Sarah Jessica Parker Diet Plan

Sarah Jessica Parker is a great inspiration to women across the globe to chase their fitness goals. Even in her late 50s, this American actress manages to maintain the energy she had in her twenties. 

Whenever there is a talk about the success mantra of this ‘sex and city’ actress, there is one thing that is rarely missed to mention- her diet. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s diet plan is a perfect blend of all key nutrients that helps her stay fit, healthy, and youthful. And surely, not only to women past their middle age,  but to everyone struggling in their fitness journey, Parker is an inspiration.

Sarah Jessica’s film career started way back in the 70s. Over years, through hard work and determination, she evolved to be one of the most popular faces in Hollywood and television.

Valued currently at a whopping 150 million USD, Parker has definitely made it big on the silver screen. In recent years, along with acting, Sarah Jessica Parker has been running her own production house. 

And the way she appears in public, and the energy with which she does her business, still wow movie freaks and fitness enthusiasts alike. 

So, if you are someone who dreams of a fit physique, you ought to learn how Sarah Jessica is doing it. And if you were wondering about the magical diet plan followed by this forever young actress, you have come to the right place. 

This article is an exploration into Sarah Jessica Parker’s diet that helps her stay young and energetic.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Meal Plan

Sarah Jessica Parker Diet
Sarah Jessica Parker in an Instagram Photo (Sarah Jessica Parker / Instagram)
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When you come across someone who manages to stay fit and vibrant even in their fifties, you have to admit that there is something to admire in them. 

For Sarah Jessica Parker, a proper diet is what matters the most, when it comes to staying healthier. But that doesn’t mean she is following an extreme diet plan like those size zero models. 

Sarah Jessica takes it easy and follows a simple meal plan that fulfills her dietary needs without disappointing her taste buds. 

Currently, Sarah Jessica Parker is following Hampton’s diet that focuses on lower calorie intake, but a higher consumption of protein and healthy fats. But over time, she has the habit of experimenting with different diet methods, although the basic approach remains the same- more nutrients and low calories! 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s meal plan


1 poached egg, Sauteed spinach with garlic, occasionally Turkey beacon


Low fat cream cheese, grated carrot, sliced cucumber, lettuce, Lean sandwich meat (turkey/ chicken breast/ lean beef), random fruit for sweet


Lean protein, fresh veggies, (Sirloin Kebabs or grilled mushrooms) pineapple or similar fruit for sweetness


Pineapple slices, Yogurt, nuts

That was a typical diet chart followed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Sometimes, she swaps some of these food items with other ones with similar nutrition. To be precise, her diet plan is flexible. For instance, when SJP is in a hurry in the mornings, she simply goes for plain yogurt for her breakfast.

Sarah Jessica – never a fan of depriving herself

Sarah Jessica Parker has made it clear that she like eating all kinds of foods. According to her, depriving herself of those palatable food items is not the way. Therefore, she eats food items like pasta, cheese, and beacon.

Eat everything- but never too much

“As human beings, we ought to try every kind of food there is”- says SJP. She eats whatever she feels like to eat, but only under one condition- to always eat light. 

According to her, having smaller meals is a great way to stay away from obesity and other health risks. 

Jessica Parker’s Love for nuts

In a recent interview, when asked what she loves the most, Sarah Jessica Parker answered ‘almond milk’. She loves nuts in general. She loves them so much and eats different types of nuts multiple times a day. 

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What To Eat

Here are the types of food items that you should eat, if you wish to follow Sarah Jessica Parker’s diet. 

  • Egg 
  • Chicken/ lean meat
  • Green leaves
  • Clean veggies
  • Lettuce 
  • A wide variety of fruits
  • Yogurt, cheese, or other dairy products

What To Avoid

As visible from the diet chart, Sarah Jessica is not a fan of depriving herself of the diversity of tastes. Therefore, she consumes different kinds of food items. 

However, if you want to follow a healthy diet, there are certain food items that you should avoid from your meal plan at any cost.  

Here are some of them:

  • Junk food
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Sugar
  • Food rich in carbs, like rice 
  • Alcohol
  • Highly fatty food
  • Anything that is fried
  • Artificial additives
  • Any food in excess

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Supplements

To make sure her body isn’t missing out on any key nutrients, Parker takes certain supplements. 

Here is a list of Sarah Jessica Parker’s supplements that completes her nutrition plan:

  • Multivitamins: multivitamin serves all important vitamins, which are usually hard to receive from diet alone.
  • Collagen: collagen had a pivotal role in maintaining Sarah Jessica Parker’s youthfulness. It betters the health of skin, bone, hairs, muscles, and joints.
  • Probiotics: probiotics help in having better digestion and smoother bowel movement. As a person with tight schedules, Parker can’t risk her stomach health. Therefore, she takes probiotics. Probiotics also help her in several other ways, including better heart health. 
  • Magnesium: magnesium helps parker in her body’s overall wellbeing.
  • Calcium: one of the greatest troubles faced by women past their 40s, is perhaps weak bone strength. Sufficient calcium is crucial for bones to stay strong. Sarah Jessica takes calcium supplements. Besides bettering bone strength, calcium also enhances the functioning of the heart and muscles
  • Vitamin B: in addition to taking Multivitamins, Sarah Jessica takes Vitamin B tablets separately. 
  • Antioxidants: living in a big city like New York, Sarah Jessica has always been careful about protecting her skin from pollution. For that, she takes Antioxidants, mostly in the form of tablets. 

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Final Words

Sarah Jessica Parker’s diet is simple, yet efficient. Her approach is simple- check on your calorie intake, and consume fewer carbs while taking sufficient protein and other nutrients.

Such a meal plan has been greatly helpful in her fitness journey for more than 4 impressive decades.

So, if you have long term fitness goals, you can try imitating Sarah Jessica’s nutrition plan. Also, you have the complete freedom to swap some of these food items with the ones you like, as long as they are healthy.

Besides following an inclusive diet plan, do regular exercises to burn more calories and stay fit. Most of all, what matters most is a long term commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle.