Can pre workout make your stomach upset?

Your pre-workout ergogenic drink is brewed keeping in mind your need for superhuman energy so that you can gain a tremendous edge while working out. Pre workout supplements help you get rid of stubborn fat, energizes you for a great performance, and speeds up your recovery time.

Therefore, if you wish to push yourself beyond your extremes, a pre-workout supplement is an ideal choice for you. However, these preworkouts do not have a similar effect on everyone’s body.

Sometimes, they may have side effects that may become an obstacle in the path of your fitness journey. For instance, have you ever heard of the possibility that your pre-workout supplement can make your stomach upset and urge you to leave the gym in the middle of a workout session?

Pre workout supplements contain an array of ingredients that have different kinds of effects on the body. It might sometimes be difficult to figure out which component is negatively acting upon some users with such diverse combinations.

This article will give you a brief insight into the risk of an upset stomach that might be associated with the consumption of pre-workouts.

pre workout make your stomach upset

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Why does this happen?

Different pre-workout supplements incorporate the use of different formulas, which may result in abdominal pain and an upset tummy.

It is very important to make sure that you take all the ingredients in clinically approved doses. For instance, consuming 200-500 mg/kg body weight sodium carbonate may lead to stomach aches.

Similarly, too much magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate can cause tummy ache and diarrhea. Therefore, make sure that your tub of pre-workout supplement has a label affixed to it which enlists all the ingredients and their quantities. This will help you make an informed choice!

Another factor that is often ignored is the quantity of water in which you are dissolving your supplement powder. Mixing your supplement in little water might upset our digestion, whereas saturating the liquid with supplement powder might cause diarrhea.

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Is this harmful?

Witnessing diarrhea as a side effect of pre-workout intake can be extremely embarrassing. Imagine having to leave your workout session midway due to an irresistible urge to poop. This is a clear symptom that your pre-workout supplement is giving you runs. Similarly, untimely stomach aches can also be irksome and might even hinder your workout progress.

Although diarrhea is not life-threatening, it should not be left untreated. Whether you will experience diarrhea depends on how sensitive your digestive system is. It may also be indicative of the fact that your immunity system is weak. If you leave this condition untreated for a long time, it might eventually lead to dehydration.

Some of the common signs of dehydration are parched mouth, dizziness, frequent thirst, fatigue, discolored and less urination, etc. Dehydration can also lead to a sensation of light-headedness and headache and leave you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day.

Therefore, although not fatal, there are many other risks associated with an upset tummy. The best way to curb this is by limiting your consumption of the ingredients. Also, drinking lots of water helps to mitigate the side effects to a large extent.


It may be slightly difficult to identify which ingredient is responsible for the digestive issue that you are facing. Before you settle for a pre-workout supplement, you might have to undergo a rigorous trial and error method. Therefore, first and foremost, you need to identify the ingredient that is causing you discomfort. Try pre workout supplements having different compositions and settle for the one that you find tolerable.

Secondly, try dissolving your supplement in 240-350 ml of water. This can help to mitigate the side effects to a large extent. This will also eliminate the risk of your body getting dehydrated.

The last and the most important suggestion that you should remember is never to overdose on your pre-workout supplement. Don’t be misled into thinking that taking two scoops in lieu of one will instill immense strength and energy into your body. This can have a negative impact and make your stomach upset instead.

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