Pump Serum Stim Free Pre-Workout Review: Energy Booster with Zero Stimulants

Pre-workouts are ergogenic drinks that harness a unique formula that imparts excellent focus, energy, and strength to an individual. These energy boosters are usually consumed twenty to thirty minutes before one starts working out.

A dietary pre workout supplement often contains hard-hitting stimulants such as caffeine. The inclusion of such ingredients might have some ill effects such as a feeling of insomnia, an anxious and jittery disposition, increased blood pressure, and so on.

This article discusses Pump Serum Stim Free Pre Workout, which is not laden with stimulants that can make one feel uncomfortable and yet provides the energy required for an intense gymming session. Therefore, if you are willing to slash down the caffeine content in your diet, this product is your game!

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Review

Pump Serum Stim Free Pre Workout


Many people associate the best pre-workouts with outrageous doses of stimulants and caffeine. This is because caffeine is known for its energy-boosting property. It also ensures that the energy you acquire by drinking the pre workout supplement lasts long enough to allow you to have an intense workout. 

However, some people might be sensitive to the use of stimulants and caffeine. Now, they can keep their concerns at bay! As the name suggests, the Pump Serum Stim Free Pre Workout has zero added stimulants and caffeine.

It contains all the ingredients in clinically approved doses. All the ingredients used offer a cutting-edge formula and allow an individual to experience amazing pumps, long-lasting stamina, and improved focus.

What is in Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout?

One tub of Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout incorporates 10 ingredients that are highly potent and allow you to take your workout game to the next level.

It consists of the core ingredients like Betaine Anhydrous, Beetroot and Pomegranate extract, etc. However, the inclusion of GlycerPump as an ingredient is of great significance. It does not contain any stimulants.

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Ingredients Label

Before you get hold of a tub of this energy booster, make sure you flip to the rear side of the container and look at the ingredients it contains, the dosage of each and the benefits associated with each of these ingredients.

Pump Serum Stim-Free Pre Workout Ingredients

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Ingredients & Potential Benefits

Stated below is a list of all the 10 ingredients that are contained in one tub of Pump Serum Stimulant Free pre Workout and the potential benefits associated with them:

  1. 65% Glycerol Powder: This ingredient is also known as GlycerPump. It is a modified version of Glycerol Powder. The Pump Serum Stim Free Pre Workout contains 3 grams of this ingredient which helps in effectively enhancing the muscle pumps.
  2. Beta Anhydrous: You definitely would not want to feel so fatigued as to finish off your workout without completing the last rep of the last set. While most pre-workout contain 2 grams of Beta Anhydrous, this product contains 2.5 grams of the ingredient that can keep you away from feeling fatigued.
  3. Agmatine Sulfate: This is another ingredient used in this energy booster. Although usage up to 3.5 grams is recommended clinically, its dosage is kept as minimal as 1.5 grams. It helps increase the level of nitric oxide in the body, improving blood circulation and boosting muscle pump.
  4. Beta Vulgaris: This is another name for beetroot extract. The inclusion of this ingredient has also shown remarkable benefits in terms of increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body and improving the circulation of blood to the muscles. This pre-workout uses a mere 1 gram of this ingredient.
  5. L-Tyrosine: The high caffeine content of pre-workouts accounts for the long-lasting energy that they provide. However, there might be some ill effects associated with caffeine. L-Tyrosine helps to counter the negative side-effects of caffeine. The inclusion of 1 mg of this ingredient is considered safe.
  6. Punica Granatum: Punica Granatum is another name for pomegranate extract. It provides incredible benefits like improving the nitric oxide levels and monitoring the supply of oxygen to the muscles at the time of workout. The Pump Serum Stimulant Free Pre Workout contains only 1 gram of Punica Granatum.
  7. Choline Bitartrate: This ingredient helps to improve the focus and cognitive abilities of an individual. There are no adverse side effects associated with the use of this ingredient. This energy booster contains 980 mg of Choline Bitartrate.
  8. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is rich in minerals and nutrients. It also has electrolytes and salt that aid in water retention. This, in turn, provides strength to the body and pumps the muscles. A mere dosage of 400 mg is effective in providing amazing pre-workout benefits to the body.
  9. Casein Hydrolysate: This pre-workout drink contains only 254 mg of Casein Hydrolysate, which is also known as VasoDrive-AP. This ingredient helps to lower blood pressure and provides skin-ripping pumps.
  10. Huperzine A 1%: The use of this ingredient is quite negligible. Only 20 mg of this ingredient is used, which helps to improve the cognitive abilities of an individual.

What To Expect?

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to witness if you consume this energy-boosting drink:

  1. You will feel energized: Mix one scoop of the Pump Serum powder, and you will feel a gush of energy! The ingredients like Agmatine Sulfate and L-Tyrosine work wonders in increasing the body’s energy level. Other ingredients like Beta Vulgaris and Punica Granatum help enhance nitric oxide levels, thereby improve blood circulation.
  2. Keeps premature fatigue from creeping in: The Beta Anhydrous used in the Pump Serum energy drink helps delay the effects of fatigue. Therefore, one scoop of this product before a workout will help you secure an extra mile of running!
  3. Get an improved focus: Not every day is the same. On some days, you may be too low on energy to workout. Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout can provide you with a chiselled focus and help you to push yourself to your extremes!



How To Use Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout?

The tub of Pump Serum Stimulant Free Pre Workout contains the supplement in powdered form. Add one scoop of the powder to water, mix well, and drink thirty minutes before beginning your workout session.

You can also add the powder to any other beverage you want. The supplement takes nearly thirty minutes to start acting on the body.

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Flavor Options

People usually like to browse through the flavor options available before they settle for any drink. Unfortunately, this drink does not come with ample flavor options. It is available only in Strawberry Watermelon flavor, which may not be a great option. Nonetheless, the benefits that it provides cover up for the limited flavor options.

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Taste

The Pump Serum Stimulant Free Pre Workout tastes average; however, opinions vary largely from person to person.

Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Tub Size

The Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout energy booster is available in a tub that contains 393 grams of powder.

Number of Servings/Tub Size

One tub of 393 grams is enough to last for 25 servings. Therefore, each scoop should weigh around 15.72 grams.

Scoop Size

You must be wondering what quantity of energy boosters to consume before you hit the gym. One scoop contains a decent serving of 15.72 grams, which is enough to unleash a superhuman strength in you and make the most out of your gym membership.

Pros & Cons

Have a look at the pros and cons of this stim-free pre-workout:


  • Does not contain hard-hitting stimulants.
  • Does not contain caffeine.
  • Price is affordable.
  • Contains GlycerPump.
  • Increases the level of nitric oxide in the body and improves blood circulation.
  • Boosts your performance at the gym.
  • Great muscle pumps, energy, and focus.


  • Only one flavor option.
  • May not always be available.


Pricing & Value

One tub of the Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout is priced at $34.95. One scoop costs around $1.398, which is quite affordable. It costs much less than most of the energy-booster drinks that are available in the market.

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Is Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout Worth The Buy?

A perfect blend of affordable price and utility, the Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout is a good deal and is worth every penny spent.

Where To Buy Pump Serum Stimulant-Free Pre Workout?

The product is available on HugeSupplements


Pump Serum Stim Free Pre-Workout

Dr Workout

Pump Serum Stim Free Pre Workout
Flavors & Taste


In a nutshell, this product provides an amazing energy-boosting formula for its price. What is more intriguing is the inclusion of GlycerPump, which facilitates great muscle pumps! The content of Himalayan Pink Salt is also high. Another striking feature of this product is that it is stimulant-free. Therefore, this is a much sought-after product that is taking the market by storm.