What Level Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds? (Best Results!)

Planet Fitness is one among the gym chains that offer tanning bed facilities to its members (Note- it’s only available to PF Black Card members).

If you are looking for tanning facilities along with gym membership, Planet Fitness can be an option worth considering. They offer tanning facilities along with gym membership at cheap prices

So, how strong are tanning beds at Planet Fitness? What level are PF tanning beds? Read along to find out! 

What Level Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds?

planet fitness tanning bed levels

First of all, the tanning bed levels at Planet Fitness are not always the same. However, generally speaking, they have level 2 tanning beds.

Besides the level 2 beds that use 160 watt bulbs, some clubs may also have level 1 beds. Although rare, you might even find tanning beds of levels 3 through 6, which are, of course, even more intense. 

Does Planet Fitness Have Different Level Tanning Beds?

Does Planet Fitness Have Different Level Tanning Beds

Well, the short answer is yes; they do have different level tanning beds. But the catch here is that most of their beds are level 2. 

Besides the level 2 beds, there may be level 1, or level 3 to 6 beds. The exact type of tanning beds may vary from location to location! 

What Are Tanning Bed Levels?

Tanning bed level defines more or less the intensity of tanning that the machine offers. 

For instance, the basic level 1 beds usually come with a number 100 watt bulbs. While using such machines, you might have to wait longer to reach your desired tanning level. 

Now, speaking of the popular level 2 standing beds, they use 160 watt bulbs. Compared to the level one beds, level 2 beds are intense and can thereby give faster results. 

The same logic applies to tanning beds of levels 3 to 6. The higher the level of the bad, the more intense will be the radiation emitted by the machine or rather, the bulbs.

How to Tan Safely at Planet Fitness?

While there is nothing wrong with dreaming of that glowing skin and working for it, you need to keep in mind that too much is never good. These tanning machines use Bulbs that emit UV rays which is in fact what causes tanning.

Never get intimidated by the term UV, those rays are significant components of sunlight. But as the machines emit them with high intensity, you have to be careful about over exposure. 

Here are some points to keep in mind to tan safely at Planet Fitness:

  • Never set the timer for too long. While you may be able to tan for up to 9 minutes in level 2 beds, just 5 or fewer minutes can be more than enough. Keep in mind that just a few minutes in one tanning bed is equivalent to close to an hour in natural sunlight! 
  • Don’t tan every day. Give at least 48 hours between two tanning sessions.
  • Always wear goggles while using tanning beds. Exposure to UV rays may significantly affect eye health. Also, keep in mind that sunglasses are not enough. If you didn’t bring goggles, you can buy them from the club! 

The key takeaway here is that although having glowing skin is great, you shouldn’t ignore safety. So, listen to what the gym staff says about safety precautions, and adhere to them. 

Tips For Using The Tanning Beds At Planet Fitness

Given below are some useful tips for using the tanning beds at Planet Fitness. 

  • Enter the bed naked, or with minimum dressing possible. If you wear a dress while tanning, be ready for those tan lines. That being said, it’s all your personal choice; if you aren’t comfortable entering the tanning bed undressed, wear something light! 
  • Try to use some good lotions or sunscreen creams that save you from UV rays. These creams can also boost melanin production in your skin, which will accelerate tanning.
  • Exfoliate your skin before tanning. This is in fact crucial for better results. Studies have shown that people who exfoliate their skin before tanning get better results than those who don’t. Do your research on which cream or lotions might suit you.

Those were some basic tips you can make use of while using Planet Fitness tanning beds. For more such tips, speak with the gym executives, they can definitely be helpful.

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The Bottom Line

Safety while using the tanning beds is not rocket science. You just need to be a bit careful, that’s all! 

Looking from aspects of safety as well as effectiveness, level 2 beds are a great choice. Most planet fitness clubs have such level 2 standing beds.