Red Velvet Joy’s Workout Routine

If you are a fan of k-pop music, you probably need no introduction for Joy. For people who don’t know about Joy, she is a South Korean singer. Not just that, she is an actress, model, and songwriter. She is an active member of the K-pop music group Red Velvet.

As an actress she has starred in several TV programs like Pajama Friends, Handsome Tigers, Oppa Thinking, Tempted, We Got Married, etc.

Looking at her talents, one can consider Joy to be a multi-talented, all-around idol for youngsters. Besides being well known for her activities, young women follow her for her lean, slim body shape.

People want to know the secret behind Joy’s weight loss. Joy is an inspiration for her fans. The way she maintains her figure, despite having busy schedules daily is commendable.

What’s more praiseworthy is seeing such a young aged girl of 26 achieving global stardom. Because of her young age, her fans popularly call her Park so young!

In this post, we have discussed in detail Red Velvet Joy’s workout routine. If you are eager to find out the same, continue reading below.

Red Velvet Joy’s Workout routine

Red Velvet Joy Workout Routine
Joy in an Instagram Photo (Joy / Instagram)

Red Velvet’s Joy is an idol for millions of youngsters. She is well aware of that and hence tries to portray her best self in front of them. If you have researched anything about the K-pop industry, you must be knowing that they take health very seriously.

Joy, therefore, takes good care of her health and ensures she doesn’t gain weight. Joy consistently follows her workout routine to maintain her slim and lean body shape.

Joy loves to indulge in sports activities. She loves to play and attends classes for her TV programs and exercises regularly.

However, there’s not much information about Joy going to the gym for her training sessions. It, therefore, appears that Joy doesn’t take much interest in working out in gym classes. Instead, Joy focuses on a strict diet and her dance classes.

Let’s see how Joy manages to give time to exercise routine, dancing, and activities together.

Aerial yoga workout

If you have watched Joy’s guest appearance on Happy Together 4, you must have listened to her speech. She talked about how Red Velvet has transformed her life’s mission and how things have changed since her joining. 

When asked about the secret of her perfect, well-maintained body shape, Joy said that she does aerial yoga to stay fit. Besides that, she consumes noni juice which is known to be very beneficial for the body.

Aerial yoga is an important part of her training program. Aerial yoga keeps your body fit, focuses on your core strength, and makes your body flexible. Additionally, the secret to Joy’s clear skin can be attributed to yoga partially. Yoga has also helped Joy to work on her body’s stability.

Joy combines dance,  pilates, and yoga together. By doing so, she tries to get the maximum benefit from her aerial yoga classes. Fans of Joy know that she has a spinal condition. Regularly practicing aerial yoga has significantly improved her condition.

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Red Velvet Joy Workout
Joy in an Instagram Photo (Joy / Instagram)

Being a K-pop music artist, Joy has to dance on stage as well. If anyone aspires to be a K-pop artist, dancing is one of the necessary skills you must have. Being an immensely talented K-pop artist, Joy is also a great dancer. Her dance moves are flawless and excellent. Thanks to her flexible body.

If you have seen her on-screen on the Pajama Friends Show, didn’t you wonder how could she do Pilates so perfectly? Well, the secret is her dance lessons. Dancing has made her body so flexible. It’s another component of her workout program.

If you are very excited to get the perfect body shape like Joy, practice dancing for at least five days a week. If you are not good at dancing, cardio workout sessions might help.

Dancing is equally beneficial like pilates. It allows Joy to control her weight and work on her muscle strength and tone. Dancing also affects one’s muscle endurance and aerobic fitness for the better. It’s known to be extremely helpful in improving one’s heart and lungs. If you are looking forward to achieving enhanced flexibility, body balance, agility, and spatial awareness, practices dance.

Active Lifestyle

Joy stays quite active throughout the day. That equally helps her to burn calories. So, if you too are interested in losing weight, you must do a lot of activities. It facilitates body movement and helps people to stay fit. Being active is extremely helpful when it comes to burning calories.


Red Velvet Joy is extremely popular among fans across the globe mostly because of her sizzling body shape. In one of her interviews, she revealed that she takes care of herself very much. An important aspect of her health care regime is pilates and yoga sessions.

Lately, she has been practicing Pilates. Sometimes she combines Pilates and the aerial yoga exercises while other times she indulges in doing Pilates separately. We have enlisted Joy’s workout plan in detail above.

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Joy is the lead rapper of her music group Red Velvet. She is also the lead vocalist. She is popular for her beautiful looks and on-screen confidence. If you too are looking forward to getting a figure like Joy, make sure you focus more on stretching your body. Your workout plan must include more core exercises. Focus on improving your body’s flexibility and stability through yoga sessions.