Retro Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

With membership fees starting from as low as $19.99 per month, Retro Fitness is a popular budget gym choice among Americans. They offer multiple packages, and exact costs will depend on certain factors, like which plan you choose! 

However, unlike most other gym chains, Retro Fitness follows similar pricing in almost all their clubs.

Therefore, learning about Retro Fitness prices won’t be a hard task. And to make it even easier for you, here is a compilation of Retro Fitness membership costs and other prices that you can expect across the United States.

So, read along, learn about each of their plans and their rates, and decide by yourself which one to select! 

Retro Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Retro Fitness Prices
Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness prices mainly depend on the type of plan you choose. The ‘flex plan’ is the basic package that gives you single club access. 

The core plan, which comes up next, gives you access to all their clubs nationwide.

Whereas, the ultimate plan will give you not only nationwide access, but also guest pass privileges.  

Given below is a quick table of Retro Fitness membership cost that you can expect in most clubs across the United States. 

Retro Fitness  Prices & Membership Cost

Retro Fitness Flex Arch Membership (month to month)

Monthly Fee


Start-up Fee


Due Today


Retro Fitness Core Arch Membership (12 month commitment)

Monthly Fee


Start-up Fee


Due Today


Retro Fitness Ultimate Arch Membership

Monthly Fee


Start-up Fee


Due Today


Retro Fitness Student Ultimate Plan (3 Month)

3 Month Fee


Retro Fitness Student Flex Plan (3 month)

3 Month Fee


Other Fees

Annual rate guarantee Fee

$49- $69

Those were Retro Fitness fees you would have to pay if you prefer paying through direct check transfer. But if you plan on using your credit card instead, you will have to pay an additional $3 on your monthly fees. 

Another Retro Fitness fee that you might be clueless about is the Annual rate guarantee fee. This is basically an annual fee that they will charge you on the 45th day after you join.

Once you pay this fee, you can ensure that your monthly fee will remain unchanged over your membership period. 

Retro Fitness Membership Cost
Retro Fitness

How Much Does Retro Fitness cost?

Retro Fitness membership cost is mostly the same in all clubs across the United States. And within a club, rates depend on the type of membership you choose.

The most basic plan at Retro Fitness is the ‘Flex plan’ that requires no long-term commitment. That is, you can cancel your Retro Fitness membership whenever you want, without paying any cancellation fee. 

The monthly fee for the Retro Fitness Flex plan is $19.99; and also has an initiation fee of $49. Obviously, the prices are low. 

However, your membership perks will also be limited with this plan. For instance, you can access only your home club with the Retro Fitness flex plan. 

Up next is the Core Arch plan that demands a 12 month commitment. It gives you additional perks like nationwide access. 

Retro Fitness pricing for the Core Arch plan is set at $26.69 per month. In this plan, however, you will have to be on a 12-month commitment. But an advantage is, you will not have to pay any initiation fee.

But still, we don’t believe the 12 month commitment plan is the perfect choice for you. Because, by paying a few more bucks per month, you can grab the Retro Fitness ultimate plan.

The Retro Fitness Ultimate plan has a monthly fee of $29.99 along with an initiation fee of $49. The most attractive feature of the Retro Fitness Ultimate plan is that it doesn’t demand a commitment; it is month-to-month, and you can cancel whenever you want to. 

Those were monthly fees you can expect for different types of membership plans if you pay directly from your bank.

But if you were paying through your debit card, you may have to pay a bit higher monthly fees. 

Here is a comparison between your monthly fees if you are paying through direct check and credit card: 

  • Flex arch plan monthly fee: $19.99 checking, $22.99 through credit card
  • Core Arch monthly fee: $26.99 checking, $29.99 through credit card
  • Ultimate plan monthly fee: $29.99 checking, $32.99 through credit card

Those were the monthly fees. In addition to these costs, you will also have to pay an ‘annual rate guarantee fee’ to ensure that your monthly due will remain unchanged throughout your contract period.

That is, even if the gym decides to increase their monthly fee, you will have to pay only what you have been paying. 

The annual guarantee fee at Retro Fitness comes somewhere between $49 and $69.

That sums up the Retro Fitness prices for their normal membership plans. 

In addition to these usual membership plans, Retro Fitness does offer special membership plans to students at discounted rates.

Here are two current plans for college students:

  • Retro Fitness students flex 3 month membership for $69.97
  • Retro Fitness students’ ultimate 3 month membership for $89.97

Keep in mind that discounts for students vary from time to time. So, if you are a student and looking to grab a Retro Fitness membership at a discounted rate, contact them directly to learn about the exact prices. 

Also, Retro Fitness may come up with several other special membership options. Keep checking the gym’s website to learn about current deals and discounts.

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Retro Fitness Monthly Cost

Retro Fitness Monthly Cost
Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness monthly cost depends majorly on which plan you choose. 

For the month-to-month flex Retro Fitness plan, your basic monthly fee will be $19.99 through checking and $22.99 through credit card. 

For the Retro Fitness core plan, your monthly fee will be $26.99 through checking and $29.99 through credit card. 

For the ultimate plan, which is the highest membership choice at Retro Fitness, the monthly fee will be $29.99 and $32.99 for checking and credit card respectively. 

That is, paying through your credit card may cost you an extra $3 per month in each plan.  

Retro Fitness Initiation Fee
Retro Fitness

How Much Is Retro Fitness Initiation Fee?

Retro Fitness initiation fee is $49 at most clubs for the ‘Flex’ and ‘Ultimate’ plans. 

The 12 month commitment plan or the ‘core plan’ on the other hand, doesn’t have an initiation fee. 

Is Retro Fitness Month To Month?

Not entirely, but Retro Fitness does offer month to month plans. In fact, two of the three major membership plans they offer are month to month, viz. the Flex plan and Ultimate plan. 

In these plans, you can cancel your membership whenever you want. 

How Much Is Retro Fitness Annual Fee?

Retro Fitness annual rate guarantee fee is between $49 and $69, and exact prices depend on the club’s decision. 

Retro Fitness Deals & Discounts 
Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness Deals & Discounts 

You can grab great discounts on your Retro Fitness membership cost in multiple ways.

First of all, as usual, you can make use of online coupons through which you can bring down your Retro Fitness fees by up to 50%. 

In addition, Retro Fitness also comes up with special discounts for different categories, such as students. 

Besides these discounts, you can also expect seasonal deals. To learn about the latest deals and discounts, either visit their website or contact the club directly. 

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Final Thoughts

Those were the Retro Fitness prices for different types of plans. If you are okay with single club access, then the flex plan can be sufficient enough for you. And if you wish for nationwide access and guest privileges, then we recommend the unlimited plan. 

Why we aren’t suggesting the Retro Fitness core plan is, it is only $3 cheaper than the unlimited plan, while demanding a 12 month commitment.

So, unless you are sure about committing for a whole year, it is better to discard the $29.99 core plan. 

But ultimately, it’s your decision that matters!