Scott Warman’s 10 Week Bench Press Peaking Program (with Spreadsheet)

For beginners and intermediate lifters, bench-pressing can be a complicated exercise. It is a compound movement that requires many muscles to work in proper coordination with each other.

For many aspiring lifters, improving their bench-press numbers is a difficult struggle. It might be a strength issue, or the lifter might have hit a plateau. Or, they simply might not have the right mind-muscle connection to improve their strength.

One thing is for sure; a proper bench press peaking program can help powerlifters achieve maximum preparedness for competitions and get that massive improvement in their 1-Rep Maximum capabilities.

One way for intermediate lifters to get the desired results is following Scott Warman’s 10-week bench press peaking program. Unlike other bench press programs on the internet, Warman’s training pattern is slightly different.

Scott Warman's 10 Week Bench Press Peaking Program

Program Principles

The Scott Warman bench press peaking program follows a unique model of training. Instead of focusing on improving the 1RM of the powerlifter, it works on increasing their 2RM capabilities instead.

The emphasis on 2RM makes it easier for intermediate lifters to gauge their progress, as working with 1RM percentages might be too difficult and exhausting for them.

The training pattern is linear, with the weights increasing and training volume decreasing after each workout session. The linear periodization format is especially beneficial for achieving peak preparedness, as it allows the body to end the cycle without feeling too exhausted or overworked.

Each training session contains two sets, allowing the powerlifter to push in the desired training volume in a single day, leaving sufficient time for rest and recovery between two workout sessions.

Ultimately, these are the principles used by Scott Warman to improve the 2RM of the powerlifter by the end of the tenth week:

  • Using 1RM as a benchmark to dictate the weights to be used by the powerlifter.
  • Following a linear training format with an increase in intensity and decrease in volume after each training session.
  • Only requiring one bench-pressing session per week, allowing the body to achieve peak preparedness before a competition or event.

Scott Warman’s 10 Week Bench Press Peaking Program

The 10-week bench press program by Scott Warman is simple, unique, and effective. Instead of increasing the 1RM of the lifter, it focuses on improving the 2RM capabilities instead.

The 1RM potential is improved before a powerlifter’s meet to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The layout of the workout is pretty standard. The lifter will only need to bench once a week. The training pattern will be linear, where weight will increase after each workout session. Repetitions will decrease from 11 to 2 from the first week to the final week.

Each training session will contain two sets for getting the efficient training volume.

By the end of the tenth week, the bench press program will aim to increase your 2RM performance by around 10 pounds.

Scott Warman’s 10 Week Bench Press Peaking Program Spreadsheet

There are many things about this 10-week bench press program that we haven’t mentioned here.

You can get the complete program by downloading the Spreadsheet file from here.



Once downloaded, you can consult the sheet to gather all the necessary details for achieving maximum results by the end of the tenth week.

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Parting Words

Scott Warman developed a unique and effective training program to help intermediate lifters hit the peak in terms of their bench-pressing performances.

If followed consistently, the program is bound to improve the 2RM capabilities of the lifter by around 10 pounds, which is a massive accomplishment for such a short time-frame.