Does pre workout increase blood pressure?

When you see a person with a buff and well-built body, it is easy to assume that he is healthy. However, it is difficult to identify the underlying issues that might be causing havoc inside the body.

People who are into intense workouts often resort to preworkout supplements to max out their performance. These pre workout supplements provide you with an instant gush of energy, leaving you throbbing with stamina.

However, these benefits may sometimes come at a cost. All pre-workout supplements are not necessarily harmful to the body. Some of them can give you the required kick so that you can shred like a beast at the gym.

pre workout increase blood pressure

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Does pre workout increase your blood pressure?

Different pre-workouts contain different combinations of ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific quality and imparts a certain quality to the pre-workout supplement. Therefore, you can never be entirely sure about what you are stuffing your body with.

Amidst all this, some of the ingredients (especially Caffeine) may increase your blood pressure and have a harmful effect on your heart. Nevertheless, L-Citrulline can widen the blood vessels and improve blood flow. This can mitigate the impact and cut down the risk.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you consume all the ingredients in clinically approved doses.

How long does pre workout increase blood pressure

It is usually recommended to take your pre-workout ergogenic supplement approximately 20-30 minutes before your workout session. It is the approximate time that is required for the ingredients to act on your body. Therefore, the increase in blood pressure due to the presence of Caffeine will be experienced approximately around the same time.

The effect tends to last for a couple of hours. It still depends on the quantity of Caffeine and other ingredients (those which are responsible for increasing your blood pressure) that one scoop of your pre-workout supplement contains.

Is pre workout bad for high blood pressure?

Before we determine the risks associated with increased blood pressure, it is essential to understand the phenomenon. When the heart pumps blood, it thrusts against the blood vessel’s sides. The strength of this thrust determines the blood pressure.

There is definitely some risk associated with high blood pressure. When the blood pressure is very high, it pressurizes your arteries and heart, which gives vent to the risk of heart attacks. Therefore, it is ideally suggested not to opt for ergogenic drinks that are stuffed with stimulants if you have high blood pressure.

Nevertheless, if you still want to go for one, look for a pre-workout supplement that has ingredients like L-Citrulline to counter the vasoconstriction that Caffeine might cause. This ingredient works on widening the blood vessels and reducing the blood pressure, thereby mitigating the risk.

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Can I take pre workout with high blood pressure?

Caffeine is a primary ingredient that is found in almost all pre-workout supplements. It energizes your body, boosts your stamina, and imparts euphoric energy. However, Caffeine is also known to increase blood pressure and cause hypertension.

Food items like coffee, soda, etc. are great sources of Caffeine. People who have high blood pressure should try to limit the quantity of Caffeine in their regular diet that they derive from these food sources. However, studies have shown that consumption of Caffeine in moderate quantities is not harmful to the body.

For an adult, 400 mg of Caffeine consumption per day can be considered a safe dosage. On the contrary, pre-workout supplements contain different variants of Caffeine, that too in notoriously high doses. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, it is better to steer clear of these stimulant-based health supplements.

However, the effects vary from person to person. Before you start your pre workout supplement intake, consult with your dietitian and cardiologist and see what works the best for you.


If your pre-workout supplement is triggering unnerving sensations in your body, including jitters, signs of anxiety, and hypertension, you need to consider the amount of Caffeine that you are consuming. Although Caffeine boosts your energy levels to a great extent, it can also make your heart pound and leave you uncomfortable.

You can steer completely clear of Caffeine consumption. However, if at all your pre-workout supplement contains Caffeine, it should be backed by ingredients like Citrulline that increases the Nitric Oxide production in the body. This Nitric Oxide works as a vasodilator that broadens your vessels and makes blood flow smoother and more manageable.

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