Powerhouse Gym Prices & Membership Cost 2023

Powerhouse Gym is a place for those who are serious about working out. Found way back in the early 70s, this classic gym brought up several great bodybuilders and is still known for its excellent workout facilities and encouraging workout environment. 

And despite such a great reputation among fitness lovers, Powerhouse Gym is not as expensive as you might think. 

It is basically a mid-ranged gym and unlike those expensive gyms, Powerhouse Gym focuses not on building fancy studios, but on creating an encouraging workout environment for serious gym-hitters.

Speaking of the pricing, exact Powerhouse Gym prices depend on several factors like gym location, club facilities, management policies, etc. Also, they have a presence in more than 15 countries, and rates there differ from America. 

Through this article, we will give you an approximate idea about Powerhouse Gym membership costs and other prices that you can expect across the United States.

So, read along!

Powerhouse Gym prices
Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym Prices & Membership Cost 

Powerhouse Gym membership cost and other prices vary from country to country. It may depend on several factors like the cost of living in that location, gym facilities, local club management policies, etc.

For an approximate idea, here is a quick table of Powerhouse Gym pricing that you can expect for different types of plans in clubs across the United States. 

Powerhouse Gym  Prices & Membership Cost

Powerhouse Gym month-to-month-membership

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


First payments due


Powerhouse Gym 12 month contract

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


First payments due


Powerhouse Gym 18 month contract

Joining Fee

$0 – $50

Monthly Fee


First payments due

$99.98 – 149.98

Powerhouse Gym 24 month contract

Joining Fee

$0 – $50

Monthly Fee


First payments due

$59.98 – 109.98

Powerhouse Gym 12 month college membership

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


Powerhouse Gym 12 month family membership

(For a couple and a minor child)

Joining Fee


Monthly Fee


That ‘first payments due’ is what you will have to pay the first time when you get a Powerhouse Gym membership. It is basically the sum of the initiation fee, first month, and last month’s fees. 

Also, the table shows average pricing that you can expect at most clubs; individual clubs may have additional plans that we haven’t discussed here. Furthermore, not all clubs necessarily offer all these plans. 

So, in addition to going through our price chart, do contact your nearest Powerhouse club. 

How Much Does Powerhouse Gym Cost?

Powerhouse Gym membership cost
Powerhouse Gym

Powerhouse Gym is an international brand. So, you can expect varying prices across different countries. The difference in the pricing is mainly due to the gap in cost of living, average income, etc.

And if you are in the United States, you can expect Powerhouse Gym prices to range from $29.99 per month to $49.99 per month. The exact pricing may depend on club facilities, type of plan you choose, town size, etc.

The monthly rates at Powerhouse Gym are decided based on the membership contract duration. 

If you aren’t interested in a long term commitment, you can grab a month-to-month Powerhouse Gym membership. With this membership, you can continue to be a member for as long as you wish to, and can get out of the contract whenever you want. 

But as you might expect, the monthly price of the plan can be more expensive than other longer-term plans.

For the Powerhouse Gym month-to-month plan, you can expect a monthly fee of $49.99, although exact rates may vary a little in some clubs. Besides the monthly fee, you will have to pay an initiation fee of $50 when you start out. Along with the first month’s fee and the initiation fee, you will also have to pay the last month’s fee in advance. 

That is, while starting your month-to-month Powerhouse Gym membership, your first payment will be, in most clubs, $149.98. 

Besides the month-to-month membership, Powerhouse Gym also offers longer duration contracts of 12 month, 24 month, as well as 18 month durations in some clubs. 

For the 12 month membership, the monthly fee is $39.99, and the initiation fee is $50. But like in the month-to-month plan, in this plan as well, you need to pay the last month’s fee in advance. 

That is, your first time payment will be $129.98.

If you can commit to an even longer duration membership at Powerhouse Gym, we suggest you opt for the 24 month contract. It has a monthly fee of a discounted $29.99 and also, in some clubs, you will not have to pay any initiation fee. 

So, your first month’s payment will be around $59.98 or $109.98, depending on whether they charge the initiation fee or not.

Some clubs also offer an 18 month contract; which has a monthly fee of $39.99, and also demand a first time payment of $79.98 or $129.98, depending on whether or not they charge the initiation fee.

Those were the normal Powerhouse Gym membership plans. In addition, Powerhouse Gym offers discounts for college students and families. 

For college students, the monthly fee can go as low as $19.99, along with an initial setup fee of $35.99. Most special plans for college students are for 12 months. 

If you have a partner and a kid, and would like to work out together, there are even greater discounts waiting for you at Powerhouse Gym. For a couple and a minor child, the monthly fee will be a combined $89.99. As you can guess, the plan has a 12 month contract.

Those were the prices for the most common plans. But each Powerhouse Gym club is an independent franchise, and individual clubs may offer additional plans. Also, some clubs may or may not have some of the plans we have discussed above. For instance, not all Powerhouse Gym clubs may have a family plan.

So, the best thing to do is, contact your local club and learn about the membership plans they offer. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Powerhouse Gym?

The average cost of joining Powerhouse Gym is $50. But at some clubs, for longer duration contracts, say for 24 months, they may waive the initiation fee. 

Powerhouse Monthly Cost

The monthly Powerhouse Gym price depends on certain factors such as your membership type, club location, and management policies.

But on average, given below is the monthly cost of a Powerhouse Gym membership for different types of plans:

  • Powerhouse Gym month-to-month plan: $49.99 per month
  • Powerhouse Gym 12 month plan: $39.99 per month
  • Powerhouse Gym 24 month plan: $29.99 per month
  • Powerhouse Gym 12 month college plan: $19.99 per month
  • Powerhouse Gym 12 month family plan (2 adults, 1 kid): $89.99

Keep in mind that those were the prices that you can typically expect across the United States. Exact plans and their prices may vary from club to club. 

Powerhouse Gym 12 Month Commitment Cost

For the Powerhouse Gym 12 month commitment membership, you can expect a monthly fee of $39.99 in most clubs. In addition to the monthly fee, there will be a start-up fee of $50.

However, while you start your plan, you will have to pay your last month’s due also in advance. That takes your first time payment to be $129.98; and after that, $39.99 each month. 

How Much is Powerhouse Gym Initiation Fee?

Usually, the initiation fee to start a normal membership at Powerhouse Gym is $50 for the month-to-month plan. But for longer duration plans, they may waive off the start-up fee. 

Does Powerhouse Gym Have an Annual Fee?

No. usually, Powerhouse Gym doesn’t have an annual fee. But some clubs (only a few) do charge an annual fee. In such clubs, your monthly fee will also be different from what we’ve discussed above. 

Is Powerhouse Gym Month to Month?

Not entirely, but Powerhouse Gym also offers month-to-month memberships. But as you can guess, the month-to-month membership also has higher monthly fees. 

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Powerhouse Gym Deals & Discounts

Powerhouse Gym does offer discounts for special memberships; like for college students. But these deals are not universal and instead, depend on individual club decisions. 

To learn about current deals and discounts, you can keep checking their website or even better, contact your nearby club directly. 

Can I go to any Powerhouse Gym with my membership?

No, you can’t go to any Powerhouse Gym clubs other than your home club. But at some locations, some clubs may tie up together and then, may have new membership plans that offer dual club access with which members can visit both clubs. 

So, although Powerhouse Gym by default does not allow multi-club access, you can, at some locations, get multi-club access. But at such clubs, you can expect a bit higher monthly fees.

Can I freeze Powerhouse Gym membership?

Yes, if you have a medical reason, you may be able to freeze your Powerhouse Gym membership for a while. But different clubs may have their own membership freezing policies. 

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Powerhouse Gym Membership?

The cost of canceling Powerhouse Gym membership varies according to factors such as your reason for canceling the membership and club policies.

For instance, if you wish to cancel your contract within 7 days of starting, you won’t have to pay any termination fee.

For the month-to-month membership, your membership will be automatically canceled if you don’t pay for the next month; and if you use a credit card, you can cancel your membership at no extra cost.

However, if you have a longer term membership, say 12 month or 24 month contracts, you may have to pay a certain fee to pull out of the contract. 

Is It Hard to Cancel Powerhouse Gym Membership?

No, canceling a Powerhouse Gym membership is neither too hard, nor too easy. You need to send them a membership cancellation request on 30 day notice. 

You can grab the membership cancelation request form either from the club, or download it from their website. Fill in the form and send it as mail to their postal address. 

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Final Thoughts

For those who are serious about working towards their fitness goals, Powerhouse Gym is a great option. They offer decent workout facilities but even more importantly, give you the seriousness that you can hardly find from those ‘casual’ gyms.

Considering all these, we think Powerhouse Gym prices are certainly reasonable.