Snap Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

With monthly membership fees coming around $39.95 per month, Snap Fitness is a mid-ranged gym that offers decent, if not great, facilities. In addition to weight training and cardio equipment, most clubs also offer tanning, massaging, and other facilities.

On top of that, with a Snap Fitness membership, you can visit any of their clubs at no extra cost!

For these reasons, membership at Snap Fitness is often worth the investment.

That being said, you need to keep in mind that they are currently present in more than 600 locations across the United States and hundreds of clubs in close to 50 countries across the globe.

So, exact prices will vary from country to country and town to town.

But if you are from America, we can give you an idea about Snap Fitness prices that you can expect in most clubs.

This article is a compilation of Snap Fitness membership costs and other prices you can expect in the USA.

Let’s dive in!

Snap Fitness prices
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Snap Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Snap Fitness doesn’t have fixed, universal pricing. Instead, rates vary (although slightly) from club to club. However, we can give you an approximate picture of Snap Fitness prices.

Given below is a quick table of Snap Fitness pricing for different types of membership plans. Go through them!

Snap Fitness  Prices & Membership Cost

Snap Fitness Individual memberships

Monthly dues


Joining Fee


Access Card Fee


Snap Fitness Adult Couple Membership

Combined Monthly due


Joining Fee


Access Card Fee


Snap Fitness Family Membership (2 Adults + Kid/s)

Combined Monthly due


Joining Fee


Access Card Fee


Other Fees

Annual Enhancement Fee


Term Membership Early Cancellation Fee


Payment declination Fine


Payment declination fine is nothing but the extra amount you will have to pay if your bank or credit card declined billing requests from the gym.

So, in case you change your bank details, share the information with the gym as soon as possible to avoid this fee. 

Also, those were the Snap Fitness prices that you can expect at most clubs. Exact prices may vary from club to club. 

How Much Does Snap Fitness Cost?

For individual memberships, Snap Fitness prices, on average, come around $39.95 per month. This is the average pricing, and you can expect variations in rates from club to club. 

In addition to the monthly fee, you will have to pay an initiation fee or start-up fee when you are just joining. The joining fee at Snap Fitness is mostly set at $44.95, and some clubs may have slightly higher, or lower joining fees.

Also, at some Snap Fitness clubs, they may even waive off the joining fee. 

For instance, Snap Fitness in Somerville Rd, Annapolis, currently doesn’t have a joining fee. 

Another fee that you may need to pay while grabbing a Snap Fitness membership is the access card fee. It’s more like a processing fee, or the fee for the access card. The access card usually costs $20 for all types of members and almost in every club. 

In addition to the monthly fee, another recurring fee that you will likely pay at Snap Fitness is the annual enhancement fee. The annual enhancement fee is also set at $35 in most clubs. 

In case of the enhancement fee also, most clubs may charge it, while some may not. 

Those were the Snap Fitness prices for individual memberships. Besides, they offer great discounts on family and couple memberships. 

In the couple membership, you can visit along with your partner together, and save a few bucks on your monthly dues. 

Snap Fitness pricing for couple memberships:

  • Combined monthly fee: $54.95
  • Access card fee( often paid separately): $20
  • Joining fee (often paid separately): $44.95

If you have minor kids, then you can tag them also. Snap Fitness also offers family memberships that will let you work out as a family. 

For the Family membership, the monthly cost is $64.95 on average. Other fees remain the same as in the couple membership. 

Snap Fitness Monthly Cost

At Snap Fitness, the average monthly fee is $39.95 for individual members.

Besides, for couples, the combined monthly cost will be $54.95, and to take minor children in addition, the monthly fee will be a combined $64.95. 

Those were the average monthly Snap Fitness prices; exact prices vary from club to club. 

Snap Fitness 2 Person Membership Price

Snap Fitness 2 person membership price comes somewhere around $54.95 per month on average. 

That is the monthly fee. In addition to the monthly fee, there will be an initiation fee of $44.95 and an access card fee of $20. These extra fees are often charged separately. 

Snap Fitness Family Membership Cost

Here is a rough estimate- you can grab a Snap Fitness family membership for you, your partner, and your minor child for a monthly fee of $64.95. 

Besides, there will be an initiation fee of $44.95 and an access card fee of $20. Contact the club to learn if the initiation fee applies to your kid.

How Much is Snap Fitness Initiation Fee?

On average, the Snap Fitness initiation fee is $44.95. But, in addition to the initiation fee and the first month due, you will also have to pay for the access card. 

The access card fee is $20, taking your effective start-up fee to $64.95.

While the access card fee is the same at every Snap Fitness club, the initiation fee may vary from club to club. Contact your local club to learn about the exact cost of setting up a membership. 

Does Snap Fitness Have an Annual Fee?

Yes, most Snap Fitness studios do have an annual fee. You can expect your annual fee to come somewhere around $35.

They call it the “enhancement fee”, which is basically used for equipment upgrade and maintenance, facility improvement, etc. 

Is Snap Fitness Month to Month?

Not entirely, although they may also offer month to month membership plans.

Most plans at Snap Fitness are term plans that require you to commit to a contract. Once you’ve completed the contract duration, your membership will auto renew.

However, they also offer month-to-month memberships that you can cancel anytime. Contact your local club to learn more!

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Snap Fitness Deals & Discounts

Besides the couple and family packages, Snap Fitness also offers special deals and discounts.

For instance, you can grab online coupons using which, you can save up to $100 while joining. You can also find coupons using which you can join the club at no initiation fee. 

For more info on current deals and discounts, do check out their social media pages. They regularly post there about their promotional offers.

Another great way to get discounts is to contact a club near you directly; individual franchises may often come up with special deals. 

Can I Go to Any Snap Fitness With my Membership?

Yes, you can, in most cases, go to any Snap Fitness with your membership.

But keep in mind that while you are visiting a new club other than your home club, you need to abide by the new club’s policies. 

Can I freeze Snap Fitness Membership?

Yes, you can freeze your Snap Fitness membership. The maximum freezing period that most clubs allow is up to 90 days/ 3 months. 

To freeze your Snap Fitness membership, you need to submit a request 5 days in advance. Also, they may charge a processing charge during the freezing period, and no extra fee. 

How Much Does it Cost to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership?

The cost of canceling your Snap Fitness membership depends on your membership contract type.

If you have a Snap Fitness term membership wherein you commit to a certain duration contract, there will be an early cancellation fee. The early cancellation fee is usually $25 in most clubs.

For the month-to-month membership, however, there will be no fee to cancel your membership.

Is it Hard to Cancel Snap Fitness Membership?

No, canceling a Snap Fitness membership is not a hard task. You can submit a membership cancellation request either through mail or in person.

However, a possible drawback here is, they don’t allow you to send a cancellation request via phone, website, or email.

Also, you will have to give a 30-day notice for canceling your Snap Fitness membership.

Will Snap Fitness Refund my Fee?

Yes, most Snap Fitness clubs will refund the money you have paid, if you feel like the gym is not up to your expectations. 

Snap Fitness has a cooling off period of 30 days.

Keep in mind, you need to submit the refund request within 30 days of joining, and will have to explain why you feel like doing so. 

Also, there are two more conditions before you can request a money-back:

  • You should have attended at least 2 sessions per week, for all 4 weeks.
  • You have done a physical examination in the gym

If you have done these two, and still feel like canceling your membership, you can get your money back.

You will receive your monthly fee and access card fees, and not the initiation fee. 

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Final words

Those were the Snap Fitness prices. Overall, Snap Fitness prices are certainly reasonable considering the decent facilities that they offer. 

That being said, keep in mind that exact prices may vary from club to club. So, contact your local franchise, and learn about the exact cost of membership there.