Should You HydroMassage Before or After a Workout? (In-Depth Analysis)

HydroMassaging is gradually becoming a popular technique within the fitness community. Many weightlifters use HydroMassage as a post-workout or pre-workout therapy to experience multiple benefits.

In HydroMassaging, you simply have to lie flat on comfortable beds while the pressure from water jet sprays works on various areas of your body. Since the bed is made up of sturdy, waterproof material, there is no risk of your clothes getting wet in the process.

HydroMassage does not require any massage therapist or expert. You can simply use the HydroMassaging machines on your own and enjoy a relaxing experience in seclusion. That, and the added benefit of not having to change into different clothes, attracts many fitness freaks.

Moreover, HydroMassage beds are easily accessible at spas, wellness centers, and gym franchises like Planet Fitness. So, you can easily get a massage session on your own whenever you want.

Thus, it’s now possible to get HydroMassage before or after your workout session to reap its benefits.

The question stands – is it better to get a HydroMassage before or after a workout? Let’s find out.

Should You HydroMassage Before or After a Workout
Planet Fitness HydroMassage Beds

Benefits of HydroMassage Before a Workout

You can enjoy a nice, relaxing session of HydroMassage before a workout if you’re aiming for a specific set of benefits, which we’ll discuss below.

But before that, bodybuilders should note that studies have indicated that massage has a direct link to our body’s parasympathetic activity. As such, it is recommended that you don’t experience long HydroMassaging sessions right before a workout.

Otherwise, your parasympathetic activity will be enhanced, and your body will be too relaxed to work through a strenuous workout. Moreover, if you’re HydroMassaging before workouts, make sure you pair it up with long warm-up exercises to alert your body once more.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of taking a HydroMassage session as a pre-workout therapy:

Increased Focus

If you’re familiar with the “muscle-mind connection” concept, you’d understand how important it is to be mentally in the game while you’re working out. Focus is key.

HydroMassaging can stimulate endorphin production, easing stress and anxiety. Thus, you’ll be in better mental shape before your workout, giving room for maximum concentration.

Improved Endurance and Performance

A brief, 10-minute HydroMassage session can increase your blood circulation. When you’re exercising, your muscles require higher amounts of oxygen and nutrients to function. With improved blood flow, efficient oxygen and nutrient delivery is possible.

Thus, you’ll experience several benefits during your workouts.

If your muscles are receiving sufficient oxygen supply, it’ll take you longer to experience fatigue. Similarly, better blood circulation improves the rate at which your muscles can contract and relax, improving your athletic performance while exercising.

Reduced Injury Risks

The waterjet spray pressure is gentle but firm enough to stimulate the lymphatic system. As such, toxins and harmful waste products can be removed from your body. Thus, HydroMassage can effectively decrease inflammation and muscle soreness.

There are two benefits to this. Firstly, you’ll have significantly lowered the risk of picking up a muscle-related injury during your workouts. Secondly, it will improve the recovery time after you’re done with your workout.

Improved Mobility

Many people book a HydroMassage session right before their workouts because they want to enhance their flexibility.

The waterjet sprays can work on tight muscles that can limit your range of motion. HydroMassaging can help these stiff muscles relax and improve flexibility to help with compound movements during workouts.

Benefits of HydroMassage After a Workout

Many people reportedly reward themselves with a HydroMassage session as a post-workout therapy.

Apart from being a nice, relaxing experience, doing so also helps them reap tons of benefits.

Improved Recovery

According to research, getting a massage is one of the most effective methods to recover from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and fatigue.

Apart from increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle soreness, HydroMassage can also enhance immune function. Thus, the increased white blood count can fight off the potential illnesses and infections that could have hindered the recovery process.


While working out, your body produces a lot of harmful toxins that need to be dispelled. A relaxing massage can improve blood circulation and eliminate these toxins and other harmful substances from your body.

But for that to happen, you’ll also have to take care of your hydration, as peeing is the most suitable method of releasing waste.

Reduce Discomfort

Your body can be prone to lactic acid build-ups after a strenuous workout. That could be pretty uncomfortable after a rough training session.

However, HydroMassage beds can help you with that. A nice, relaxing session will ease your muscle and help in the removal of lactic acid, providing instant comfort.

Should you HydroMassage Before or After a Workout?

Whether you want to get a HydroMassage session before or after a training session depends on your goals and requirements.

For example, if your primary motive is to warm up before you start exercising, pre-workout HydroMassaging session can help. Similarly, HydroMassage can be more beneficial if your aim is to reduce the risk of muscle-related injuries during workouts, get a bit of extra motivation and relaxation before hitting the gym, or enhance your performance and endurance as preparation for a strenuous workout.

On the other hand, if you prioritize recovery, HydroMassage will be more effective as a post-workout therapy. Similarly, if you aim to reduce muscle soreness or detoxify your body, make sure you schedule your HydroMassage after getting done with your workouts.

In both cases, HydroMassaging can offer several benefits. The timing of it largely depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

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Final Words

The proprietary HydroMassaging beds have made massage really convenient and accessible to the masses.

Before, getting a simple post-workout message would require prior scheduling, a hefty fee, and the help of a massage therapist. Now, you can simply lie down on any HydroMassage bed and experience a customized massaging experience.

Because of how flexible these HydroMassage sessions are, you can easily incorporate them into your daily schedule and use them as a pre-workout or a post-workout therapy, depending on your needs.