How to Get a Smaller Waist and Bigger Hips

The parameters for beauty are subjective and may vary with respect to environment, culture etc. but one thing common throughout the world is the waist to hip ratio. Almost every woman in the world wishes a curvy body with smaller waist and big booty.

A well rounded big bums and smaller waist is the definition of sexy body. Some women are blessed to have it naturally without much of the effort, but others need to put in some extra efforts to achieve it. This article is for those who are not genetically blessed to have a big hips and get slim waist. Through this guide you will learn how to get smaller waist and bigger hips with or without exercise.

What buttocks are made of:

Before finding out about the ways to make them bigger, lets learn about what bums are made of.

Your bums are made of big muscles which are called as glutes. Glutes are one of the big muscle groups in your body. The larger you grow these muscles your hips will appear more toned up.

These muscles when covered with right amount of fat will result in the curved shape instead of muscular look. So, in order to get bigger hips and flat stomach fast, you need to gain more glutes muscles and right amount of fat at right places.

Do you need a bigger bum?

The beauty of the hourglass figure can be mostly attributed to big bums. Big booty without small waist will throw you in fat category, thus you need to work on both simultaneously.

No matter how skinny you are, if you have small or flat booty you won’t be having that beautiful curvy body everyone desires.

Getting thicker hips and smaller waist is not only about the looks. Along with making you look beautiful it is symbol of good health. According to researcher Dr Konstantinos Manolopoulos, the fat around your hips is good while the fat around the tummy is bad sign. An Oxford University research team has claimed that hip fat mops up harmful fatty acids and helps stop arteries from clogging. This means, big bums will protect you against heart and metabolic issues.

A big bum means strong and bigger gluteus muscles. These big muscles take the load of propelling your legs while walking. Hence reducing the pressure on lower back and knees. A big butt also helps you in maintaining proper posture while walking, standing or seating.

The Definitive Guide To Get Smaller Waist and Bigger Hips

How to get a smaller waist and bigger hips

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Now that we have established you want a flat stomach and bigger hips without much of physical efforts, let’s learn how.

To start with, you should evaluate your current body shape and fat percentage. According to The American Council on Exercise Body Fat Categorization, healthy body fat percentage for women is between 21-31 percent. If your current body fat is above this range then consider shedding some weight and belly fat.

If you are skinny, and have fat percentage lower than the healthy range focus on adding weight to the right areas of the body through right diet and exercises.

Once you have decided which way you need to go to get thicker hips and smaller waist, you can follow some or all of the ways detailed below to achieve it.

Modify and enhance your diet plan

You are what you eat” stands true when it comes to your body weight and shape management goals. All other efforts toward gaining the right figure will go in vain if you are not eating right.

  • The diet plan specific to you will start with consideration of your targets. If you are on the heavier side and wish to achieve smaller waist your diet plan should be aimed at reducing the weight.

In order to achieve that your focus should be on eating whole foods in right portions. Your plan should be calorie deficit diet plan.

Energy requirement estimation studies done by Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Intakes it is found that, an average adult woman who is moderately active needs approximately 2000 calories per day. So, if you are wishing to lose weight and inches, your daily calorie intake should be lesser than this.

  • Generally an average person need extra 3,500 calories to gain a pound. In order to gain weight safely (around 0.5 to 1 pound per week), you should eat an extra 250 to 500 calories per day and vice versa.

Estimated amounts of calories needed for women

Age (years)

Non active

Moderately Active

Highly Active



Starting your day with good breakfast is a must no matter which diet plan you are following. Your breakfast should be high on protein and vitamins. It may contain eggs, wholegrain breads etc. Breakfast should be heavy but do not overeat.

For a big butt you need to intake fats. But achieving it in combination with trying to get smaller waist can be done through eating healthy fats and some exercises. Healthy fats are found in olive oils, salmon fish, seeds, nuts avocados etc. These fats along with shaping your curves also help you in balancing hormones.

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Routine modification   

You do not need to hit the gym to achieve your small waist and bigger hips goal. You can do this by implementing small changes in your routine.

These small changes may include but are not limited to;

  • Taking stairs instead of lift
  • Doing household chores yourself, instead of having house help
  • Keep you core engaged while standing or even sitting
  • Use public transport instead of own car
  • Stop eating while watching television etc.

These small changes in the routine won’t be that hard to make but twill help you significantly getting the big booty and flat tummy.

Get a good massage every now and then

Get a good massage every now and then

Massages help you in reducing cellulite and decreasing belly fat. It also helps you in releasing muscle soreness from previous workout so that you are ready for the next day’s work.

  • A massage with the mix of fish oil and vitamin E oil supposed to increase your blood flow. Massaging with this mix for five to ten minutes and leaving the oil overnight allowing it to absorb in the body will result in softening the skin.

Massage at night will also help you get rid of anxiety and will help you sleep better. It also aids in improvement of digestion and enhances body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Massaging your body every now and then in essential in your journey towards the perfect bum and abs.

Choose the right meat

Choose the right meat

Including the right meat in your diet is important, as the right meat can play a role in improvement of your metabolism.

You should choose meats with relatively low fat content. These are called lean meat. Skinless chicken is the best example of lean meat. Turkey, red meat or pork chops can also be called lean meat if the fat is trimmed off of them.

The high protein content of the lean meats helps strengthening your body. It contains proteins to maintain the energy and muscle mass of the body. Lean meats when cooked right are easy on metabolism.

Being relatively low on fats and high on proteins and vitamins the lean meat is one of the best choices of food if your aim is to reduce your baily and gain fats and muscles around the hips.

Sitting for long periods

Sitting for long periods

If your job involves sitting on a chair for long time, then you already got this covered. But if your work environment requires you to work while standing then you have to do it deliberately.

A research study published in the Journal Cell Physiology, found that the pressure placed on the butt and hips from sitting on a chair for long time result in fat build up in buttocks

Long term sitting on your bum causes stress on it thus results in fat deposition around the buttocks. Also, the sitting posture involves tilting the pelvic forward resulting in making the glute muscle work all the time. Thus, sitting would make your butts project out.

Sitting long hours might not go well for your fat stomach though. Therefore, it must be combined with calorie deficit diet to get desired outcome.

But there is a problem you will lose those butt muscles when you sit for long hours without any physical activity involving glute muscles. If your glutes aren’t working regularly it will shrink and lose the size.

  • In order to achieve bubble butt you also need big glute muscles along with some butt fat. Thus you should do some activities to activate glute muscles regularly along with sitting for long hours.

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Make friend with vegetables

Almost everyone hates vegetables as a child. But as a grown up you should know that the veggies are full of nutrients, antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, and water. You won’t find such rich nutritional profile in any other food item than vegetables.

Vegetables are so easy to digest that these won’t even feel as a load on your digestive system. Due to this, vegetables release energy into the body more easily into the body than any other food making you energetic.

Vegetables are so flexible that you don’t have to bring in some radical changes for adding them into your diet. You can sneak them in your diet by adding slices of them in your pastas, salads, meat dishes or even in deserts.

Vegetables are foundation of healthy diet, if you want a healthy body with small tummy and big glutes you need to make friends with them, now.

Supplements to enhance the butt

These can not help you get bigger bum single handed, but complimented with good diet plan and active lifestyle these will enhance the results of your efforts.

Most of the supplements come in form of pills or powder. And almost all of them are made from natural extracts. The main ingredients of these are maca root, rose hips, saw palmetto, berry powder, soy extract etc.

The effects of these supplements vary depending on many factors. Some people find these very useful while others think these are useless. You can check the result on your body by trying them but you should consult a physician before that.

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Add antioxidants to your diet

When your body breaks down the food you eat into energy and body mass it also releases some free radicals into the body. These free radicals may cause accumulation of bad fats in the body among other bad effects. Antioxidants help you protect from the damage caused by such free radicals.

You can intake naturally occurring antioxidants in order to get rid off unwanted fat and to stop it from accumulating. This will in the end help you in achieving smaller waist.

Some plant based foods are sources of antioxidants. These include, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, spices. Berries are top sources of antioxidants. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and cranberries will help in getting rid of free radicals and also improve metabolism.

  • The most popular antioxidant lately has been green tea. It is a good source as it doesn’t contain any sugar.

Antioxidant rich food will help you in improving metabolism and cutting on unwanted fat, hence it will help you in achieving your goal of toned butt and helps you get slim waist.

Add fibre to your diet

According to European Food Safety Authority inclusion of fibre rich foods in healthy balanced diet will help you in weight maintenance. Dietary fibres are nothing but plant based carbohydrates that doesn’t get digested in small intestines and rich the large intestines.

Fibre helps in keeping our digestive system healthy. To reap the whole benefits of fibre you should include both soluble and insoluble fibre rich foods in your diet.

  • Barley, oats, carrots, apples, peas and beans are some of the sources of soluble fibre, while the insoluble fibres are found in nuts, beans, green veggies and wheat.

A heathy digestive system is necessary if wish to maintain a toned and beautiful hourglass body shape. Adding fibres to your diet will help you in that.

Keep high fluid content in the diet

Keep high fluid content in the diet

Human must be kept hydrated all the time. To maintain enough fluids in the body you should add fluids in the diet. The fluid is necessary to maintain body flexibility and to keep the body from getting cramps while you workout to attain the perfect body shape.

  • Fluid intake can be done by having fruit juice, milk, coffee, tea, soups, curds or yogurt and sports drinks.

Among any food available on the planet, liquidous foods such as juices and soups are fastest and easiest to digest. Making it the best option to have when you are feeling low on energy. The instant energy release keeps you going and allows you to do more work towards your goal.

Butt firming creams

Being less invasive in your body than the pills as these are applied externally the butt firming creams are safer to use. Though its effect is mainly limited to providing temporary firming effect on saggy butt. It doesn’t actually enhance the shape of the bum but adds plump appearance and reduces shagginess.

Drinking an Adequate Amount of Water

Drinking plenty of water will satisfy your appetite and also will help boost your metabolism.

  • Studies have shown that drinking half a litre of water will increase your metabolism rate by twenty five percent and keep it elevated for one and half hour.

Water also helps you optimise your physical performance, as a hydrated body performs better. Drinking about four litres of water every day will help you improve metabolism, reduce your calorie intake by inducing satiety and help you workout more to gain the big booty faster.

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Completely remove junk food from diet

Junk food are called junk for the precise reason that these are junk. These unhealthy foods contain no or negligible nutrient value and often come with high sugar, salt, calories and unhealthy fats.

Having deep fried and junk food will reverse the effects of all the efforts you have taken to achieve the perfect booty. These can also cause growth of fatty lumps under the skin, which other than looking ugly is also a serious health risk.

Junk food and deep fried food is not only bad for the body shape but also carries greater health risks. In many countries steps are being taken to discourage the consumption of junk food.

Body shaping tights

When you are almost there, just few inches away from your perfect well rounded bum and flat tummy shape but cannot wait any longer to show it, then can consider the possibility of using body shaping compression tights.

These tights will hold your shagging butt and belly in position. You will externally look in perfect shape even if you are not exactly the owner of bubble butt.

The honey and hot water mix

Acidic or upset stomach is like a blockage in your journey to smaller waist and bigger hips. The honey and warm water mix help in easing the passage of food hence getting rid of acidic stomach. The gases generated by digestive system can also be neutralised by consumption of water and honey mix.

Honey helps in soothing allergies, boosting immune system, improves digestion and absorbs cholesterol. As it is a strong antioxidant, it helps in stopping the harms done by free radicals in the body.

Honey being naturally sweet the honey and warm water combo tastes good. But if the taste doesn’t suit you, you can add ginger or lemon to the mix.

Avoid carbonated drinks and salts

If your aim is getting tight and toned body then you must avoid carbonated drinks like cold-drinks, soda, fountain cola etc. Excess soda and salts are the enemy of your body. Extra salts in the body results in retention of extra water in body and swollen body.

Sleeping pattern

Sleeping pattern

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. To stay beautiful, you need to sleep right amount of time. Not only for the beauty of the skin this stands true for beautiful body shape too.

Spending the late nights awake will degrade your metabolism, keep you tired and lethargic the next day. Which will result in accumulation of fats and lowering your physical activity.

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A good night’s sleep keeps you energetic the next day, so you can burn more calories through physical activities. It also keeps your bowel healthy and digestive system at its peak.

In order to attain the hourglass body with big booty, one should get at least seven hours of sleep every night, at a stretch.

Smaller waist and bigger hips workout tips

Smaller Waist And Bigger Hips Workout Tips

Though this article focus those who wish to attain the small waist and bigger hips without any workout but if during the way towards this goal if you feel like the need to speeding up the results you can add some workouts to the mix. Unlike general strength training workout plans the workouts aimed at smaller waist and big bum would be little tricky. Here are some tips to follow;

  • Include as much as squats, sumo squats, lunges in your workout. Frequency of glute training should be at least twice a week.
  • Like the pro power lifters, you can include weighted squats in everyday routine.
  • Overdoing cardio will cut down the fat on the hips too. Thus, do it the right amount.
  • Replace some cardio with plyometrics
  • Glutes being the big muscles you need to work with heavier weights
  • Doing slower reps will help you in keeping muscle under tension for longer time, and help you in getting faster results
  • Repeating same exercises can slow down your results, mix it up
  • Do targeted workouts, do not mix too many workout plans together

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Getting flat tummy doesn’t mean being skinnier and having big bum doesn’t mean being fat. It is all about maintaining the balance. You have to work your way towards tight flat stomach and then push towards adding muscles to the butt.

Your work will not stop once you achieve the target. Maintaining slim waistline and toned rounded booty is also a hard task.

It might seem difficult or dreamy to get bigger butt or smaller waist without exercise. But if you follow this carefully penned down guide it can become a reality pretty soon. Be consistent with your efforts. Try all the ways mentioned here, and let us know which one worked for you the best.

How To Get A Smaller Waist & Bigger Hips FAQs

What to eat to get a bigger buttocks fast?

To achieve bigger buttocks your diet should be calorie surplus, it should include high protein and other nutrients, such as carbs, healthy fats. Some examples of such foods; salmon fish, flex seeds, eggs, quinoa, beans, lentils, brown rice, protein shakes, avocados, milk, yogurt, tofu, nut butter, chicken breast, cottage cheese etc.

How can I make my hips wider?

Do heavy exercises that target hips like side leg raises, squats, goblet squats, side lunges, etc. Add some yoga routines in your schedule. Along with this you can increase the time sitting on the bum. In addition to right exercises your diet needs to be calorie surplus and high protein.

How long does it take to grow glutes?

Growing the glutes is combined outcome of right exercises and right diet. Along with this your genes also play vital role. You should be realistic about your expectation. At around three to six weeks following all or most of the above ways you will start to see a difference but the significant results will be visible around three or four months.

How many squats should I do a day to get a bigger butt?

It depends on your current body shape and your goal. Whatever your goal is you should do squats every two days or three days a week. And in every session, there should be at least three to four sets of six to ten squats.

Does walking lift your buttocks?

Walking is a cardio exercise meant for burning calories and trimming fat. But walking can also help in building bigger glutes muscles making the bum look firm and toned. But walking can not be considered as effective as other targeted exercises. Moreover you will lose glutes muscles through intense or longer cardio sessions. So there should be a limit.

Why is my bum getting flatter?

Flat butt can be a result of many factors combined. It can be related to your lifestyle, diet and exercises. Depending way too much on speed drills and cardio for your glute work may result in flat butt. Sitting on the bum for too long will also result in flattening of the bum.

Is it OK to do squats every day?

Yes, it is highly recommended. Doing few squats every day to keep it going is all right, but weighted squats for more than 4 sets is not desirable as your muscles need time to recover.

Does sitting make your hips wider?

Yes, according to many scientific studies, sitting on the bum can make your hips wider. Sitting for long time puts tension on the glute muscles and hence helps adding fats on the buttocks.

Does climbing stairs reduce buttocks?

Climbing the stairs burns the fat and helps the muscle tone and get firm thus reducing the overall buttock size. But in long run, climbing stairs will help adding up muscle mass around the glutes.

How can I lift my buttocks naturally?

Through exercise, some lifestyle changes, adopting proper sleep pattern and following proper diet plan you can lift the buttocks naturally. In the exercises, you should include specific exercises targeted to lift buttocks.