Robert Frederick 4 Day Hypertrophy Program Spreadsheet (Modified Sheiko Program)

The Robert Frederick 4 day hypertrophy program is a modified version of the original Sheiko program. It inculcates a little bit more volume than the sheiko training protocol. It is recommended that you should follow this program as it is and also you can modify it accordingly to suit your specific requirements.

You can do so by adding exercise substitutions while preserving the overall structure of the program. It is advisable to go with substitutions that support the same purpose. For instance, if you perform high bar squats you can substitute all the squats present in the program with a high bar position. Then you can substitute high bar/low bar sets with front squats as well.

The prime focus of this workout program is on your main lifts. But based on your individual preferences, you can customize your accessory work too under this program. However, you should not overexert the motor muscles. This will ensure that your muscles get recovered in the next workout session. If needed, all the accessory work can be skipped altogether.

Performing the Robert Frederick 4 day hypertrophy program requires you to pause the first rep of each set while performing presses. This improves your raw strength and also develops good lifting habits.

Robert Frederick Hypertrophy Program Spreadsheet

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Robert Frederick 4 Day Hypertrophy Program Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet shown above presents a modification to the 4 day advanced medium load Sheiko program with a preference to perform greater reps in the 70-80% of 1 RM range. This program is characterized by having a little more volume too that aids in promoting hypertrophy.

This program puts more emphasis on hypertrophy. If you are strong enough and can perform the basic compound lifts with strict and proper form, the workout mentioned in the spreadsheet can do wonders for you.

In the Google sheet, you can see that more lifts are in between 70-80% and are to be performed with a little more volume as well. Under this program, reps tend to go higher so that a stronger metabolic response is triggered. However, it should not be too high to get your form compromised and lengthen up your recovery period.

Although abdominal work is recommended every day in the spreadsheet to ensure abdominal stabilization but it can be skipped or replaced with some accessory work if needed.

You must not make the mistake of considering this program as a hypertrophy oriented one. Instead, it is a program that puts slightly greater emphasis on hypertrophy.



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