Rogue Deadlift Platform Review

When you want to perform the heavyweight benchmark lift to set some records and break your own personal best in deadlifting, you do it in a gym with spotting buddies and proper precautions. But the strength needed to reach this stage can be achieved through performing speed work, high-volume deadlift sessions, and accessory work at your home gym.

Be it a high-intensity set or a high-volume set performed at moderate weights, you are most likely to drop the barbell when you finish the last rep. It would be okay if you do that while working out at the gym as the gym floors are usually lined with shock-absorbing material, but the flooring at your basement gym can’t bear such abuse.

Apart from that, when you put the loaded barbell on the hard floor, it will generate a jolt and may cause serious injuries. Even if you release the weight at a controlled pace, you will get a jerk and it won’t be pleasant working out suffering from these.

Using a deadlift platform helps you to get rid of both issues. The platform is made out of shock-absorbing material, it absorbs the sudden impact force of the barbell plates hitting the floor and protects you and your home gym floor from likely damages.

Rogue Fitness has developed a deadlift platform that does much more than just being a base to keep your loaded barbell for performing deadlifts. We will review all the aspects related to the Rogue deadlift platform here.

If you are planning to buy this platform from Rogue fitness or any other deadlift platform, go through the complete page to understand the finer details about one of the best platforms you can install at your basement gym. It will help choose and use it more effectively.

Rogue Deadlift Platform 

Rogue Deadlift Platform

This deadlift platform provides you a solid and perfectly leveled surface to perform deadlifts. The Rogue deadlift platform is a flatbed measuring 8 feet by 4 feet in area. It is made out of plywood, rubber tiles, a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame, and 2×2 inches steel tubes.

The platform is very easy to put together. If you are going to use the base plywood sheet, then first you put the 8’x4’ plywood on the floor and bolt the steel tubes and plates around it. Then you can attach the resistance band pegs and put eight 2’x2’ rubber tiles within the frame.

There are four-floor clips included in the package, also there are holes on the bottom steel plates, these can be used to bolt the platform to the floor. It is not at all necessary to secure the deadlift platform to the floor but there is an option to do so if you wish.

With the 8-feet length, you can easily use this platform to deadlift using standard barbells or the special long length ones. The four extended resistance band pegs can be used for two purposes, to add more resistance to the lift than the weight plates you have and to control the bounce of the barbell if you drop them.

The combination of plywood base and rubber mats creates a perfectly level and shock-absorbing surface. The plywood at the bottom takes care of the unevenness of the floor that may cause load imbalance. The 1.5 inches thick rubber tiles or stall mats at the top provide the shock-absorbing qualities to the platform.

This gym equipment is built to last. The frame is made of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel plates and tubes that can sustain intense abuse for a long time. All the metal surfaces are coated with black powder for protection from rust.


Features & Specs 

Designed and manufactured considering every aspect of the safety and comfort of the user, the Rogue deadlift platform is one of the best options in the market. Here are all the features and specifications of the platform for your reference.

Features & Specs


Overall footprint 8 x 4 feet

Material used

Steel, plywood, rubber

Steel notes

2×2 inches tubes, 11-gauge steel


Black, powder-coated

Mat size (optional to tiles)

2 feet in width x 8 feet long

Tile size and numbers

1.5inch thick 2 x 2 feet, 8 tiles

Base plywood size

8 x 4 feet

Top plywood sheet size

4 x 4 feet

Mid layer plywood (optional)

47.5” x 27.5” x 0.375” and 47.5” x 31.75” x 0.375”

The complete platform is about 2 inches in height and covers 8 x 4 feet of floor space. The layer above the steel frame can either be covered with 8 rubber tiles measuring 2×2 feet each or by two 2 feet wide stall mats and a 4×4 feet plywood sheet depending on your choice.

Rogue Deadlift Platform

In an optional upgrade, Rogue fitness offers a custom build wood insert set. The set consists of two plywood sheets measuring 47.5 x 27.5 x 0.375 inches (LxWxThickness) and one sheet measuring 47.5 x 31.75 x 0.375 inches inserted between the steel floor plates. The plywood sheets are almost the same thickness as steel floor plates of the frame, thus help in providing a better leveled surface for placing the mats or rubber tiles.

Pros & Cons


  • Works great for protecting your home gym floor from dropped weights and scratches
  • Helps to prevent the damage of barbell and weights
  • Reduces the impact load on your joints and arm muscles
  • Gets rid of uneven surfaces
  • Reduces the noise of weights being dropped on the floor
  • Heavy-duty steel and high-quality rubber used for strength and durability
  • Can be bolted to the floor for added safety
  • Laser-cut, precision bent, powder-coated for aesthetics and rust protection
  • The extended resistance band pegs make your workout more intense and safer at the same time
  • Can be bought with or without the tiles, plywood, or the mats
  • Package includes floor clips to secure the frame with the floor


  • The tiles leave a lot of seams on the platform
  • The resistance band pegs are not so useful

If you chose to use the 2×2 rubber tiles as the top surface of this platform, it might feel like you are working on a grid. Though the rubber tiles are supposed to stick to each other seamlessly, in practice, there would be some seams if the floor is uneven and you haven’t used the base plywood sheet. You just need to use the 8×4 feet bottom sheet and the wood inserts offered as an upgrade by Rogue fitness to avoid this issue.

About the resistance band pegs, if you wish to use them effectively you need to bolt the frame to the floor using the floor clips.

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What Does A Deadlift Platform Do?

It provides you a dedicated platform to perform deadlifts without damaging the floor, your equipment, or putting unnecessary impact load on your arms and joints when you put the weights down.

Is Deadlift Platform Necessary?

If your gym floor is made of concrete or similar hard material then a deadlift platform is necessary for you. It offers a shock-absorbing surface and makes deadlifting a little comfortable.

Do You Really Need A Deadlift Platform?

Yes, if you are a serious lifter you need a deadlift platform. it makes your workout safer, and enjoyable. It also lowers the noise and reduces the chance of damage to the floor and the equipment.