Rogue Echo Gym Timer Review

Let’s be honest, it’s a little difficult to simultaneously keep a track of time while doing high-intensity interval workouts. If you are constantly distracted by the time, you will not be able to focus on the real workout.

This is where a gym timer comes to the rescue. It is a very useful gadget for those who need to keep a track of their rest and active periods during workouts. A gym timer is a great fit for people who do CrossFit, Tabatas, circuit training, weightlifting, powerlifting, or any high-intensity interval workout. Why get distracted by the notifications popping off on your phone and smartwatch when you can just get a gym timer and truly focus on your workout?

Plus, with all the technological advancements these days, gym timers are no longer your ordinary regular timer. Equipped with many customizations, a gym timer is much better than a regular phone timer, a kitchen timer, or a timer on your watch.

And what is better than owning the very efficient Rogue Echo Gym Timer? With the rogue echo gym timer, you can customize up to 10 intervals at a time. Plus, it is so fancy that it comes with its own remote! How cool is that?

So, if you are looking for a comprehensive and detailed review of the Rogue Echo Gym Timer, then keep reading this article until the very end. We can assure you that by the end of this article you will be ready to finally take that decision of whether or not to buy the rogue echo gym timer.

Rogue Echo Gym Timer Review

Rogue Echo Gym Timer

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The Rogue Echo Gym Timer is a battery-powered, single-sided LED gym timer displaying the clock time in prominent colors of green and red which as the company claims can even be seen from “several hundred meters away”.

The numbers are also 4 inches high. This enables you to view the rogue echo gym timer even when you are a good distance away from it. It is also great for fitness trainers who teach a large number of people at the same time.

You can set up as many as 10 intervals at a time. There are also two preset timer modes that you can use. They are Tabata and fight-gone-bad timer modes.

This timer can be mounted both on a wall or a tripod (preferably on the Echo timer floor stand which you can purchase at an additional price of 50$).

The Rogue echo gym timer comes with a remote which allows easy access and greater convenience. You can pause, stop, mute, switch on/off, and even reprogram the timer right from your position without having to go all the way up to the timer to do so.

This gym timer comes in an all-black ensemble with only the Rogue branding on the bottom left of the timer in white. This gives the timer a very sleek and cohesive appearance. The rogue echo gym timer also comes in a two-sided display variant.

Features and Specs

With so many readily available gym timer options, it might be difficult to select the best one that will suit your preference. And if you are already reading this, chances are, that you are interested in the Rogue Echo Gym Timer and wish to know how it compares to others and is a better fit.

The rogue echo gym timer is a game-changer when it comes to customizing the settings on your gym timer according to your liking.

Other than this, it also comes with a remote which adds to your convenience as a customer and user of the product. Likewise, the rogue gym timer incorporates a lot more features which makes it truly superior to the other gym timers available for purchase.

So the following table will highlight all the features and specifications that you need to know about the rogue echo gym timer.

Features and Specs


Single-sided LED display gym timer with 4 inches high lettering or numbering in prominent colors of green and red.


10 intervals can be customized at a time.


Can be operated with a remote as well.

Additional Features

Can be mounted on a wall or on the echo timer floor stand. Has preset timer modes like Tabata or the FGB.


25.25″ x 2 x 7.75″ inches (L x W x H)

Cord Length


Rogue Echo Gym Timer


Build Quality

Another top-quality gadget from the renowned brand Rogue Fitness, the rogue echo gym timer is the best fit for anyone looking for a gym timer that will last you for years.

With its premium LED display where the digits appear as high as 4 inches in prominent eye-catching colors like green and red, the rogue echo gym timer is something you can even use from a great distance.

The measurements of the rogue echo gym timer are 25.25″ x 2 x 7.75″ inches (L x W x H), which suggests how compact the gadget is. You can easily carry it around with you.

The Rogue echo gym timer is battery operated which is a cherry on top feature since it excludes all the hassle of finding a plug point not only to operate the timer but also to recharge it as well.

The rogue echo gym timer can be also controlled and operated via a remote that comes along with your echo timer purchase. The remote has all the functions buttons that would be required by you in a gym timer. This means that you can operate the rogue echo gym timer right from your workout place without having to go all the way to the timer to turn it on/off or for any other function for that matter.


Rogue Echo Gym Timer

The Rogue echo gym timer is in a league of its own when we take into consideration the various modern functions it has included in it to better the user experience and satisfaction.

For example, unlike your regular ordinary display screens for equipments, the rogue echo gym timer has a LED display screen. Most of the time we hear about something premium like LED for products like Television.

Plus the digits and letters on the display screen appear 4 inches high in bright striking colors like green and red. Green and red are the most visible colors to the human eye from a distance. A good example of this would be traffic signals.

This timer also comes with a remote as well as batteries on purchase for the first time. The batteries prevent you from all that hassle of finding a power source outlet which is the case for some gym timers. The input of the gadget is AC100-240V while the output is 12V.

The remote is equipped with all the functions you will possibly need to easily operate the timer from a distance. You can do a lot more than simply turn on or off the gym timer with the remote.

The remote has buttons for the preset timer modes as indicated by TBT and FGB respectively. You can adjust the brightness of your gym timer with the remote plus turn off the beeping sound that comes from the timer to indicate you’ve finished your set interval.

The remote also has a stopwatch timer which can be set to 1/100 secs. And lastly not to forget there’s the “INT” button which allows you to customize your intervals according to your own wish. You can custom form as many as 10 intervals at a time.

This gym timer will also function as a regular clock which means you’ll need no extra equipment to see the current time of the day.

The rogue echo gym timer is so versatile as it can be either mounted on a wall or you can fix it on the tripod provided by Rogue itself which they call the Echo timer floor stand. If you want to take around your gym timer, then the echo floor stand would be a great purchase at an additional cost of 50$.

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The Rogue echo gym timer comes in an all-black ensemble with the signature Rogue branding in white at the bottom left of the timer. This gives the timer a very sleek look. The remote is also in black color which adds to the cohesiveness of the entire gadget.

Note: The rogue echo gym timer and its remote should not be kept or used in extremely bright sunlight. Both of these may not function in such situations.

Rogue Echo Gym Timer


How does the rogue echo gym timer compare to others?

Now, why would you prefer the rogue echo gym timer when you don’t get to know how it compares to others? So let us compare a few popular gym timers and see how the rogue gym timer is definitely worth it.

One of the popular timers in the market is the GymNext Flex Timer. It comes up on the very first page of when you search for gym timers. Firstly it is slightly more expensive than the rogue echo gym timer. The former is priced at 299$ while the latter ranges at 290$.

The GymNext Flex Timer also requires a plug point to function and it also does not come with a remote. While it is true that you can operate it on your phone, it also means that there are chances of you getting distracted by your phone, plus the additional wastage of phone charge.

While another popular gym timer that is available on worldwide amazon is the Slevio portable gym timer. Most of the people who’ve purchased this timer complain about how the digits are too dim so they cause eye strain and are also not visible from a good distance.

The Rogue echo gym timer is easy to read with its digits appearing 4 inches high in prominent colors of red and green which as the company claims will be visible from “several hundred meters away”.

Thus you can clearly tell that the rogue echo gym is much more effective than two of the most popular gym timers available in the market.

Rogue Echo Gym Timer

What’s so special about the Rogue echo gym timer?

  • Comes with its own remote and battery on first purchase.
  • Almost 10 intervals can be customized and saved at a time.
  • Comes with preset timer modes like FGB and Tabata.
  • Can either be mounted on a wall or on the echo timer floor stand.
  • Multipurpose gadget. It can be used as a regular 24-hour clock as well.


The Rogue echo gym timer is available for purchase from the official rogue website at 290$. A remote and batteries will automatically be included with this purchase.

The echo timer floor stand is priced at 50$ while an extra remote for the timer would cost you 15$ including the batteries.


It’s never a miss when it comes to buying products from rogue fitness since they never compromise with their quality. Similarly, for this timer too, you’ll get complete satisfaction as a customer.

Rogue Echo Gym Timer



  • Battery operated.
  • Remote controlled.
  • Both remote and battery included on first purchase.
  • Consists of preset timer modes like Tabata or FGB.
  • 4-inch high lettering. Hence it’s easy to read.
  • Lot of customization features.
  • Multipurpose gadget. Can function as a regular clock to indicate the time of the day.


  • Way too expensive. Even shipping is not free.
  • It doesn’t last for years. Users of the gadget have said how it stops working after 2 years.
  • Timer doesn’t function in extreme temperatures or direct sunlight so workout has to be restricted indoors only.

Is The Rogue echo gym timer worth the buy?

Yes, the rogue echo gym timer is worth your coins. Despite being more on the pricey side, it is a great multifunctional product for all your interval workout needs.

If you are looking forward to buying a good product then look no further because Rogue Fitness makes the best workout essentials.

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Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this article and we also hope that you too have arrived at your decision of finally purchasing the rogue echo gym timer.

It is a great lux product to have which would fulfill a lot of your workout needs. So do not wait any further and get yourself the rogue echo gym timer today!