Rogue Echo Bike vs Concept 2 BikeErg: The differences that matter

Stationary bikes are one of the best types of equipment to burn some calories and stay fit without stressing your joints. The fan bikes are one of many types of stationary bikes that you can buy for your home gym.

Many people prefer air bikes over magnetic resistance spin bikes for their natural resistance to motion. If you are leaning towards buying one for your home gym then the Rogue Echo and Concept 2 BikeErg both are good options.

Both these fan bikes have their pros and cons and only one of these can be the one for you. Here in this article, we have described both the machines highlighting the differences between them to help finalize which one suits you the best.

Difference Between Rogue Echo Bike & Concept2 BikeErg

Rogue Echo Bike vs Concept 2 BikeErg

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Both these heavy-duty fan bikes are built on a solid foundation to withstand max output bursts. Both offer a smooth and consistent spinning experience without making unnecessary noise.

Rogue Echo Bike and Concept2 BikeErg both use airflow for resistance but only Concept2 bike has the damper to adjust the airflow and only Rogue bike has provision to add track wheels for transportation.

These bikes are similar if compared against the basic parameters but differ on some other factors. The following table compares these machines in different aspects.


Rogue Echo Bike

Concept2 BikeErg


Built using a range of heavy-duty steel tubing with a black powder coat.  The fan is made with precision steel blades. Knurled 4.5-inch long rotating footpegs with metal pedals are provided.

The frame is built from aluminum alloy pipes welded and black powder-coated. The feet are of steel. The seat post and handlebar post are gray anodized.


Steady response steel blade fan with large blade lengths works as flywheel and exerts the resistance to pedaling.

Same flywheel as indoor rower or SkiErg is used in BikeErg for a responsive and continuous ride.


Big size fan is used for utilizing air as resistance to keep you in control. Resistance rises as you increase your efforts.

Comparatively a smaller fan is used for air resistance. There is also a damper to allow you to adjust the airflow to the fan and in turn, offer you another option to alter resistance and the effect of changing gears.

Performance monitor

6.375×6.375 inches LCD console that features a high-contrast display of workout metrics and enables you to select workout modes. Runs on two AA batteries.

PM5 monitor allows you to set up a variety of workouts and track your performance. The monitor is powered by the flywheel and alternatively by two D-cell batteries.


Can connect with Polar 5KHz heart rate monitor.

The PM5 monitor has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. Workout data can be stored in Concept2Erg Data app.


Moving handlebars enable you to work out your upper body too.

Height and position adjustable handlebars with three different riding positions.


Adjustable seat with 5 front and back settings and 8 height settings.

Ratchet-free height adjustable saddle mounted on an angled post.


All necessary black hardware and tools for assembly and step-by-step instructions are included in the package.

Needs very little assembly and all the necessary tools and the instruction book is included in the package.


Rubber leveling feet, metal pedals, transport wheels

Device holder, standard pedals, transport wheels


58.875×29.875×52.75 inches (LxWxH) maximum dimensions

48×24 inches (LxW)

Seat height 31 to 40.5 inches


127 Pounds

65 Pounds

Weight Capacity

350 Pounds

300 Pounds

Rogue Echo and Concept2 BikeErg both might be similar in terms of working principle and built quality but if you look closely they differ on almost all the other parameters.

The Rogue Echo bike weighs double than Concept2 BikeErg due to the difference in fan size. The weight capacity difference is not that much as the frame and parts other than the fan are almost similar in sturdiness.

Rogue has moving handlebars and Concept2 bike has a handlebar resembling a road bike. The connectivity and performance monitor of these bikes also aren’t alike. So if you know what you are looking for in an air bike, it would be an easy decision to make with the side-by-side comparison in the table above.



Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo Bike

Designed for maximum stability and smoother ride the Rogue Echo bike is built with reinforced steel which provides it balance and rigidity to the bike. Even under the intense pedaling it won’t sway or feel bumpy. All structural members of the bike are heavy-duty making the overall bike weight 127 pounds.

The rubber leveling feet of this air bike help you keep it level even on an uneven surface. The feet stick to the floor and prevent the bike from moving.

The bike has an adjustable seat that can be fixed at 8 height positions and set to 5 front-to-back to match the user’s height and preference. An adjustable seat provides you with different options for the riding position and the strong pedals enable you to pedal while standing.

The handles with 1.5-inch comfortable rubber grips are welded to the bike’s arms. The handlebars move in unison with the pedals provide you upper body workout.

The LCD console of this fan bike is big enough to display workout metrics easily readable big size numbers. You can select from the range of workout modes or choose the target time, distance, or calories for your workout.

Overall, Rogue Echo is a strong and sturdy fan bike that can be stable even under intense use. It is easy to assemble, operate, and transport. It might have a basic console but it does the job.


  • Strong, steady response steel blade fan
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel construction
  • Moving handlebars to provide upper body workout
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Leveling rubber feet
  • 1-inch polyurethane transport wheels on the front
  • Easy to assemble, tools included
  • Height and front-to-back adjustable seat


  • Can’t connect to third-party apps
  • No provision for airflow adjustment
  • Handlebar height can’t be altered

Is it worth buying a Rogue Echo Bike?

Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo bike may not have any fancy high-tech features but it is one of the best fan bikes in terms of performance. It is a big, strong, and sturdy piece of gym equipment that won’t wobble even under intense use.

For the price you can add this machine to your home gym, it is a great value for money. This easy-to-maintain fan bike will last you for a long time providing full-body workouts. For the value it can add to your home gym setup it is worth buying Rogue Echo.



Concept2 BikeErg

Concept2 BikeErg

If there is a fan bike that can be set up in your living room without looking like an out-of-place beast, then it is Concept2 BikeErg. Unlike most air bikes, the Concept2 bike is aesthetically suitable for any home gym space.

The use of a damper to control the airflow by changing its position adds another option to alter the resistance than the pedaling efforts. This adjustability of airflow allows you to adjust the feel of your ride just like gearing.

Another unique feature of the Concept2 bike is the clutch allowing the fan to move freely as you stop pedaling. The self-tensioning polygroove belt reduces noise, maintenance and extends the life of the machine.

The seat of the bike can be adjusted to suit you. The handlebar can be adjusted up and down, and forward and back position. This combines with three riding options on handlebars, you can find yourself the most suitable position to ride on the Concept2 bike.

The PM5 performance monitor set apart Concept2 BikeErg from many fan bikes. It has Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to connect heart rate straps to the monitor. It can also connect to the apps like ErgData or Zwift.

Along with a powerful performance monitor, there is an integrated device holder on this bike. This allows you to keep your entertainment device like a smartphone or a tablet on the easily adjustable device holder and make your workout more interesting.


  • Aesthetically elegant
  • Advance performance monitor
  • Airflow adjustment option
  • Adjustable handlebar height and front-to-back position
  • Replaceable standard size handlebar, saddle, pedals
  • Silent operation due to self-tensioning belt
  • Very little assembly needed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Better connectivity


  • No upper body workout option
  • Smaller fan, lower max resistance
  • A bit wobbly under intense use

Is it worth buying a Concept2 BikeErg?

Concept2 BikeErg

If you are a fan of simplicity and the natural resistance of air bikes but still need some gearing-like option to adjust then there are not many options like Concept2 BikeErg.

The bike is loaded with an advanced performance monitor and a device holder to help you track your workout progress and keep you motivated to push harder. Features like these make it a good piece of equipment for your home gym.

Considering the adjustability, console specs, and other features of the machine, it is worth buying a Concept2 bike.



Rogue Echo Bike vs Concept2 BikeErg: Head-to-Head Comparison

Build Quality

Rogue Echo Bike: Combination of heavy-duty steel with precision engineering customized to build a stronger and sturdier bike. It is an overbuilt 127 pounds bike with a rock-solid foundation.

Concept2 BikeErg: Comparatively lightweight build, made using aluminum frame rested on steel feet. The black powder coat finishing on the frame, and gray anodized finish on posts make it durable.


Rogue Echo Bike: Resistance is created by a belt-driven big steel blade fan as the blades cut through the air. The resistance rises as you pedal faster making you in control of the resistance all the time. Can offer comparatively higher max resistance due to larger fan blades.

Concept2 BikeErg: The fan size is smaller comparatively making the maximum resistance at the same RPM lower than that of Rogue Echo. Concept2 bike has an additional damper that allows you to adjust the airflow and in turn, allows you to feel different resistance for the same spinning speed.

Concept2 BikeErg

Performance Monitor

Rogue Echo Bike: Big 9-inch (diagonally) LCD console with a high-contrast display. There is a range of modes of workout to select from for variety in workout. The console displays all the important workout metrics in an easily readable size.

Concept2 BikeErg: Loaded with advanced PM5 monitor which not only displays the performance metrics but can also be connected to HR monitors and workout apps. The monitor can draw power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.

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Rogue Echo Bike: The digital console is not so advanced, it can display the workout metrics accurately but has no Bluetooth connectivity.

Concept2 BikeErg: The PM5 monitor has both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. Workouts can be tracked through the Concept2 ErgData app and can be synced with Concept2 online log or a third-party app like Zwift.

Drive System

Rogue Echo Bike: A quiet belt-driven steel fan blade for a smooth and consistent ride.

Concept2 BikeErg: The BikeErg has high strength polygroove belt drive that offers a quiet riding experience. The self-tensioning belt reduces the maintenance and extends overall life.

Adjustability of Seat, Handlebar, and Pedals

Rogue Echo Bike: The bike seat can be adjusted on 8 height positions and 5 front-to-back positions to suit your height. The handlebars move like an elliptical machine, their height is not adjustable.

Concept2 BikeErg: The seat post is at an angle with vertical. It can be adjusted vertically without any tool. The handlebar can be adjusted both in height and front to back position. The pedals are standard can be replaced with any standard cycling pedals of your choice.


Rogue Echo Bike: Wide and cushioned seat with height and front-to-back position adjustability, soft rubber grips on the handlebars of the bike attempt to keep you comfortable on long-duration workouts.

Concept2 BikeErg: The well-cushioned seat of the Concept2 bike can be height adjusted, the handlebar can be moved up and down, and front and back, and it has three riding positions to keep you in the most comfortable riding position.

Aesthetics and Styling

Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo Bike: Showing the bare metal completely coated in black and the logo and bike name in white on the side gives it a raw muscular look. The big fan and handlebars make it aesthetically best suited for any garage or basement gym.

Concept2 BikeErg: Unlike other fan bikes, the Concept2 BikeErg looks small, elegant, and suitable to be kept in your living area. It doesn’t look like a big beast. A combination of black and metal gray and a comparatively smaller covered fan gives it a look similar to a spin bike.


Rogue Echo Bike: This bike carries a warranty from Rogue Fitness that the bike will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Concept2 BikeErg: Concept2 bike has a 30-day moneyback guarantee, a 2-year repair warranty on all parts, and a 5-year warranty of frame.


Rogue Echo Bike: The bike costs you $795 including shipping. The accessories like bottle holder, wind guard will cost you extra.

Concept2 BikeErg: Comparatively the Concept2 bike is a bit costlier. It costs you $990.

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What Is Better Rogue Echo Bike Or Concept2 BieErg?

Comparing these bikes based on price, the Rogue Echo bike is more affordable than Concept2 BikeErg. The Rogue Echo also seems better in terms of build strength. But considering the use of lightweight aluminum and better finish of Concept2, both bikes are similar in terms of overall build quality.

The Concept2 BikeErg is technologically better with an advanced PM5 monitor having Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. Both bikes seem equally easy to maintain as there are no complicated mechanisms involved.

Considering the ride comfort, Concept2 seems more comfortable as it allows you to sit in the most comfortable position with your hands resting. On Rogue Echo, your arms won’t stay resting but they will be getting worked out simultaneously.

You should buy a Rogue Echo Bike if

  • You want a full-body workout machine
  • You want a more robust fan bike
  • You want higher resistance at lower RPM
  • You don’t wish to sync your workout data to any third party app



You should buy a Concept2 BikeErg if

  • You want to ride sitting in a position similar to a road bike or spin bike
  • You don’t need an arm exerciser on your fan bike
  • You want Bluetooth and/or ANT+ connectivity
  • You want the option to adjust the airflow through the flywheel fan
  • You want the saddle, pedals, and handlebar to be customizable
  • You wish to keep the air bike in your living area




Even at the first look Rogue Echo and Concept2 BikeErg look a mile apart. They differ in size, weight, the material used, overall styling, and functionality. The only factor they are completely similar on is their working principle.

So if you wish to buy a fan bike, just list down what you are looking for in it against the parameters that matter, compare that to both these bikes and buy the one that matches with most of them.

Both bikes are well-performing, long-lasting pieces of gym equipment, you won’t regret buying either of them.