Princeton Club Prices & Membership Cost 2023

Princeton Club is one of the oldest and most popular gym chains in the United States. In addition to the US, they are present in several parts of the world, fuelling the fitness goals of millions.

Princeton Club has excellent facilities, including 24 hour access, all club access, and numerous extra amenities like swimming pools and courts. And thanks to these facilities, you can also expect some not-so-cheap prices there.

Princeton Club membership cost, however, doesn’t depend on what facilities you choose, but rather on which kind of plan you choose. Like, would you commit to a long term contract, whether you wish to hit the gym with your partner, etc.

And through this article, we will guide you through Princeton Club pricing and costs you can expect there. So, read along!

Princeton Club Prices
Princeton Club

Princeton Club Prices & Membership Cost 

Princeton Club has close to 180 studios across the United States. Each club is an independent franchise, and hence, you can expect slight variation pricing.

However, Princeton Club membership cost generally comes within a certain range among different clubs. So, we can give a rough estimate. Given below is a quick table of Princeton Club pricing for different kinds of memberships: 

Princeton Club Prices & Membership Cost

Princeton Club monthly plan- single person

Monthly Fee


Initiation fee


Cancellation fee

$0.00 (no commitment)

Princeton Club monthly plan- 2 person

Monthly fee


Initiation fee


Cancellation fee

$0.00 (no commitment)

Princeton Club yearly membership, single person

Annual Fee


Initiation fee


Princeton Club yearly membership, 2 person

Annual fee


Initiation fee


Other Fees

Guest Pass fee (per day)


Besides the single-person and 2 person plans, some Princeton Club studios may offer 3-person or family plans wherein you can bring along your kids as well to the gym. Speak with your nearby club for more details. 

How much does Princeton Club cost?

Princeton Club Membership Cost
Princeton Club

Princeton Club prices are quite straightforward, and you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges. Your monthly fee will be independent of your membership perks and depend only on the kind of plan you opt for. That is, for how long you can commit, whether you visit alone or with your partner.

The most common Princeton Club plan is the month to month membership. It doesn’t require a commitment; you can continue to be a member for as long as you want. 

Princeton Club membership cost for the monthly plan is $65.49 if you visit alone and $130 as the combined fee if you visit along with your partner. This plan usually doesn’t have an initiation fee. 

But if you can commit to a longer duration membership, then the yearly plan can come as an even better option. In this plan, you will be signing up for a whole year or 12 months.

Princeton Club pricing for the 12 month plan is $779.99 per year for single person and $1559.99 for 2 person memberships. You will be paying the yearly fee when you join, and have no other cost. 

Those were the typical rates for different kinds of memberships at Princeton Club. In addition to the plans we discussed above, individual clubs may offer additional types of plans for families, employees, etc. 

Besides the monthly or annual fee, you can also expect additional charges for certain Princeton Club facilities. For instance, if you wish to play tennis, you may have to pay some amount, say $5, to reserve your slot. 

You can also expect certain fees for special classes, one-to-one personal training, etc. 

In addition, non-members can visit a Princeton Club studio of their choice by paying a guest pass fee of $20 per session.  

Finally, keep in mind that all rates we have mentioned here are just average figures. You can expect slight variations in prices from club to club.

Princeton Club monthly cost

Princeton Club monthly cost for single person membership is $65.49, and if you visit with your partner, your combined monthly fee will be $130.

That being said, exact Princeton Club prices at individual clubs may vary; so, expect slight variations. 

Princeton Club
Princeton Club

How much is Princeton Club initiation fee?

Princeton Club usually doesn’t have an initiation fee. But contact your nearby club to make sure. 

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Is Princeton Club month to month?

Yes. Although Princeton Club also offers yearly memberships, their most popular plan is the month to month membership. 

The monthly membership has a fee of $65.49 per month. 

How much is Princeton Club annual fee?

Princeton Club generally doesn’t have an annual fee. But sometimes, individual clubs may have an initiation fee. 

Princeton Club Deals & Discounts 

Princeton Club often comes up with attractive deals and discounts, using which you can bring down your fees. 

The most common way that most people use is through coupons. You can make use of special coupons, and bring down your monthly fees by up to 20%, and yearly fees by as much as $350. 

Another way to bring down your Princeton Club price is to speak with them directly. Individual clubs often have promotional deals and discounts.

Can I go to any Princeton Club with my membership?

Yes, absolutely. With a Princeton Club membership, you can go to any of their clubs! 

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The Bottom Line

Princeton Club is basically a mid-ranged gym, neither too cheap nor very expensive. Like other mid ranged gyms, they offer great facilities and perks.

Considering the decent facilities and perks they offer, Princeton Club prices are obviously reasonable. 

Which plan to choose, it’s up to you. But we don’t think the couple membership doesn’t have a significant advantage over single person plans. But as always, contact your nearest Princeton Club to learn about exact prices.