Planet Fitness HydroMassage (Beginner’s Guide)

Planet Fitness is one of the most well-equipped gym franchises in the world. Apart from being stacked with workout machines and equipment, there are other amenities available to all PF members.

Tanning beds, massage chairs, an enormous cardio section – Planet Fitness has everything. But one particular facility that stands out is their proprietary HydroMassage section.

Available exclusively to Black Card holders, Planet Fitness offers a range of comfortable HydroMassage beds and recliners to those looking for a relaxing, therapeutic session.

Unfortunately, many people feel too intimidated to explore the multiple benefits of HydroMassage therapy, even after purchasing their Black Card memberships. But that’s mostly because they don’t know much about the facility.

So, here’s the ultimate guide on how to use the HydroMassage beds at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness HydroMassage

What are the HydroMassage Beds at Planet Fitness?

HydroMassage beds at Planet Fitness are nothing but simple and comfortable water massage beds. In some facilities, these beds might come with a flat, cushy surface. In some others, you might come across a recliner or a HydroMasssage chair, which are equally comfortable.

These beds use the pressure from water jets to massage different areas of the body. Hydrotherapy is an excellent tool for relieving pain and letting go of the tension accumulated in your body.

The HydroMassage beds at PF use strong water jets that constantly move up and down the entire body to exert pressure on and massage different areas.

The machine comes with a convenient and simple interface that helps users customize their massage experiences as per their requirements.

Because HydroMassage relies solely on pressure from water jets, it’s a great way to experience a therapeutic and relaxing massage session in seclusion.

How Does HydroMassage Work at Planet Fitness?

Almost all Planet Fitness facilities in the United States are equipped with multiple HydroMassage beds. But the service is not accessible to all PF members.

To get access to the HydroMassage section at PF, you’ll need to purchase their Black Card Membership, which is priced at $24.99 per month. Apart from this, Black Card holders get numerous other perks, such as access to tanning beds, massage chairs, discounts on various items, rewards, the ability to invite a guest, and so on.

The classic members who pay $10 per month, on the other hand, only get access to the cardio and training sections of the gym.

Once you’ve purchased Planet Fitness’s Black Card membership, you will be free to use the HydroMassage beds in all PF facilities globally.

Usually, one HydroMassage session at Planet Fitness will only last for about 10 minutes maximum. The limitation has been set keeping in mind the temperature of the water. Prolonged exposure to warm jets of water might lead to some discomfort.

But if you feel that you need more time on the massage bed, you can simply ask the receptionist. If there’s no one in the waiting line, you’ll probably have no problem relaxing as long as you want.

There is no daily limitation on how often you can use the HydroMassage either. That, again, is subject to how many people are actually in the waiting line to use the massage beds. Similarly, no such weekly limitation exists at Planet Fitness for Black Card holders.

Another question is if PF Black Card holders can invite guests to enjoy a HydroMassage session with them. Unfortunately, that might not be possible in most PF branches. Black Card holders are entitled to bring a guest along, but the guests might not have access to all amenities.

The guest must also be aged 18 years or above. If they are between the ages of 13 and 17, they should be accompanied by a legal guardian.

How to Use HydroMassage at Planet Fitness?

How to Use HydroMassage at Planet Fitness

To actually begin your HydroMassage experience, you’ll have to check in with the receptionist at Planet Fitness. If you’re a regular, the receptionist is bound to recognize you as a Black Card holder and will simply show which chair is available and begin your session.

But if you’re new to the facility, the receptionist might ask you to scan a QR code that will verify your status as a Black Card holder.

Either way, once the verification is done, you can go to the HydroMassage section and lay down on the designated bed.

The machine comes with a flat, cushy bed on which you are supposed to lie down.

HydroMassage at Planet Fitness

Many users have felt that they would need to remove their clothes because they might get wet, but that is not the case. The water jets will not affect your attire at all.

  • Next to the bed, you’ll see a screen with multiple options. This is the interface through which you can start the massage session or customize various settings.
  • Once you’re nice and comfortable, you can push on the “START” button to begin the session. The bottom part of the screen will also keep showing the “TIME REMAINING” before the machine stops, counting down from 10:00 minutes.
  • You’ll also see other basic buttons like “STOP,” which can be used to end the massage session prematurely.
  • The “HOLD” dial at the top can be used to stop the water jet from moving and focus on a particular area.
  • Other advanced setting options allow the user to customize the speed at which the water jets move from one area to another. There’s also an option to increase the decrease the pressure of the water jet sprays.
  • Another notable feature is the “Massage Area” tab, which is indicated by two cursors placed on the top and bottom end of the body figure displayed on the screen. You can adjust the cursors to limit the area where the water jets move. Please remember that the water jets will only work in the area specified between the two cursors.
  • If you’re having difficulty with these settings, you can also get access to some massage presets by tapping on the “Filter” button. There, you can customize your massage based on various options like ‘Total Body Treatment,’ ‘Lower Back Pain,’ or ‘Stress and Shoulder Tension.’ Depending on the option you choose, the water jet will adjust its location to massage the affected area only.
  • You can also customize this further by clicking on the “Customize Your Massage” option. In that tab, you will be able to choose the order of your massage. For example, if you want the water jet to move from your shoulder area directly to your hip region, you can opt to do that.

Once your ten minutes are up, the machine will turn itself off, and you can get up safely.

Now, after the massage session, it is not compulsory for members to clean up the bed, as the staff normally takes care of it. But you will be encouraged to do so by simply using the gym wipes and cleaner to wipe the bed thoroughly.

Since the cleaner dries up pretty quickly, the next user in line won’t have to wait for it to dry completely.

What can the Planet Fitness HydroMassage Do?

Planet Fitness’s HydroMassage can do a lot for you. Many PF members use it as a reward after a strenuous and intense workout session.

But apart from providing numerous health benefits, the HydroMassage beds at PF offer a lot of functionality. They have a range of in-built massage settings that you can use to relieve muscle pain, lower back pain, aching shoulder blades, and so on.

To pass the time, you can also play games, read articles, play music, and watch videos while enjoying your massage session. Depending on the kind of machine you are using, the option to do so will be located on the left as a “gaming console” icon or on the right.

The interface is deep and easy. Once you explore all of it, you’ll be able to experience the perfect massage therapy session, tailor-made especially for you.

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Are HydroMassages at Planet Fitness Good for you?

When you sign up as a PF member, you get a couple of free trials to use their HydroMassage beds. It’s a good marketing technique because the staff is confident that anyone who tries their machines once will definitely come back to use them.

That’s because the PF HydroMassages provide a sense of fulfillment to users.

Relaxing on the massage beds for as less as ten minutes can help your body relax, and muscles recover from all the physical activity. The soothing but firm water pressure from warm water jets will also help you relieve stress and ease muscle soreness.

Moreover, these HydroMassages also increase blood circulation. Thus, they also promote toxin removal from your body. Thus, apart from feeling more relaxed, you’ll also be more energized and refreshed.

Finally, HydroMassages can also improve your lifestyle and sleep patterns. The warm water pressure can regulate your body temperature and make it more suitable for experiencing deep sleep.

Overall, there are numerous benefits to hydrotherapy. And you can enjoy them all with just 10-minute HydroMassage sessions at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness HydroMassage Rules

Planet Fitness does not have a lot of rules and restrictions for its HydroMassage section. Here’s a complete list of HydroMassage regulations:

  • You need to have a PF Black Card Membership to use their HydroMassage beds.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to use the HydroMassage section.
  • You must check in with the receptionist to book your HydroMassage bed. You cannot start the machine without doing so.
  • You will have to wait for your turn if there is someone already using the available water beds. Usually, the waiting time is zero to minimal.
  • You will have to maintain proper hygiene standards and clean the massage bed before leaving.

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Wrapping Up

HydroMassage is one of the most popular amenities offered by Planet Fitness. It is only available to Black Card members and attracts a lot of membership appeal every year.

If you’re paying $24.99 per month at Planet Fitness, you must experience their HydroMassage therapy at least once.