Simeon Panda Workout Routine

Simeon Panda is nothing less than an epitome of the adage that says, hard work and perseverance culminates into success. Being one of the most successful individuals in the present era of professional bodybuilding, Simeon had started lifting weights when he was just sixteen years old. His penchant for training with weights gradually metamorphosed into a passion and it made him an influential personality in the scene of fitness and bodybuilding. This workout guide is going to give you a detailed outlook of Simeon Panda Workout Routine.

Before he got started with bodybuilding, Simeon Panda was a lean guy. His body was quite athletic owing to his interest in playing sports like rugby. He aspired to bulk up and made certain modifications in his lifestyle to achieve his desired physique. With consistent training and a disciplined lifestyle, he was able to put on decent muscle mass on his 6’1″ tall frame that made him look nothing less than a superhero. He credits all his achievements to his hard work. He says,

“Though some may be able to throw a stone up a hill I am prepared to push a boulder up a mountain lest I do not try.”

He won the European Championships in 2013 that made him earn the Musclemania Pro Status. Today, he often judges bodybuilding competitions around the globe along with being a successful fitness entrepreneur and a natural bodybuilder.

Program Overview

Simeon Panda Workout Routine

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Simeon Panda has been in the fitness industry for a long time now. He has gained an elite level of experience in fitness and bodybuilding. The main highlight of Simeon’s workout plan is training with heavier weights. Simeon’s massive physique is the result of relentless training with heavyweights. He also claims that one has to be mentally stronger as well to get through the brutal training sessions. In his own words,

“I say mentally because nothing gives me the same buzz as moving a tremendous amount of weight.”

Simeon Panda is a firm believer of the fact that muscles tend to grow only when they are stressed and under tension. When the body starts repairing the damage, it facilitates muscle building and promotes strength gain.

Simeon Panda is a staunch proponent of progressive overload. He claims that the body tends to get adapted even with the toughest of the training programs. He even advises making weekly changes in the workout routine. This helps in avoiding training monotony on one hand and eliminates the chances of plateau hitting on the other hand.

Simeon Panda Workout Routine

Simeon Panda begins his workout routine with a warm-up set and then he increases the weights as he progresses through his workouts. The highlighting point of his workout plan is that he also prefers to drop down the weight in the final set. This technique is called a pyramid set. It aids in perfecting his form along with giving him a pump after a heavy set. In his own words,

“I normally do a warm-up set then go straight into lifting heavy. This has been the most effective way for me to pack on size.”

His 5-days a week training program is marked by a high volume approach where he trains each muscle group once a week. His exercise routine comprises a small number of exercises in each training session. All those exercises are performed with a higher volume.

Simeon Panda Workout Routine

Simeon Panda Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday – Chest

Flat Bench Press (either with dumbbells or a barbell)

8 x (20-1)

Incline Bench Press (either with dumbbells or a barbell)

8 x (20-1)

Low Cable Flys

6 x (20-6)

High Cable Flys

6 x (20-6)

Tuesday – Legs

Leg Extensions

3 x 20


8 x (10-4)

Leg Press

8 x (12-15)

Lying Leg Curls

8 x (20-6)

Calf Presses

4 x 20

Donkey Calf Raises

4 x 20

Wednesday – Back

Bent Over Rows

8 x (20-6)

Lat Pulldowns

8 x (20-6)

Seated Rows

8 x (20-6)

Single Arm Rows

6 x (10-6)

Thursday – Shoulders

Shoulder Press

8 x (20-6)

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

8 x (20-6)

Front Raises

8 x (20-6)

Barbell Shrugs

8 x (20-6)

Friday – Arms

Close Grip Bench Press

8 x (20-6)

Preacher Curls

8 x (20-6)

Triceps Push Downs

8 x (20-6)

Hammer Curls

8 x (20-6)

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

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Now, since you have an idea about his bodybuilding program, here are some points that Simeon Panda considers during his workouts and recommends you to do the same. Let’s have a look at them.

  • In order to minimize the chances of injury, it is imperative to warm up your joints prior to lifting heavier weights. This helps in preparing the joints and muscles to take on the stress they will further be exposed to.
  • He advises lifting heavier, especially for bigger muscle groups like back, chest, and legs.
  • Simeon Panda is of the opinion that exercises done with both free weights and machines should be in a newbie workout program. It helps in developing an individual’s overall strength potential.
  • He suggests the beginners to ignore the intensity techniques (like drop sets, burn-out sets, giant sets, supersets, cluster sets, forced reps, pre-exhaust, rest-pause, etc.) in their training programs till the time they graduate to intermediate level. These techniques require a lot of recovery time and demand a certain level of muscle maturity. They are a complete no-no for newbies as those techniques may easily wear them out.

How long has Simeon Panda been working out?

Simeon Panda had started his lifting and bodybuilding journey at the age of 16 years. It’s been nineteen years since he has been working out.

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Final Words

Simeon Panda advises all the beginner and young lifters to stick to a particular training plan for at least a period of three months. It provides the body sufficient time to adapt and grow. Making frequent changes in workout plans and exercise selection will lead you nowhere. You can either choose an old-school full body workout program or a conventional upper lower split or a push-pull-leg split, but make sure to follow it at least for three months. These three months might look excessively cumbersome but you need to be patient.

Last but not the least, Simeon advises that one should be consistent and dedicated with his/her workout plan. Your consistency and dedication act as the catalyst to get you the results you are aspiring for.

And that’s it. We expect that this workout guide would have motivated you enough to perspire for your dream physique. So it’s time to get going and get the results you have always craved for.