Ray Dalio’s Daily Routine, Sleep Schedule, Habits & More

Speak of the world of finance and investment: you will have heard the name of the finance and investment wizard Ray Dalio. Popularly known as the Steve Jobs of investing, he has made a name for himself in the investment world and has been an inspiration for thousands of people today.

One may wonder what the finance mogul does that has helped him build such an enormous empire for himself and has helped him set up one of the most successful hedge funds, the Bridgewater Associates.

In this article, we have brought you a sneak peek into the daily routine of the finance wizard. Starting from how he begins his mornings to how he ends his day, this article covers it all. Let us have a look at Ray Dalio’s daily routine.

Ray Dalio’s Daily Routine

Ray Dalio's Daily Routine
Ray Dalio

The co-chief investment officer does not have a strict routine that he is bound to. He likes to keep the routine easy and malleable. He is a believer in having the right mix of fun and work.

Ray Dalio has a balanced professional and personal life. Let us look at Ray Dalio’s daily schedule in depth.


So what exactly does a day in the life of Ray Dalio look like? The investor starts his day at 6 in the morning. Just like most of the billionaires out there, he also likes to begin his day by meditating. Meditation has helped him have better clarity in his life.

After all, to make successful investments, one needs to have good decision-making capabilities. Meditation helps him achieve that.

Then his day is followed by having breakfast. After this, he dives into a lot more activities.

After stepping down from his role as the co-chief investment officer of Bridgewater associates, the investor spends his days following his passion, which is mostly studying markets.

He likes to keep himself updated about the market and reads a lot to enhance his knowledge.

Ray Dalio’s schedule is not fixed, and he likes to go with the flow.


In the afternoon, he tries to devote the maximum amount of his time to researching or what he famously calls digging. Digging into his favorite subjects like markets, ocean exploration, and spending time with his family.

After stepping down from his responsibilities, he has found time to devote to his favorite subjects and study them in-depth.

He has innovated many revolutionary tools for the finance world. The hedge fund manager has a love for markets, and this is pretty evident in the way he has invested and brought the astonishing CAGR growth every time.


The evenings are mostly occupied with his research, which goes on till 7 pm. After this, he has his dinner at around 7 pm. Then he may indulge in some outdoor activities.

The investor is a lover of nature and tries to spend maximum time close to nature. He loves to indulge in outdoor activities as they refresh him and keep him healthy.

He may go kayaking, on a bike ride, or just walks. He loves to be beside the water. That is how he keeps himself fit and fresh.

He then goes to sleep by 11 pm, and it may vary based on the situation and circumstances.

Ray Dalio’s sleep schedule

Ray Dalio’s schedule is not very strict. But the investor generally goes to bed by 11 pm and wakes up by 6 am. He has 7 hours of sleep daily. It may vary depending upon how busy he is.

So, yeah that traditional advice that you have been avoiding sleeping early and waking up early is true. If you are struggling with your sleep schedule, try to change it slowly, and you will surely reap great benefits.

How many hours does Ray Dalio sleep?

He takes a proper 7-8 hours of sleep daily. We all know the great benefits of sleeping and how it helps to keep you healthy and improve your intelligence. You will surely like to try it for yourself.

What time does Ray Dalio go to bed?

He goes to bed by 11 pm. But it may vary. He is not a fan of strict routines, so depending on how busy he is that day, he sets his sleeping time.

What time does Ray Dalio wake up?

Ray Dalio wakes up at 6 am. Waking up early helps him stay organized and feel energetic throughout the day.

Ray Dalio’s work schedule

So how is Ray Dalio’s work schedule? He does not work now as he has retired, but if we count the hours he spends researching markets, then it will be around 7-8 hours. Still, he has made a mission to devote the rest of his years trying to preach whatever he has learned.

He is writing books and sharing his wisdom with the people. He wants to leave an impact on the people and wants everyone to contribute their best to society. He is also famous for his philanthropic works.

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How many hours a day does Ray Dalio work?

He does not work nowadays but still spends around 7-8 hours studying his favorite subjects and researching markets.

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Ray Dalio’s Habits

Habits play a very prominent role in determining one’s success. You may have everything, but if you follow a bad lifestyle, then surely one day you will lose most of what you have earned.

Ray Dalio is a firm believer in working hard and being the master of one’s field. Here are seven habits that he has followed throughout his life that have helped him perform his best in all spheres of his life.

Keep yourself updated

Ray Dalio obtained his degree in MBA from Harvard Business School. He did not stop there but kept updating his knowledge about the markets and the finance world.

The key to success in any field is keeping yourself updated with the recent trends and techniques. So keep yourself updated and have expertise in your field.

He believes in following his inner calling

Most of the time, one gets influenced by the opinions of other people in his or her life. Dalio has followed his inner voice and has done whatever seemed to him the most accurate action during that time. He believes in doing hard work and working towards his dream.

He has worked for himself because he wanted to achieve something big in his life and was not doing it for someone else.

He sold newspapers and worked odd jobs from a very early age to earn money and invest.

He started investing at the age of 12 and has not stopped since then. So you do what drives your soul.

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Surround yourself with people who are smart than you

The company plays a huge role in determining your success. You must surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. As they will help you rise and guide you through situations in your life.

Your social circle should be made up of people who bring out the best in you and constantly motivate you to do your best.

Being confident and not overconfident

There is a fine line between being confident and overconfident. One must be wary of the words one speaks in public and not take random decisions with overconfidence.

You must have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses before trying out something new.

Not taking random decisions and staying wary of high-risk situations

Decision-making is a very important part of a person’s life. The quality of one’s life is determined by past decisions. Taking risky decisions without proper calculations is highly dangerous.

Dalio believes in making proper judgments before concluding, and you bet that is the reason behind his impeccable investments.

Taking lessons from his past decisions

Everybody makes mistakes, and Dalio has also made a lot of them. He has made his fair share of decisions that have not turned out to be very good.

But he makes sure that he does not indulge in self-criticizing behavior and tries to learn from every decision of his.

Indulge in spending time with nature

He finds that nature has helped him stay grounded and humble. It refreshes him and helps him stay healthy. You may want to indulge in biking, walking or kayaking, or any other activity that draws you near nature.

Nature has therapeutic effects and helps one stay joyful and active. It is also a great way to keep yourself fit and active.

These are the habits that he has followed and has given him amazing results. You can try to incorporate these into your life for better results.

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The Bottom Line

Ray Dalio has lived his life according to his rules and will continue to do that. He has achieved immense success and popularity all over the world because of his intelligence and discipline.

And for any of you trying to improvise your life, you can try to imbibe these habits and qualities in your life.

You can customize your daily routine and figure out what works for you the best. And we all know how beneficial daily routines are for success, so try and be consistent with your routine to gain the maximum outcomes.

Just remember what works for him may or may not work for you.