Planet Fitness Annual Fee (2023 Update)

Among the amateur gym goers of America, Planet Fitness is perhaps the most preferred fitness destination. And currently, they have a massive 15 million+ membership base across the country.

Two obvious factors that made Planet Fitness a popular fitness destination were- their judgment free workout environment and of course, their affordable membership prices.

You can grab a basic Planet Fitness membership for as low as $10 per month, with better plans also available to choose from. And perhaps at no other club, you can get a gym membership for this cheap. 

In addition to the affordable monthly fee, the only amount that Planet Fitness charges from its members is an annual fee. Yes, Planet Fitness also has an annual fee like most other gyms.  

So, how much would you have to pay for the annual fee? Why do they charge an annual fee despite claiming to be an affordable gym? And you may have several other questions regarding Planet Fitness’s yearly fee. 

And to help you here, through this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about Planet Fitness annual fees, and many more. 

So, read along! 

Planet Fitness Annual Fee
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Does Planet Fitness Charge Annual Fee?

Yes, Planet Fitness does charge an annual fee. The fee will go mainly towards buying, maintaining, and upgrading the equipment, or improving other facilities. 

For further details about the annual fee, you can always contact your Planet Fitness club front desk executives, they will give you all the insights needed. 

What Is The Annual Fee For Planet Fitness

The typical annual fee at Planet Fitness is $39. And the annual fee is the same for all kinds of memberships including the black card, classic, or even the no-commitment membership. 

What is The Annual Fee For Planet Fitness Black Card?

The annual fee for the Planet Fitness black card is set at $39, which you will pay 8 weeks after you join the gym. 

Does Planet Fitness Charge Annual Fee Every Year

Yes, Planet Fitness charges an annual fee every year. The annual fee is currently set at $39, which they may modify at a later point in time. 

The annual fee is mostly the same in all clubs. So, try contacting your club to learn about annual fee related updates. 

When Does Planet Fitness Charge the Annual Fee?

Planet Fitness charges the annual fee 8 weeks after you join the club. So, it doesn’t matter when you join, or in other words, there is no fixed date when planet fitness bills the annual fee.

So, some of you might be planning to wait till ‘the annual fee billing date’ to join so that you can save the $39. But that just won’t work. Eight weeks from your date of joining, the gym will charge the annual fee. 

Why Does Planet Fitness Charge an Annual Fee?

The major reason why Planet Fitness charges an annual fee is to improve the gym facilities. Improving the gym facilities may include buying new machines, maintaining the current ones, improving other facilities, etc.

Also, the monthly fee for a Planet Fitness membership starts from as low as $10 a month. And the gym has one of the cheapest membership pricing in America. So, it may not be possible for the club to do maintenance works using just the monthly fee.

Besides, not only Planet Fitness but most other gyms in the United States also charge the annual fee, that too along with hefty monthly fees. 

Moreover, $39 is not at all a big amount; you will be effectively paying a little more than 3 bucks a month (39/12) for the annual fee. 

For these reasons, we do believe that Planet Fitness charging an annual fee is totally justifiable. 

How to Avoid Planet Fitness Annual Fee

Unfortunately, there is no practical way to avoid Planet Fitness annual fee.

Earlier, some thought that Planet Fitness had a fixed day in a year when they bill the annual fee. And when they contact the gym and ask when they will have to pay that annual fee, the club may say a date which is 8 weeks later.

And hearing this, they believed that the date Planet Fitness mentioned is the fixed date for everyone regardless of when one joins. 

So, some tried to wait till that date and then tried joining the gym after that. But what happened is, Planet Fitness charged the annual fee 2 months/8 weeks after they joined. 

In simpler words, no matter when you join, they will bill the $39 annual fee 8 weeks after your joining date. And unless you speak with the club and ask for special consideration, you can’t avoid the annual fee. 

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Why Does Planet Fitness Charge $40?

Planet Fitness charged you $40 towards the annual fee. The basic annual fee is $39, and the final amount they will bill you may come to a bit more than $40 including taxes. 

What Month Does Planet Fitness Charge Its Annual Fee

There is no fixed month when Planet Fitness charges the annual fee. The date of billing the annual fee depends on when you join. 

For instance, if you join Planet Fitness on the 1st of august, your annual fee will be charged on the first of October. Likewise, if you join on the 1st of March, the charging date will be the 1st of May, and so on. 

Can You Cancel Planet Fitness Before Annual Fee

Yes, technically. If you cancel your Planet Fitness membership before 8 weeks since you joined, you can avoid the annual fee.

However, the problem here is, if you cancel your membership before the contract period ends, you will have to pay an early cancellation fee, which will usually be more than the annual fee. So, it won’t be a good idea to cancel your membership just to avoid the annual fee.

Also, you will have to give a 30 day notice if you wish to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. So, keep that too in mind.

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Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness has an annual fee of $39, which is effectively equal to your 4 months’ monthly fee (if you get the basic membership) of $10. So, if you are strictly on a budget, then the annual fee may feel a bit too much.

But at the same time, you can hardly get a gym membership for as low as $10 except at Planet Fitness. Therefore, we think the Planet Fitness annual fee is justifiable.