Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Whether declaring 2020 as her “year of health,” or posting her swimsuit selfies on Instagram, Rebel Wilson definitely knows how to get the stares. The producer, writer, and actress has shown immense weight loss transformation and is very vocal about the process that helped her attain the change.

Her weight loss journey has been an inspiration for many, and many people, who are struggling with weight loss, are looking forward to taking tips from how she managed to shed 75-77 pounds in a go!

Rebel Wilson suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, making it even more difficult for her to lose weight as compared to any average person. However, her doctor suggested to her that it would be better for her if she got healthy.

Ever since the celebrity realized the threat to her body, she promised herself that she would make 2020 the year of her health. She also attended an Austrian health retreat and developed a deeper understanding of the different aspects of her health and how she could achieve her wellness goals.

She was suggested by another Austrian doctor that simply walking for one hour each day could fetch her immense health benefits.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss
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How much weight has Rebel Wilson lost in total?

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss story has been remarkable. After a lot of hard work, the celebrity managed to shed approximately 75-77 pounds. When Wilson posted on Instagram that she was making 2020 the Year of Health, she did it voluntarily to make sure that she became accountable for the statement that she made.

She says that making such a public statement was indeed risky, but it helped her accomplish her goals easily.

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey & before and after photos

Rebel Wilson's weight loss journey
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If you have a look at Rebel Wilson’s before and after weight loss photos on her Instagram handle, you will get an idea about how much the celeb has lost weight and how hard she worked to accomplish her lean body goal.

However, alongside her physical well being, Rebel Wilson has also paid attention to her mental wellness. Here are some of the things which are noteworthy about her.

She Never Overdid Her Workout

Wilson knows how to be okay with one’s imperfections. She has never been very restrictive in her workout regime, nor did she indulge in intense workouts, shredding like a beast.

She made sure that her fitness plan aimed at holistic development of her health and brought about development at all angles.

Rebel Wilson's weight loss
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Get Real About your Goals

It is important that you get real about your goals and stay dedicated to accomplishing them at all costs. Do not be over-enthusiastic and plan a workout plan which you will not be able to accomplish.

Choose your Favorite Way to Get in Shape

Working out should not feel like a burden to you. Instead, it is advisable to choose exercises that you will enjoy doing. In Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey, walking did wonders.

Waking is easy, safe, and does not require any gym subscription. Even now that Rebel has attained her desired body weight, she strives to maintain her shape by walking regularly.

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How did Rebel Wilson lose weight?

Rebel Wilson resorted mainly to walking to lose weight. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss plan revolves around sheer hard work and determination.

Her Commitment 

Rebel Wilson’s commitment to making 2020 her “Year of Health” was loud and clear. She says that making the commitment public made it easy for her to adhere to it.

She derived motivation mainly from the fact that she was suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

She knew that she had to get fit, hence she got serious on her fat to fit journey. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss photos show that the diva worked really hard to achieve her dream body goal.

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Rebel Wilson’s weight loss workout plan also helped her achieve her goal of a lean body. She mainly resorted to walking, as was suggested by an Austrian doctor. She also followed a proper training routine which is discussed later in the article.

A Proper and Nutritious Diet

Exercising will have little or no effect on your body if you do not correct your diet. As a kid, Rebel would eat lots of fast food. On the days when she would indulge in an intense workout, she would find it normal to consume 3,000-4,000 calories.

From the time when she realized what was wrong with her eating pattern, she adhered strictly to 1,500 calories, which has now gone up to 2,000-2,500 calories each day. She is very mindful of the food that she puts on her plate.

Rebel Wilson’s Workout Routine

Rebel Wilson’s workout plan is synonymous with hard work and dedication. You may not be able to find the number of reps and sets of each exercise she performs.

Rebel Wilson’s training routine was also aimed at making the body changes sustainable in the long run. Read on to find out.

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Daily Walks are an Inseparable Part of Her Workout Plan

Rebel Wilson always stresses on the importance of walking in her training routine. It has been a huge part of her workout plan. Ever since she was advised by a doctor to walk, she took it very seriously.

On the days when she is unable to hop out for a walk, the treadmill does it for her. Nevertheless, she makes it a point not to miss walking.

6 PT Sessions Weekly

The fact that Rebel opted for 6 PT sessions per week speaks volumes about her dedication and seriousness with regard to weight loss.

Some of the exercises that are included in Rebel Wilson’s workout plan are:

  • Standing toe touches
  • Press-ups
  • Bodyweight lunges
  • Walkouts into shoulder taps
  • High knee spot sprinting
  • Bodyweight squats

Make sure that you seek the advice of your trainer before you practice any of these exercises. Rebel also includes stair sprints as a part of her exercise routine.

Rebel Wilson weight loss photo
Rebel Wilson in an Instagram Photo ( Rebel Wilson / Instagram )

High-Intensity Training and Battle Ropes

They are a great form of cardio. Cardio is an important component of Rebel Wilson’s workout routine as it keeps her heart healthy by getting her heart rate up. Another remarkable way of shedding your sweat the-Rebel-way when you exercise is by opting for HIIT circuits.

All these things helped Rebel get in shape and maintain it. If you are looking forward to losing weight the Rebel style, this might help.

Rebel Wilson’s Diet Plan

Rebel revealed that she did eat a lot of junk food as a child. Later, she shifted to a diet plan that was much more sustainable. Her meal plan consisted of 1,500-2,500 calories. Have a look at some of the key points taken from Rebel Wilson’s weight loss diet.

The Mayr Method

Rebel Wilson’s diet plan was based upon the Mayr Method, which is a diet-cum-philosophy that stresses the consumption of whole foods while keeping distractions at bay!

The philosophy behind the Mayr Method is that the restrictions imposed on eating allow the body to digest food better, and facilitate healing of the gut from any damage that might have happened to it due to unhealthy eating.

The plan also requires you to chew your food as much as forty times before swallowing. This makes sure that the food is churned properly before it is pushed downward.

According to Rebel Wilson’s meal plan, meals should be taken at intervals of 4 hours. It also discourages the use of screens while eating.


Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day. For her breakfast, Rebel takes a big portion of some healthy protein. This can either be a protein shake, or some eggs with sauteed spinach.


For lunch, Rebel Wilson prefers a balance of fresh vegetables and protein. Here are some of the food items that she prefers for lunch:

  • Salads with options like grilled turkey breast, smoked salmon, seasoned tofu, etc.
  • Warm grains with vegetables
  • Smoothie with toppings of kale, spinach, or fresh fruits


Rebel restricts the consumption of raw vegetables post 3 pm. Her dinner is also a lot like her lunch, only the portions of the servings being a little smaller. Therefore, it is evident that the celeb keeps her diet chart really simple yet effective!

Rebel Wilson weight loss photos
Rebel Wilson in an Instagram Photo (Rebel Wilson / Instagram)

Rebel Wilson’s Supplements

Supplements make up for any nutritional gap in your body. Although much has not been known about Rebel Wilson’s supplements, we can assume that she resorted to some of these supplements.

  • Multivitamin Supplements
  • Collagen
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin D3
  • Biotin

Some supplements also aid her in muscle recovery. These supplements help to speed up the process and make Rebel Wilson’s weight loss story appear extremely seamless.

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Bottom Line

One thing that can be understood from all this is that Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey is truly inspirational. It takes years of dedication and hard work to truly achieve the desired body results. 

Now that you have a detailed guide, when are you planning to kickstart your own weight loss journey?