Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack Review (2023)

What is the most tedious part of performing a deadlift? Sure, lifting the heavily loaded barbell is tough, but it is the fun part of the move. But the dreary part of doing the deadlift is actually in preparation for performing the actual lift.

For almost everyone, a deadlift is the heaviest lift they perform. And that needs you to load a lot of plates on the barbell keeping it on the floor.

Even if you have a power cage or squat rack at your home gym you can’t use it to load the barbell for high-intensity deadlifts. And you can’t use the barbell loaded for deadlifts for other exercises.

So, it is eminent that you have to load and unload the barbell keeping it on the floor, with many weight plates every time it is a deadlift session on the schedule. That too has to be done multiple times as you would be lifting different weights in the warm-up, main lifts, and cool down.

This issue can be addressed by using a deadlift bar jack. It provides you a platform to keep the barbell at a slightly elevated position to load and can use the lever mechanism to put the loaded barbell back on the floor with ease.

Among the many products available in the market to be used as deadlift bar jack, Rogue’s deadlifts bar jack is arguably the best. Let us know more about this compact and heavy-duty piece of equipment.

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack Review

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

There are many deadlift bar jacks in the market, these come in different forms and sizes. The Rogue deadlift bar jack is the optimum choice among all the options due to its ease of use, durability, and size.

When you are in the initial phase of your fitness journey you will most probably be lifting moderate or lower weights even for deadlifts. At this stage, loading and unloading the barbell won’t seem like an issue and you won’t think there is a need for a deadlift bar jack.

As you progress, you start lifting heavier. You will be using almost all the plates in your home gym for deadlift sessions. At this stage, loading one plate at a time by keeping the barbell on the floor, would seem harder than the actual workout.

When you load the barbell on the floor, you have to lift the barbell from one side each time you load a plate. This can consume a lot of time and energy and can affect your performance on the deadlift.

Rogue’s deadlifts bar jack eliminates this problem very effectively by providing an elevated platform to load and unload quickly and efficiently.

Unlike the mini bar jacks, the Rogue deadlift bar jack is a single-piece weightlifting equipment that reduces the setup work to half. The long lever attached to this deadlift bar jack reduces the efforts and energy need makes it easy to jack up or down the loaded barbell.

The Rogue’s deadlifts bar jack is lighter, compact, and less expensive than the Rogue Fitness HD bar jack. The functionality and ease of operation of these two are almost similar.

Made using 2×2 inches 11-gauge steel tubes and powder coated to give black a matt finish. The jack looks study and can lift any loaded deadlift bar from the floor.

The cup in which the bar stays is made using 1/4-inch formed steel. The inner side of the cup lined on all three sides with UHMW plastic to protect itself and the barbell from scratches and damages.

Rogue deadlift bar jack is the most optimum choice among all the options in terms of size, price, and ease of use. It will help you go through all the weight changeovers you need for deadlift sessions efficiently.



Features & Specs 

Features & Specs

Bar holding cup

1/4” thick formed steel cup

Cup lining

Bar cup lined with protective UHMW plastic

Bar type supported

Can lift loaded standard and Olympic bar off the floor

Lever length

34 inches long handle for easy lift up


Black powder coated


2×2” 11-Gauge Steel, UHMW plastic


42 x 19 x 34 inches (LxWWxH)

Product Weight

28 pounds

The Rogue deadlift bar jack is strong enough to lift a fully loaded bar off the ground and hold it for as long as you need. Several features that make this deadlift jack bar stand out among the competition are listed in the table above.

Build Quality

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack Build Quality

Built using 2×2 inches 11-gauge steel tubes for two uprights below the cups, the member joining these two uprights, and the supporting extension. The use of heavy-duty steel for these major elements of the jack bar makes it strong enough to keep up a fully loaded barbell for as long as you wish.

At all three points where the jack touches the ground, there is a round pipe welded, to make it easier to roll the jack by pulling the handle for elevating the barbell. It also protects the floor from excessive damage and scratches.

The cups at the top for holding the barbell are welded to the uprights. These are formed using 1/4 inch thick steel and lined on all three surfaces inside with UHMW plastic liners.

Overall, the built quality of this deadlift jack bar is better than many other options in every aspect.

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Design & Technology

The design of the Rogue deadlift bar jack is a combination of the Rogue’s mini deadlift bar jack and the HD bar jack. Two mini deadlift jacks without the support bar are joined by a 2×2 steel tube section to form a 42 inches wide two stand bar jack.

The support bar has a 34 inches long handle welded to it for providing the leverage to ease the rolling of the jack to elevate the loaded bar. This assembly is bolted together with the two jack combo mentioned above.

Tough UHMW plastic liners are used to make the surface of the formed steel cup holding the bar softer.

Aesthetics and Styling

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

Rogue’s deadlifts bar jack looks nothing fancy. The simple compact steel structure in black won’t be a pain in the eyes.

The matt finish black powder coat on the surface of the jack provides it a masculine look. The Rogue Fitness logo in white on one side of the jack contributes to the aesthetics of the jack.

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Pros & Cons 


  • Can assist in lifting standard or Olympic bar off the floor
  • Eases and speeds up the process of loading and unloading the weights on and off the barbell
  • Compact in size
  • 34 inches long handle provides enough leverage to easily elevate the bar
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Protective plastic liners in the bar cups
  • Lightweight, easy to store or move around


  • Can’t move the loaded barbell elevated on the jack
  • It is compact but still takes up significant space
  • Need to buy spanners for bolting the two parts of the jack together



What to Expect?

You will receive the jack in two parts and the necessary fasteners in the package. You just need to place it correctly and bolt together using the two bolts and nuts.

The overall weight of all the elements is just 28 pounds, so it would be easy to handle and assemble. Once done, you can keep the jack hanging to a wall hook when not in use or keep it in a corner of your garage gym and utilize it as a bar and weight storage post. It can withstand a load of all the plates you can load on the bar.

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Pricing & Value

The full deadlift bar jack from Rogue Fitness costs little more than the split type and plastic jacks available in the market. At the $180 price point, you might think it is expensive to buy some single-function thing. But when you use it, you will find that the ease and efficiency it offers, cover more than the price you pay.

The heavy-duty steel used in manufacturing the jack and the powder coating makes it last longer and thus making it a great value for money.

Is Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack Worth The Buy? 

This is a simple device that allows you to keep the barbell elevated for ease of loading and unloading the weight plates. It reduces the time and saves you a lot of energy that you would otherwise spend in loading the weights on a bare barbell.

The energy and time saved are priceless, it would help you perform better on your deadlift sets and improve the outcome of the exercise. If that’s not worth the buy then we don’t know what is.




Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack

Dr Workout

Rogue Deadlift Bar Jack
Build Quality


A deadlift bar jack is a must-have accessory for every intermediate or advanced level lifter. You don’t want to waste your time and energy unnecessarily by inefficiently handling the barbell and weights.

Among the options available, we think that the Rogue deadlift bar jack is the most optimum solution.