Selena Gomez Workout Routine

Selena Gomez is a global sensation now. Well, she didn’t have this perfect body shape and confidence since the beginning. In fact, Selena had to face severe media trolls and fat-shaming due to her bubbly appearance.

If you are a true fan of Gomez, you must be aware of the fat-shaming comments she received while she was vacationing in Mexico. Soon after she posted a photo on one of the Mexican beaches, she became the target of internet trolls.

Selena’s unhealthy food practices were a significant reason for her weight gain. After Selena was diagnosed with lupus and underwent a major operation, she seriously addressed her mental and physical health issues.

She started to work on her weight loss plans with proper training and guidance. Not just that, to get evident results from her workout plan, she had to change her food habits as well.

Today, Selena has a perfectly toned body shape that oozes confidence and inspires millions of plus-size women who, too, have faced fat shamming. We have discussed Selena Gomez’s weight loss workout routine in detail below. Let’s go through.

Selena Gomez’s Workout Overview

Selena Gomez Workout
Selena Gomez in an Instagram Photo (Selena Gomez / Instagram)
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Selena believes that workouts must be incorporated into one’s lifestyle like it’s a part of it. Exercises and workout programs shouldn’t be taken as a burden or obligation. Selena keeps her workout routine enjoyable by incorporating different kinds of exercises on different days. She does everything from dance, Pilates to hiking, yoga, and spinning. Whatever she does, she enjoys it.

Selena, most importantly, gives time to stretch her body. Proper stretching keeps our muscles lean and long, thus improving our joints. This is why Selena’s trainer, Amy, makes sure Selena stretches her body before and after her weight loss workout routine.

Amy also advises Selena to produce much sweat. For this purpose, Selena simply lies down and absorbs infrared light at the Sweat Bed. This helps to produce sweat and lose body fat, and enhances the quality of her skin. An hour of doing this burns about 1600 calories. 

If you follow Selena on social media, you must have seen her bike riding, hiking, and cycling with friends. Selena often indulges in these outdoor activities because she doesn’t believe in following workout routine strictly. She tries to keep fun activities as much as possible.

Selena Gomez’s Workout Schedule

Selena visits the gym five days a week. Selena’s training program includes group sessions done inside a studio. Sometimes, she participates in outdoor exercises too.

If you go through Selena Gomez’s training routine, you will notice fewer strength training exercises. She mainly loves to do Pilates, cardio, and yoga. Every week, she goes for these classes at least thrice. Below given is a list of the exercises that constitute Selena Gomez’s workout routine:

  • HIIT workout: High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Stair Master or Elliptical for 40-60 minutes.
  • Steady Cardio: Running on Treadmill, Rowing Machine,

Selena Gomez’s Workout Routine

Like we already mentioned, Selena mainly focuses on doing cardio. To make the process fun and avoid being monotonous, her trainer allows Selena to do cardio exercises differently. Sometimes Selena does it on a treadmill while sometimes outside. Also, Selena Gomez’s workout plan keeps changing as per her body needs.

Selena puts focus on Pilates regularly for abs. However, there are several other workouts she includes to develop abs. Apart from these routine exercises, Selena regularly walks 10,000 steps.

Now that we have got a rough idea about the various workout exercises she mostly does, let’s go through the routine in detail:

Selena Gomez Workout Routine

Selena Gomez’s Workout Plan

Day 1 (20 mins)

Warm-up, Jogging on a running track or treadmill, lunges, squats, Jumping jacks, two sets of stretches

Day 2 (20 mins)

Warm-up, lunges, squats, push ups, Crunches, Jogging, Stretches

Day 3 (30 mins – 1 hr)

Warm up, circuit training

Day 4 (60 mins)

Warm up, pilates

Day 5


Day 6 (60 mins)

Warm up, yoga, meditation

Day 7


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Selena advises that if you want to keep your muscles active, you must do various exercises every day. It facilitates body movements, keeping muscles fit and fine. If you keep repeating the same exercises daily, your body would soon become bored, and so would you. Mixing up exercises would result in weight loss faster!

If you are trying to follow Selena Gomez’s weight loss training program, you must incorporate yoga into your routine. Selena gives equal importance to meditation to keep her body and mind calm.

  • As is evident from the list, her exercise routine begins with a thorough warm up. If you, too, are working on your body, take a note.
  • Selena believes that a body that eats well and works well is bound to stay healthy. She doesn’t believe in regularly checking her weight. For her, these are just numbers.
  • She never advises her fans to starve themselves in an attempt to lose weight. Doing so slows your body’s metabolism.
  • Selena always keeps her body hydrated. Water is the best drink for her. Not only does it enhances the body’s metabolism, but it also helps to maintain healthy pH and keep toxins out of your body.
  • Music is an excellent motivator for Selena. She picks up the most energetic songs that keep her motivated and fuels her workout. If you are new to the gym, you too can try this hack.


What fans should learn from Selena is consistency. Selena wasn’t always the perfect woman that we see today. She had her struggles, and she survived tough times with determination and consistency.

Her fans have seen her going through heartbreaks, health challenges, and mental traumas too. But look at her now! Her passion and consistency are the key.

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The way Selena prioritized her health and worked on improving her habits while embracing her body all the time is commendable. She’s an inspiration to every woman out there.