Is Quest Pizza Keto Friendly?

Yes! Quest Pizza is keto-friendly, and all 4 flavors qualify as keto-approved foods. The ingredients have almost similar nutritional values too.

Quest pizzas are slightly above the 4 net grams limit. Fat and protein are also high, but calorie-wise they would qualify and not endanger the ketogenic diet.

Quest pizzas do not have any variants in them to be labeled as keto unfriendly.

Is Quest Pizza Keto Friendly

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Can I Eat Quest Pizza on Keto Diet?

Yes! Quest thin Crust pizzas arrive in four flavors, and they are

  1. 4-Cheese
  2. Supreme Thin
  3. Uncured pepperoni
  4. Loaded Pepperoni Meat lovers

All these flavors can be consumed, but it would be wise to cut back by a slight percentage of one serving, which would be justified in the following passages.

Other Observations:

The Quest Pizza consists of four flavors. The observations and justifications on the need to restrict a small portion in serving are found below, making it more keto-friendly.

The Quest Pizzas do not have any artificial sweeteners in them. Only a few artificial sweeteners can hamper the ketosis process, but won’t face this issue is with Quest pizzas.

The net carbohydrates fall in the range of 5-6 grams, which is slightly above the recommended 4 grams. Keto follows a low carb diet, and with this falling out of range, the serving can be cut back by 20%, which would make the product keto-approved.

As per Keto rules, protein has to be at moderate levels. Protein content in Quest Pizzas ranges between 20-28 grams and an average of 24. Protein in small excess is permissible in a keto diet and combined with a low carb diet. It is best to cut 20 % of the serving of Quest Pizzas. In case if you are doing some workouts it is not needed.

Fat content in the quest Pizza is in the range of 17-22 grams. This is within the 80 % Keto approved limit.

Sugar content is 2-3 grams in the Quest pizzas. This would shrink below 2 with the proposed reduction in serving and would not spike up sugar levels in the blood, as one may fear.

There are no added sugars in the Quest Pizzas.

The calorie contribution is primarily from fat and protein. Fats would contribute 60% and protein at 25%. The net carbs and sugar make up the rest almost equally.

The uniqueness of Quest pizzas is their carbohydrate content. Carb content is very low compared to a typical Pizza. Generally, the standard pizzas have a net carb content of 30 plus grams but with the Quest, it is only 6 grams maximum. The fat content is low in regular pizzas (10%), whereas the Quest pizzas have more than double. This goes to prove that Quest pizzas are designed for a Keto diet follower.

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Nutrition Information

Serving size: 1/3 pizza (126g)


4 Cheeze


Uncured Pepperoni

Net carbs

6 grams

5 grams

6 grams

Total carbs

25 grams

18 grams

25 grams


330 KCal


350 KCal


20 grams

17 grams

22 Grams


27 grams

20 grams

28 grams


19 grams

13 grams

19 grams


 3 grams

2 grams

3 grams


Pizza is considered a perfect food with a guilty mind. They indeed fatten a person faster than any other food, but the Quest thin-crust pizza comes as a boon to Keto diet followers who crave pizzas.


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