Shannon Sharpe’s Workout Routine

Shannon Sharpe is one of the most renowned TV personalities in sports. He has also been a former professional football player. He has played for the Denver Broncos (1990-1999, 2002-2003) and Baltimore Ravens (2000-2001). He has also been a 3-Time Super Bowl Champion (XXXII, XXXIII, XXXV).

Aging seems to be just a number for Shannon Sharpe. By looking at his muscular and athletic physique, nobody can tell that this man is in his 50s. He stands tall at 6 feet 2 inches and weighs around 228 lbs. He is big, strong, and jacked enough to make guys half his age envious of his physique.

In this post, we will be discussing Shannon Sharpe‘s workout routine that keeps him in a fighting fit shape throughout the year. We are sure you will be learning a lot from his workout routine.

Shannon Sharpe Workout Overview

Shannon Sharpe Workout

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Shannon Sharpe is in his 50s but from his muscular physique, it seems that he has stopped aging. He claims that hard work and consistency happens to be the cornerstones of his fitness. He has always been pretty serious and dedicated to his workouts.

“I do the same thing over and over for the same result- to be healthy and happy at the end of the day.”

Shannon Sharpe always makes sure that his workout sessions have a great deal of intensity. His workout routine includes both weight training sessions as well as Crossfit sessions. We will be discussing each of them soon.

Shannon Sharpe‘s Home Workout Plan

Shannon Sharpe Home Workout Plan

Round 1:

Total Time 10 Min
Repeat workout until times up

  • Rowing Machine (750-250m)
  • Kettlebell Swings (20)

Rest 3 Minutes

Round 2:

Total Time 10 Min
Repeat workout until times up

  • Push Press (24)
  • Push Up (20)
  • Row (20)
  • Dumbbell Box Squats (15)

Rest 3 Minutes

Round 3:

Total Time 10 Min
Repeat workout until times up

  • Bike (30 cal- 20 cal)
  • Sit ups (20)

Rest 3 Minutes

Round 4:

Total Time 10 Min
Repeat workout until times up

  • Hang Snatch (20)
  • Suitcase Carry
  • Ball Slams (20)
  • Bench Step Ups (10)

Shannon Sharpe Workout Schedule

Shannon Sharpe makes sure to train his body 5-6 times a week. Crossfit sessions happen to be a crucial part of Shannon Sharpe’s workout routine. His workout split looks like this:-

  • Monday- Chest, and CrossFit
  • Tuesday- Shoulders
  • Wednesday- Massage and Spa Treatment
  • Thursday- Crossfit
  • Friday- Same as Mondays/ Rest
  • Saturday- Crossfit
  • Sunday- Rest

Shannon Sharpe Workout Routine

Shannon Sharpe Workout Plan

Here, we will let you know what kind of exercise routine Shannon Sharpe follows for each day of the week. His workout plan prioritizes Crossfit training to a great extent. He also reserves certain days for giving his body the relaxation it needs for growth and rejuvenation.

Shannon Sharpe’s workout routine makes use of dumbbells, stationary bikes, kettlebells, etc. He also makes sure to switch up his workout routine from time to time to eliminate boredom.

Let’s have a look at his exercise routine for each day of the week.


Mondays are regarded as the International Chest Day by numerous fitness freaks around the globe. Shannon Sharpe also falls into that category. He enjoys training his chest muscles. Two of his most favorite chest exercises are the bench press and the incline bench press.

For the bench press, he gets started with low weights and performs one set of 15 reps with them. Then gradually increasing the weights he performs two sets of 10 reps, one set of 8 reps, and one final set of 6 reps.

Then he proceeds to perform the dumbbell incline bench press. He hits three sets of 15, 10, and 12 reps on it. Shannon Sharpe’s workout routine in the gym extends for no longer than 30-40 minutes a day.

Then, in the afternoon, Sharpe goes to his Crossfit classes. In his Crossfit sessions he usually takes the AMRAP (as many reps as possible) approach for each exercise or circuit. He also incorporates some pyramid-styled exercises into his training program. Those include performing the following exercises as fast as he can:-

  • 100 wall balls
  • 90 push-ups
  • 80 squats

Another example of his Crossfit exercise sequence includes performing the following:-

  • 150-200 squats holding 53-pound kettlebells in each hand
  • 500 meters of rowing (increasing the distance by 250-meter increments until hitting 1000 meters)
  • 20 Push-Ups
  • Burpees


Shannon Sharpe hits his shoulder muscles on Tuesdays. Fearing any kind of possible injury, he doesn’t lift excessively heavier weights on his shoulders. Instead, he chooses to train his shoulder muscles with lighter weights and performs a higher number of repetitions with them.

Shannon Sharpe’s training routine for his shoulders includes performing two 20-rep sets of dumbbell shoulder presses. He also incorporates some additional movements thereafter that include front lateral raises, side lateral raises, and upright rows.

After finishing off his shoulder workout routine, he again goes through his Crossfit class in the evening.


Shannon Sharpe focuses on his rest and recovery on Wednesdays. For that purpose, he resorts to a massage and a spa treatment. It allows his body to recover well from the intense training sessions that he subjects his body to on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Shannon Sharpe goes through a noon Crossfit class on Thursdays. Later in the day, he gets a manicure. In short, you can say that for Shannon Sharpe, Thursdays are all about Crossfit, showers, and manicures.


For Shannon Sharpe, Fridays are reserved either for hitting the same chest workout that he hits on Mondays or simply resting. It depends on his mood. Moreover, he needs more strength and stamina to hit his Crossfit session on Saturday. And for that purpose, taking adequate rest becomes imperative for his body.


Shannon Sharpe’s Saturdays consist of an excessively intense Crossfit class. It comprises a noon session that extends for 90-120 minutes reserved for pure cardio. He performs an hour of spinning and then hits the VersaClimber.

After completing his intense CrossFit session on Saturday, he goes for his second massage of the week to recover his muscles from the intense CrossFit cardio session.


Just like most of us, Shannon Sharpe also prefers to rest and relax on Sundays. Not only does it provide relaxation to his body but it also recuperates it well for the next week.

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Final Words

We expect it would have motivated you to hit the gym right away.

With his peak fitness levels, Shannon Sharpe has defied aging in a real sense.

The credit for it goes to his well-structured workout program that he follows religiously.

You too can try out his workout routine by making certain changes to it based on your training experience and goals. Just make sure to follow it with consistency. The results will surely surprise you.