Sarah Jessica Parker Workout Routine

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have also been amazed seeing Sarah Jessica Parker’s awesome physique. Even in her late 50s, this ‘Sex and city’ actress is maintaining her killer looks from youth, destroying stereotypes. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s workout routine is a diverse mix of exercises that together contributes to her body’s overall wellbeing. And she believes that regular exercise is what keeps her young and energetic even at this age. 

Born in Ohio, Sarah Jessica was a typical girl with big Hollywood dreams. And eventually, that led her to Broadway. Her acting career started in the 70s, and reached a whole new level towards the 2000s. 

Jessica Parker’s role as Carry Bradshaw in the famous TV show ‘Sex and City’ made her one of the finest actresses in Television history. Thanks to her impeccable performances, this American actress won 2 Emmys, 4 Golden Globes, and several other awards.

Besides having a fantastic television career, Sarah Jessica Parker also acted in several Hollywood movies. Later, she started her own production house ‘Pretty Matches’. 

And during all these times, staying fit and energetic has always been crucial for Sarah Jessica. And she did it all by maintaining a disciplined lifestyle, including a simple, yet effective exercise program.  

Therefore, if your goal is a fit body and a healthy mind in it, you can draw inspiration from this prolific actress.

And in this article, we will unveil Sarah Jessica Parker’s workout plan for you. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Workout Principles

Sarah Jessica Parker Workout
Sarah Jessica Parker in an Instagram Photo (Sarah Jessica Parker / Instagram)
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Staying fit, that too in the 50s is a challenge for most women. For Sarah Jessica, however, it is a part of her everyday life. Through regular exercise, she ensures that her body stays healthy. 

Sarah Jessica’s workout is not limited, and instead, it includes different varieties of exercises.

These exercises may not be considered the ‘Proper ones’ by some. But who cares, as long as it gives the best results. 

Instead of sticking on to a uniform strict training program with intense exercises, Sarah Jessica would like to take it easy and go for lighter ones. 

Moreover, she is well aware of her age and does not want to make things complicated. 

But ultimately, what matters most is whether you stay fit or not. In Sarah Jessica’s case, that goal is well accomplished.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Workout Routine

As mentioned earlier, Sarah Jessica’s training routine consists of a variety of exercises that she does on a flexible basis.

She doesn’t follow any strict workout plan, but makes sure that her lifestyle is designed in such a way as to burn unwanted fat. Additionally, she incorporates some exercises into her exercise routine and does it effectively.

Here are various exercises done by Sarah Jessica Parker to stay healthy and fit:


If you ask what Sarah Jessica Parker does particularly for cardio, there isn’t any specific answer. But that doesn’t mean she is not into cardio. Instead, she does it throughout her daily life. 

  • Sarah Jessica Parker Goes for outdoor jogging occasionally. But no strict schedules. Besides outdoor jogging, she converts her day-to-day activities into calorie burning opportunities.
  • She has a fixed goal to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, and counts her steps until she achieves her goal.
  • Preferring stairs over lifts also helps her burn unwanted fat.
  • To go around New York, her hometown, SJP prefers walking to taking her car. Also, she takes a bike ride around the city occasionally.


Sarah Jessica Parker is not a great fan of dedicated gym training. However, she does have some exercises in her workout program to maintain strength, especially of her arms and legs.

Some of the exercises she does are Inverted shoulder press and jumping squats.

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Sarah Jessica loves yoga. She has often revealed that yoga is her favorite exercise.

Regular yoga sessions help her body and mind stay healthy and find a balance between the two.

As a professional who has to deal with a lot of stress and pressure, doing regular yoga is crucial for Sarah Jessica to stay calm. 

Every week, Sarah Jessica Parker does yoga at least three times.

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AKT Workout

Sarah Jesica parker does AKT workout on a regular basis. AKT, which stands for Anna Kaiser Technique, is a mix of dance moves and intense cardio exercises.

She engages in AKT sessions for a maximum of 30 minutes and gets back to her work.


Pilates is similar to yoga, focusing on slow but constant body movements. 

Sarah Jessica Parker does Pilates occasionally, to stay healthy and focused on her goals.

Ballet Dance

Sarah Jessica Parker was introduced to ballet dance even before she became an actress.

Although Sarah Jessica isn’t doing it as frequently as she did in her younger days, she does it occasionally.

Ballet dance moves give balance and strength to her body.

Final Words

So, that was Sarah Jessica Parker’s Workout routine that has been helping her stay fit. This American actress has in fact, broken several stereotypes around the fitness of women past their 50s. 

Therefore, Sarah Jessica is a great source of inspiration not only to women past their middle age, but also to every working woman, to stay in shape.

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As evident from her workout routine, Sarah Jessica doesn’t stick to any particular intense exercise. Rather, she focuses on getting rid of calories naturally, although she does some kinds of easy exercises.

So, if you are someone who wishes to fit naturally, you can consider trying Sarah Jessica Parker’s workout plan. It is simple to understand, and easy to do, as long as you stay committed.