Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight

Planet Fitness always puts effort into easing things for its members. An example is the presence of smith machines in all its clubs.

The smith machine can be used for a number of exercises, and the most popular workouts to do using it are #bench press, squats, and military press. Compared to the original machines which you would use for these workouts, the smith machine makes it much easier and arguably safer for beginners to do these exercises.

The biggest difference between a standard barbell and a smith machine bar is of course, the weight! Read further to learn about how heavy a smith machine bar is at Planet Fitness, and other important points to keep in mind while you use the machine next time!

Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight

How Much Does The Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weigh?

The Smith Machine is a piece of comparatively modern equipment. The major advantage of the machine is that it will do a bigger portion of the job to keep you balanced compared to when you are doing the free weight bench press!

Now, coming to the question, the exact weight of the smith machine bar at planet fitness actually can vary from club to club, depending on the brand and make. But usually, it will weigh somewhere between 15 pounds (6.80 Kg) and 25 pounds (11.34 Kg). And further, within this weight range, most bars weigh 20 pounds (9.07 Kg).

Also, keep in mind that this is the exact weight of the bar that you would get if you, say, loosen it from the machine and weigh it. A standard barbell that is used in free weight bench press, on the other hand, would weigh around 45 lbs, which is almost double, and at least 20 pounds more than the Smith Machine bar.

Planet Fitness Smith Machine

So, when you compare weights in the free weight barbell and the smith machine bar, always consider reducing this 20 pounds for the smith machine.

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Although 25 lbs is commonly the smith machine bar weight at PF, there might be some variations from location to the club. So, if you are strictly concerned about numbers, do enquire with the gym staff.

But if you want a general number to compute how heavy you lift, just add 25 lbs or 20 lbs to the total plate weight.