Are Quest Protein Chips Keto Friendly?

Yes, Quest protein chips are indeed Keto friendly as 3 to 4 grams of net carbohydrates consumed every day per serving contained in them will not upset your ketosis. The net carbohydrates, which range from 3- 4 grams, are limited to the chips bag being purchased, which is approximately 32 grams, and that is one serving and falls under a low carb diet.

If you scrutinize the nutrition content on the label, you are bound to observe that the carbs and fiber content are approximately 5 and 1 gram(s), respectively. Since fiber is considered to be indigestive, net carbs per serving are only 3- 4 grams maximum. This would vary with the different flavors that Quest Protein chips manufacture. They have 12 flavors, and all seven are keto-friendly.

The next item is Fat on the label, and that constitutes 5% in each serving. This value lies well within the Keto approved levels and thus does not endanger the ketosis process.

Are Quest Protein Chips Keto

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Can I Eat Quest Protein Chips On Keto Diet?

 Yes, you can. All the 12 flavors are conducive for a person on a Keto diet and can be consumed.

Other Observations

The Quest Protein chips have a net carb content of 1.5 to 4 grams in a serving of 100 calories. This makes it a low carb diet since the net carbs levels are far below, the 3 to 4 grams which are keto-approved.

All the 12 flavors under discussion have net Carbs in the range of 1.5-4 grams, making it Keto approved.      

Fat content is 5 grams on average in any quest chips bag, which weighs 32 grams. In other words, Fat contributes 45 calories. As fat also falls under the keto-approved levels and contributes only 45 calories, it does not hamper the Ketogenic diet.

Protein content in quest chips is found to be in the range of 19 to 20 grams with one bag serving. Converted into calories, it contributes 80 calories. Coupled with the calories from fat, it touches 125 calories, which is well within keto limits.

All the 12 flavors either are zero or a maximum of one gram in sugar. The ketone production is bound to stop if sugar and carbohydrate total 50 grams a day. In this case, it is far below the threshold as all products lay within the 0 to 1 grams range each serving.

Artificial sweeteners are not used to sweeten the Quest protein chips. The sugars are largely dietary sugars only.

The calorie distribution is restricted to 130 – 145 per serving, making it permissible for a Ketosis to occur without any disruption. Fat contributes 45 calories. Protein is 80 calories. Sugar is four calories. Net carbs add on eight calories. Thus gross calories fall within a range of 130-145.

There are little or no sugar additives or sweeteners in this product which is a unique feature (% age of daily value is zero).

Nutrition Information

(32 gms per serving)


BBQ Original Style Protein Chips

Cheddar & Sour Cream – Original Style

Spicy Sweet Chili – Tortilla Style

Net carbs

4 g

4 g

4 g

Total carbs

5 g

5 g

5 g


140 Kcal

140 Kcal




5 g

4.5 g


19 g


19 g




1 g



<1 g

1 g


As observed from the table above in which nutritional values of only three flavors are displayed, all flavors are acceptable including the ones not included here. The only precaution keto dieters have to be aware of is that chips are tasty and may lead to overeating, which would surely spoil the ketogenic diet. The second serving may itself undo the good that the first one did.


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