavyweight flywheel wins this point by a large margin. On the same side, it gives that extra rush of blood while pushing that additional weight. Lightweight flywheel bikes offer fast riding and easy to move functionality, but they are on a higher-end when it comes to pricing.

I believe flywheel plays a vital role in indoor biking, but it’s not the ultimate factor. Whatever weight it is, you need to push the pedal to make it work. So just grab whatever fits your budget and start burning those calories.