Does Planet Fitness Have Showers? [Locker Rooms & Other Amenities]

Many people prefer working out alone in the backyard or their homes with or without any equipment. Mostly because they feel they don’t feel comfortable exercising around people in fear that they would be judged for their body type, lifting abilities, or lack of it.

Planet Fitness has gone the distance to make the newbies feel welcome by ensuring that their clubs remain a judgment-free zone. Most of the members of Planet fitness are a beginner to intermediate level, thus even the people who enter a gym for the first time in their life won’t feel intimidated as there aren’t any big bulky meatheads walking around like they own the place.

So the point is, if you are just starting your fitness journey, Planet Fitness is the best place to do so. And to join this gym you don’t need to make major changes in your schedule, spend a fortune, or travel too much.

There are so many branches of Planet fitness that you can find one on your route from home to office. You can join them at a membership cost of 10-20 bucks.

You can just take a detour on your way to the office, exercise at Planet Fitness, take a shower there, and leave for work. Oh! Yes, they do have shower stalls at every Planet fitness location.

Isn’t it amazing that a simple thing like the availability of shower stalls at your gyms can save you a lot of time and travel costs? Let us find out more about the Planet Fitness showers and allied facilities at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers?

Does Planet Fitness Have Showers
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Showers are pretty basic things, and we expect them to be available at all the gyms. But it is not the case in reality. Many local gyms and even some big box gyms do not have shower stalls installed at their clubs due to size constraints.

Planet Fitness gyms, though their monthly membership is one of the cheapest, they do offer nice shower facilities. So you can work out and get cleaned at the gym itself and be ready for the next item in your day’s schedule

Almost all the locations of the Planet Fitness gyms are big in size. You can expect a Planet Fitness gym to be around fifteen thousand square feet.

Having large floor space allows Planet fitness to accommodate enough exercise equipment and additional facilities like showers and locker rooms.

The showers at Planet fitness are not just for namesake. There are fully functional, clean shower stalls with enough privacy.

They have separate shower sections for men and women. Each section has several private shower stalls with full-length shower curtains.

There are water-saving showerheads are installed in each stall. The water-saving showerheads don’t affect water pressure, you get decent uninterrupted water pressure. And you never run out of hot water at Planet fitness showers.

They don’t provide bath soaps or towels at shower stalls, but you can’t be seriously expecting them to provide these things at a membership cost of 10 bucks a month.

The shower stalls are generally clean and even if you find some unclean you can request the cleaning staff to clear the stall before using it.

Overall, the shower facility at Planet fitness is good enough to use on regular basis to be able to exercise on the way to the office. With the availability of hot and cold showers, these are also great in aiding muscle recovery.

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Does Planet Fitness Have Lockers?

Does Planet Fitness Have Lockers
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Though these things seem to be irrelevant at first but in practice, it is not feasible to use the shower facility without having access to decent-sized lockers in the same place. Where will you keep the things needed for taking a shower if there are no lockers?

They do have full-length as well as half-length lockers at their room facility. Like Planet Fitness showers, the  locker rooms for men and women are separate too.

As you would be bringing your change clothes, towels, shampoo, and bath soaps you would need these lockers to keep these things while you work out.

To use the lockers and showers at Planet fitness you need to bring your own lock. You can utilize these lockers only for the period you are there for exercise. You can’t rent these lockers for the long term and you shouldn’t leave your things in these lockers while leaving the gym.

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Does Planet Fitness Provide Soap Or Shampoo?

Soap, shampoo, or other toiletries are not provided by Planet fitness. It won’t be economical for the gym club to provide these consumables at a membership cost as low as 10 bucks a month.

So, if you are a Planet fitness member and wish to take shower at your gym you should remember to carry your own bath soap, shampoo, or body wash.

You don’t need to worry about keeping these things at your gym, they have safe locker room facilities for their members.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Towels For The Shower Area?

If you have heard about scented towels at some high-end clubs don’t expect to find such things at Planet fitness. You won’t be charged hefty membership fees like those high-end clubs at Planet fitness thus the luxuries like eucalyptus towels aren’t available here.

As Planet fitness doesn’t provide towels for the shower area members are expected to bring their own.

At some locations of PF, they do sell towels, so if you forget to bring yours you can buy one in case of emergency. But to be sure, you should bring your own towel if you want to take a shower at the gym.

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Final Words

Being one of the most affordable gym clubs Planet fitness isn’t expected to offer much. But it does offer a lot of facilities along with a large number of cardio machines and a variety of resistance training equipment.

The amenities like decent hot and cold water showers, hydromassage chairs, and tanning beds at Planet fitness make your gym experience better. For people who can only spare the time for a workout while commuting to their office, the shower facility is a blessing that enables them to exercise frequently.