Soccer Player’s Body: How to get it?

Soccer is not a sport, it is an emotion. People swoon not only over the sport but also over the tactics used by the soccer players and their amazing physique.

Soccer players have bodies that are appreciated, admired, and wanted by all. How many examples do you want in support of this statement? Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Lionel Messi, need I say more?

The stamina that soccer players exhibit is highly admirable. Their muscles are also brilliantly toned. Therefore, it is no wonder that they have bodies that are lean and extremely defined.

Fans often wish to have bodies like their idols. If you are a beginner at bodybuilding, or you have set new training goals, you too can get a body like a soccer player.

When we talk about the lean figure of soccer players, it usually means the six-pack abs kind of lean. If you are aiming for that kind of lean body, you will have to indulge in a lot of running and a diet that has been kept clean and free of any kind of junk.

When you are trying to slim down, you need to incorporate the perfect amount of strength training on your full body. This will help you to have fuller body muscles and keep the body toned while not adding any extra bulk to the body.

This article will give you a thorough idea about the different aspects of attaining a physique like a soccer player. Stick through till the end of the article to know everything in detail.

What is the ideal soccer player’s body?

What is the ideal soccer player's body
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Well, there are a number of hallmarks that account for the kind of perfection that they exhibit. Some of the characteristics are as mentioned below.

Lean body type

You must have observed in the top soccer leagues that the players on the field are around 5’11”, whereas the goalkeepers are around 6’2″ tall. They exhibit a lean soccer’s physique that should be around 200 lbs.

This helps them to perform well on the field in a game that requires running around six miles or more than that. Players who are slightly taller, their bodies are extremely agile, which helps them deliver great results on the field.

Soccer players are flexible

Soccer is a game that involves numerous turns and twists. To perform them with sheer perfection, they need to be flexible. The flexibility comes only when they maintain a skinny figure.

Soccer players have a minimal amount of fat on their bodies. This causes their Body Mass Index to be very low, which means that their body has a very low amount of fat. A healthy individual has a body mass ranging between 18.5 and 25.

A body mass less than 18.5 is considered unhealthy because the body requires fat as fuel to perform various actions. Not only this, but having a low BMI can subject an individual to several injuries, cause them to feel faint, and also recover slowly.

Soccer players are not muscular

You will not come across one soccer player who is very muscular. Having a buff body tends to limit their strength and agility. They do not gain strength from their biceps or quadriceps, but from their core muscles.

A good soccer player should be able to run miles at a constant speed without getting worn out.

However, it is not only about the long distances, but it is also about the random stopping, starting, kicking, turning, dribbling, tackling, sliding, and many more tactics that they have to practice.

If you are into sports, you probably understand that while playing a game, running is easy, but stopping and starting frequently is what drains your energy.

Therefore, tall players who are muscular, or carry some extra pounds, are at a disadvantage and get tired easily.

Their agility is noteworthy

This is one of the biggest factors that makes them the best at what they are. Agility and speed are two traits that are interlinked. In the game of soccer, players have to make multiple rapid changes in terms of direction.

There are three things that account for the agility of a soccer player: the power and explosiveness they exhibit, how stable they are from the ankles through the torso, and the technique they use to apply power on the ground when they take a quick stride.

They display immense fitness

Soccer players have to put a lot of effort in order to stay fit and remain in shape. Remaining fit is the key to succeeding in the game of soccer. A player who is skilled as well as fit will definitely go a long way in the sport and will emerge as a successful player.

One of the most important aspects of physical fitness is the aerobic endurance of soccer players. Soccer players have to be capable of maintaining an immensely good level of intensity throughout the game, which is 90-minutes long.

Another important component that accounts for the fitness of soccer players is their anaerobic fitness. Anaerobic fitness refers to the running speed of the players, specially the ability to repeat sprinting. All these features account for the physical fitness of the soccer players.

Strong leg muscles

Soccer players have big leg muscles. For someone to emerge as a successful soccer player, it is important that the person has robust calves, hamstrings, and quad muscles.

Mental strength

Now that we have discussed the tangible prerequisites in a soccer player, mental toughness is an intangible feature that all soccer players must have! Mental toughness and stability includes having a positive and optimistic attitude while also maintaining the spirit of competitiveness.

They should be able to tackle setbacks skillfully and bounce back with the same kind of resilience. They should also be daring enough to take risks, and should not falter while making decisions.

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Ideal Soccer player’s physique stats

Ideal Soccer player physique stats
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There is a specific body kind that is ideally suited for a particular kind of sport. Or we can say that people having similar physical features get into the same sport based on the kind of convenience the body type can provide.

The table below will show the height and weight of some soccer players, both male and female.




Lionel Messi

1.69 m

67 kg


1.75 m

68 kg

Kylian Mbappe

1.78 m

73 kg

Carli Lloyd

1.70 m

64 kg

Alex Morgan

1.70 m

62 kg

This gives us an idea about the ideal soccer body standards. There is not much difference in the weights of male and female soccer players; however, male players naturally tend to be taller.

How to get a soccer player’s body?

How to get a soccer player's body
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Soccer players have unimaginably perfect bodies, and it takes a lot of strength training, perseverance, and endurance, to maintain a physique like that.

If you are planning to get a soccer player’s body, there are a number of tips and hacks that you need to keep in mind and follow.

Eat less, lose fat, and improve your athletic performance

This is the key, no matter which sport you are involved in. You have to make sure that your diet includes healthy food items that will help you train down.

You will barely come across soccer players who are bulky. They have to run throughout the day, therefore they cannot afford to overeat or put on stubborn fat. Extra pounds of fat will only cause them to slow down and affect their endurance capacity.

Although eating right and resisting unhealthy cravings won’t be easy, it will definitely make your life simple. If you are overweight, you need to slash down the consumption of some food groups and also indulge in performing certain exercises. Avoid consuming empty calories.

There are a number of food items that are rich in calories, but do not have nutritional value. Opt for filling food instead, like eggs, vegetables, potatoes, fish, etc. These food items will cause you to feel full, whereas some processed meals might often cause you to feel dissatisfaction, craving for just another portion!

You should also stop the unmonitored consumption of fruit juices, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and so on.

Nevertheless, treating yourself with your favorite beverage once in a while is not going to do you much harm!

Some food items whose consumption you need to cut down are:

  • Fried food
  • Fatty food
  • Alcohol
  • Drinks with added sugar
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Baked goods that are filled with sugar
  • Extra creamer or sugar in your coffee

Soccer players are lean and have visibly crisp abs. Growing some lean muscles will help to complete the appearance! This phase will stress the importance of consuming proteins, which is highly beneficial for muscle building.

Protein also helps in the repairing of the muscles. When you train, your muscles undergo some microtears. The protein you consume helps in the repairing of the tears by filling the gaps and causing your muscles to appear big. Protein comes through food items like eggs, protein shakes, poultry, fish, and so on.

Some sources of healthy fats are vegetables, fruits, whole-grain food items, etc. In this manner, you will have to chalk out a balanced diet and derive the most out of your diet.

Start playing soccer

Although you can attain the kind of soccer body without actually getting into the game, it is still a good idea to head to the field once in a while to get some hands-on experience.

If you are looking for a soccer player’s physique, chances are that you have some interest in the game as well. Therefore, it would be a great idea to join some local league. Here are some of the benefits that playing soccer has on your body:

  • It helps to develop agility
  • Builds endurance and aerobic capacity.
  • It will help to build trunk and core strength.

Become an expert in both sprinting and distance running

Running is a great way in which you can strengthen your legs and do some cardio. It will be a great idea to mix and match endurance running and quick sprinting. Perform endurance running around twice a week and then switch to quick sprinting (or any other HIIT exercise) for a couple more times.

While endurance running will help you with stamina building and improve your cardiovascular health, sprinting will give you the goodness of explosive power in your legs. This will help you gain athletic excellence like a soccer player.

Indulge in HIIT training

You can also practice HIIT training in place of sprinting. HIIT exercises are highly beneficial. They help to increase efficiency. They are an excellent combination of strength training and body conditioning.

If you are not very fond of running or have no space where you can run, HIIT will be a great substitute that will offer just the same benefits to your body.

HIIT exercises can be done right from the comfort of one’s house. There are a number of sample exercises that you can follow. If you are aiming for a soccer player’s physique, try to indulge in exercising around 4-6 days every week.

The best thing about HIIT is that it does not take much time. If you keep busy throughout the day, just try to find 10-30 minutes out of your busy schedule, and that will be enough to perform a bit of HIIT. See how easy it is to squeeze HIIT into your schedule?

Strength training that will involve your whole body

Soccer players have a lean and shredded physique. Their legs are also very powerful. Nevertheless, although most of the task they perform is through their legs, they tend to lay equal emphasis on their upper bodies.

Therefore, alongside running, HIIT, and sprinting, soccer players also lift weights. It is best if the training is coupled with some compound exercises that will put multiple groups of joints and muscles to use simultaneously.

Some of the exercises that will help you put your upper body to shape are:

  • Bench press
  • Overhead press
  • Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted pull-ups

All these exercises will help you to tone your muscles and improve your overall athletic and power.

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Train your core

For a soccer player to perform well, it is important to ensure that his core is toned and strong. Therefore, your core requires attention too!

When you lift weights, it will hit your obliques and your abs really hard. However, to strengthen your core, you need to incorporate the following exercises in your training schedule:

  • Hollow hold
  • Planks
  • V-ups
  • L-sits

All these exercises will challenge your abs and deliver you better benefits.

Strengthen your legs

When you indulge in activities like HIIT and running, your legs will strengthen automatically. However, it is also advisable to train them at the gym. Alongside working on your muscle mass and your arms, you also need to work on your legs. Opt for machines as well as free weight exercises for the legs.

Also, it would be a sin not to mention that lunges and squats can work wonders on your leg muscles and deliver a great shape and immense strength to them. Also, try to incorporate some explosive leg exercises like jump squats or jumping lunges in your workout schedule.

Improving the agility

As has already been mentioned above, soccer players are known for their agility. They can scurry through the field, manage the twists and turns with sheer excellence, and do a lot of legwork that looks very fancy and appealing.

If you want to have a body as swift as a soccer player, you need to perform some exercises that can improve your agility. For the best results, club your agility-boosting exercises with other exercises, and you will be pleased with the way your body starts appearing.

How long does it take to get a Soccer body?

Based on the circumstances and the intensity of the training, it might take somewhat around 6 months for your body to show the desired results. However, since you will also be indulging in a bit of weight training, you will see an increase in the size of your muscles around 4 weeks after you start training.

Nothing comes easy, nor will your soccer player body come in the blink of an eye. If you are willing to get the body of a soccer player, you now know where to start and how to proceed with it.

Despite all the training and diet plan, you should also remember that your genetics too has an important role to play in determining the kind of body you will acquire.

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Wrapping up

Hope this gives you a thorough idea about how you can get a soccer player’s build. Always remember that consistency is the key!

You cannot skip training for a couple of days and train hard on the third day to make up for the loss. Given that you keep these nitty-gritty tips in mind, your body should respond fine! Start training today.