Robert Downey Jr’s Diet Plan

Robert Downey Jr., the popular Tony Stark or Iron Man, as you call him, didn’t always have that heroic build and physique that you have seen in his movies.

While he wasn’t out of shape though, he was typically skinny. In fact, Robert Downey Jr admitted this in one of his interviews.

Before he started to maintain a healthy diet and work out regularly, he weighed only 150 pounds.

You must be wondering how did he transform himself from being a skinny person to the perfect, heroic physique that everybody dreams of.

Well, the secret is his elaborate, calorie-dense, clean diet routine. For the first few months, he ate frequently, after every three hours.

For the first nine months, his diet comprised of carbohydrates mostly, intended to increase his calorie intake.

To know about Robert Downey Jr’s diet routine in detail, continue to read below.

Robert Downer Jr’s Diet Plan

Robert Downer Jr Diet
Robert Downey Avengers: Endgame / Marvel Studios
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Robert’s addiction to alcohol and drug and his unhealthy life practices is known to all. His fame gradually grew in the 90s and that motivated him to leave behind his addiction and come clean.

To change his lifestyle, he started focusing on healthy good habits and workouts. He appointed his personal trainer, with whose assistance, he is now fit and fine.

The latest news about his diet is that he has gone plant-based currently.

This news was confirmed by his wife at a film premiere, who was present on spot. This decision is of course a result of his concern for the environment.

For a quick summarization of his food intake, go through this table below.

Robert Downey Jr’s Meal Plan


Boiled/ scrambled eggs, two slices of bread (seasoned with fruit), three Tomato pieces and skimmed milk.


Two whole bread slices, salad from oz chicken with mayonnaise, unsweetened coffe/tea and green leafy veggies.


Broccoli, carrots green beans, lean pork, fish, chicken or beef.

As you can see, Robert Downey Jr. consumes a full course meal for lunch. His lunch platter comprises proteins, carbs,  and vitamins, giving him enough nutrition for the rest of the day.

Robert Downey Jr occasionally changes his diet and nutrition plan to cater to the characters he plays on screen.

For instance, he had to increase his food intake for playing the role of iron man while he lost weight to play Sherlock Holmes. However, his intake of proteins never changed.

Usually, his diet comprises a lot of carb and protein intake. Especially when Robert Downey Jr was busy shooting for iron man, he consumed 5,000 calories per day.

His healthy, nutritious diet was a crucial factor that helped him to develop such a physique worthy of being a superhero.

Robert doesn’t consume macronutrients in one go. His trainer has split his diet into carbs, proteins, and fat.

Recently, in January 2020, Robert Downey announced his decision of shifting to a vegan diet. Right now, he strictly follows a plant-based diet chart.

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What Foods Does Robert Downey Jr Eat?

Robert Downey Jr says, in order to prevent nutritional disorders, not only is exercises important but eating a proper diet is equally important.

He emphasizes the need to eat a balanced diet every day for staying fit and healthy.

If you have studied his meal plan closely, you must know that he consumes about 3500 calories on average. His primary source of calories is carbohydrates.

Downey doesn’t eat unprocessed food. He intakes protein in small amounts, 6 to 8 times a day.

If you go through the list given below, you would understand that he mainly consumes milk, broccoli, legumes, and big steak to provide his body with sufficient proteins.

  • Leafy vegetables
  • Broccoli
  • All vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Bread
  • Whole grains
  • Plant-based protein
  • Bread
  • Nuts
  • Water
  • Fruits
  • Green tea
  • Coffee
  • Meat (previously)
  • Chicken (previously)
  • Eggs (previously)
  • Animal products (previously)

What Does Robert Downey Jr. Avoid?

Robert Downey is extremely satisfied to follow his new plant-based diet routine.

He consciously avoids food that can affect his good health in bad ways.

Below is a list of food items that Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t consume:

  • Processed food
  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugar
  • Chemical additives
  • Animal products
  • Artificial ingredients

Robert Downey Jr’s Supplements

Besides consuming healthy vegan food, Robert Downey Jr also takes important supplements. Below are some of the supplements that he consumes regularly:

  • Creatine

This supplement is essential in the sense that it improves his gym performance, muscle growth and helps monitor blood sugar levels.

  • Multivitamin

Considering Robert Downey Jr’s intense workout program, a multivitamin is a must-have.

  • Protein powder

Protein is essential for Robert Downey since he mostly focuses on muscle gains.

  • Omega fish oil

This supplement enhances your brain’s functioning and reduces inflammation.

  • Milk thistle

Robert Downey Jr was an addict before he became completely clean. He went through withdrawal symptoms like stress, insomnia, depression. Milk thistle helped him to overcome the side effects of withdrawal.

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Downey keeps his body hydrated always. He consumes lots of green tea and coffee to increase his water intake.

Robert is a busy man, but always manages his day well taking care of his balanced social life, career, and personal space.

Now you know that a well-organized balanced diet and regular physical exercises are the two secrets for Downey’s impressive physique and energy.

If you are his true fan and still follow poor unhealthy eating practices, take it as a challenge and maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on!

Robert Downey is a true inspiration for all those who have been misguided or have fallen prey to the adverse effects of addiction.

The way he overcame the worst phase of his life and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle to date is overwhelming. 

If Robert Downey, who never had that stature and physique and was once an addict,  can amaze everyone with his heroic body and style, why can’t you!

Start working on yourself and remember the important diet tips of Robert Downey Jr!