Simeon Panda Diet Plan and Supplements

Simeon Panda is a renowned name in the fitness realm. Being a social star, he is immensely popular and one of the most followed fitness celebrities in recent times.

Simeon was born on 28 May 1986, in London, England. This English professional bodybuilder started lifting weights at his early age of 16. For him, bodybuilding was the place he always belonged to.

Aka “Natural bodybuilder” he always kept his distance from steroids and drugs. He has won many titles including MuscleMania Pro and European Championship. Panda has also starred on magazine covers like Muscle, Inside Fitness, and Fitness Rx. This entrepreneur has featured in Forbes as one of the world’s top ten influencers in the fitness arena.

Currently, he is traveling all over the globe to judge events and on the business front, he runs a chain of fitness accessories, supplements, and sportswear. Undoubtedly he is mastering every field he is setting his foot in. Simone is endorsing supplement brand Myprotein as well.

Simeon Panda Diet

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Simeon Panda considers diet as vital as workouts. Knowing how much weightage the bodybuilding meal plan contains, he doesn’t want to make it complicated. He eats all fresh foods, rich in natural content of protein and other essential nutrients.

He is a diehard fan of eating fish, and he makes sure he consumes it in most of his diet chart. Simeon Panda’s diet includes veggies like spinach, broccoli, and asparagus as well. Let’s get a sneak peek at Simone Panda’s diet plan.

Simeon Panda’s Meal Plan

As we know Simeon prefers to stay lean throughout, and he is not a fan of bulking and cutting measures, so he picks his diet chart very distinctively.

Simeon Panda Diet Plan

Simeon Panda’s Diet Plan

Meal 1

Oats, Banana, Almonds

Meal 2

Rice Cakes, Cottage Cheese

Meal 3

Wholegrain Rice, Chicken Breasts, Mix Vegetables

Meal 4

Wholegrain Rice, Chicken Breasts, Mix Vegetables

Meal 5

Wholegrain Rice, Chicken Breasts, Mix Vegetables

Meal 6

8 Egg Whites, Smoked Salmon

Meal 7

Mackerel, Mixed Vegetables

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Simeon Panda’s meal plan is no rocket science. He believes that if one can eat clean and proper food that contains a sufficient amount of protein, one can see visible effects very soon. In his diet chart, he prefers to add all sorts of fishes in his diet plan, be it salmon, tuna, mackerel, or trout, he goes gaga overall. Also, he advises having beef, chicken, vegetables, wholegrain rice, cottage cheese, fruits, and water in your nutrition plan. He suggests to stay away from fast and junk food, hydrogenated oils, added sugar, and artificial ingredients.

Simeon Panda Meal Plan

Simeon Panda’s Supplements

Although he gets his major portion of nutrition from his diet, he does take some of the essential supplements.

  • Whey Protein – Simeon uses whey protein for the faster growth of lean mass. It also ensures the retaining of muscle mass and its recovery.
  • Glutamine – Glutamine helps in preventing muscle breakdown. It is an amino acid that is a critical part of the immune system and also plays a crucial role in intestinal health.
  • BCAAS – This supplement is one of the must-haves in every bodybuilder list, as it helps in growing muscles, preventing wastage, and speedy recovery.
  • Creatine – Creatine monohydrate improves performance during workouts, hence it books a place in Simeon Panda’s supplement list.
  • COD Liver Oil – Although Simeon Panda’s meal plan contains fish as a prime source of protein, still he prefers cod liver oil, which contains anti-inflammatory omega-3s, that also enhance brain and bone health.

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Panda says “I have always strived to be better. I love to see progress and I want to achieve the unimaginable”. He warns strictly about avoiding steroids and tries to keep them on a big no-no side as it can be pernicious. Simone states like with everything, there will be ups and downs in your path, and it’s important to adopt the process and not lose heart during hard times.