Randy Orton’s Workout Routine

Randall Keith Orton, aka Randy Orton is a well-known American WWE wrestler. Apart from having an aesthetic physique, he is also known for his jaw-dropping wrestling moves. If you have been a WWE fan, you would have surely seen (or even tried) his finishing move RKO. His wrestling moves and skills are damn impressive and have earned him the alias the Viper.

Orton stands tall at 6 ft 5 inches and weighs around 235 lbs. Despite having such a towering physical stature, he makes sure to keep his physique lean and athletic. His well-structured training program has to be given credit for that.

If you also aspire to get a physique like that of the Viper, this post is going to serve you in your best interests. Here we will be discussing Randy Orton’s workout routine that makes him look and perform his very best every single time.

Randy Orton Workout Overview

Randy Orton Workout

The workout routine of a wrestler is quite hectic and challenging. Randy Orton‘s workout routine is no different in that regard. Not only does it involve basic weight training sessions, but it also incorporates various exercises that work on enhancing his endurance, agility, and overall athleticism. His workout routine also includes exercises that work on perfecting his wrestling skills.

Even though weight training sessions form a major part of Randy Orton’s bodybuilding workout routine, he prefers not to lift excessively heavy in those sessions. Instead, he usually resorts to performing higher reps with lighter weights. He even claims,

“I slowly evolved my routines to higher reps, attacking fast-twitch muscle fibers, wanting to be built for speed and stamina. I don’t go too heavy.”

This is also because his body has been subjected to some grave injuries multiple times in his wrestling career, and he doesn’t want to make matters worse by stressing his muscles too much.

Randy Orton‘s training routine often incorporates the BFR training technique. BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction. This kind of training technique uses a band or a blood pressure cuff that alters the flow of blood in targeted muscle groups. This training technique leads to greater muscle growth.

Randy Orton Workout Schedule

Randy Orton trains 5 days a week. He trains for around two hours every day. Each day of the week he hits different muscle groups. His weekends are usually reserved for recuperation and recovery of his muscles from his intense training sessions.

Randy Orton’s workout split looks like this:-

  • Monday- Shoulders
  • Tuesday- Chest
  • Wednesday- Triceps, and Biceps
  • Thursday- Back
  • Friday- Legs
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Randy Orton Workout Routine

Randy Orton’s training program provides him with a lean and athletic physique. He has never intended to look bulky and blocky. By following a well-structured workout routine, Randy Orton stays lean almost year-round and sports a six-pack too which further complements his overall persona.

Let’s have a detailed look into Randy Orton’s workout routine:-

Randy Orton Workout Routine

Randy Orton Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday- Shoulders

Front Lateral Raises

3 x 15

Rear Laterals

3 x 15

Side Laterals

3 x 15

Arnold Press

3 x (8-15)

Upright Rows

3 x (8-15)

Tuesday- Chest


100 reps

Incline Barbell Bench Press

3 x 20

Dumbbell Bench Press

4 x (5-6)

Flat Bench Press

4 x (10-12)

Cable Crossovers

3 x (12-15)

Wednesday- Triceps, and Biceps

Cable Pushdowns

3 x 20

Close-Grip Pushdowns

3 x 20

French Curls

3 x 12

Overhead Tricep Extensions

3 x 15

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

3 x (8-10)

Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curls

3 x 5

Cable Curls

3 x 8

Barbell Curls

3 x 8

Thursday- Back

Lat Pulldowns

3 x 20



Lower Back Extensions

3 x 15

Seated Cable Rows

3 x 12

T-Bar Rows

3 x 12

Bent-Over Rows

3 x 20

Friday- Legs

Leg Extensions

4 x (15-20)

Free Squats

100 Reps

Romanian Deadlifts

4 x 10

Calf Raises

10 x (10-15)


10 x (10-15)

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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  • To turn on the guessing mode of his muscles, Randy Orton keeps on switching up his workout routine/exercises every 3 weeks. This allows his muscles to not get used to following the same exercise routine, which avoids the occurrence of training plateaus and prevents the flattening of muscles.
  • Randy Orton ensures to hit a warm-up set on each of his exercises to get the blood flowing. It also prepares his targeted muscles to handle the stress of his workout.
  • At times, Orton hits the last set of his exercises with as many reps as possible.
  • For Orton, rest days are as important as training days. He makes sure to provide adequate rest to his body so that it recuperates well and performs to its very best potential.

Final Words

We expect that by now you would have got a clear idea about how Randy Orton keeps himself in great shape throughout the year.

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Randy Orton’s workout plan is immensely holistic in the sense that it works on various aspects of his physique. This further makes him an elite athlete who instills threat in the eyes of his opponents. You too can try out his workout program by making certain tweaks to it based on your fitness goals.