PHATburn Powerbuilding Program Spreadsheet

Powerbuilding, as you know, is a hybrid of the basic training principles that are followed in powerlifting and bodybuilding. This training protocol was first established by Doug Hepburn who was a renowned Canadian strongman. His Powerbuilding program made use of the heavyweight work of a conventional powerlifting routine combined with the high volume approach of a bodybuilding routine that promotes hypertrophy.

The PHATburn program is an advanced version of Hepburn’s powerbuilding program. The PHATburn program is a combination of Layne Norton’s PHAT method and Doug Hepburn’s strongman/powerlifting method. It was first developed by Captain Spasmo who was renowned for being the record holder for the Yoth-Sarcasmo Press (YSP).

PHATburn Powerbuilding Program Overview

PHATburn Powerbuilding Program

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The PHATburn powerbuilding program serves as a challenging program for advanced athletes. If you are an athlete who is in his/her off-season, following the PHATburn powerbuilding program can certainly add up more volume to your training routine. It makes use of various exercises in its training regime. In case you don’t have the necessary equipment for a particular exercise you can easily substitute it.

The program consists of 6 training sessions in a week. Out of these 6 training sessions, three are strength-based and the other three hypertrophy based. This program makes use of both Doug Hepburn’s powerlifting method and Layne Norton’s PHAT. This program is ideal for those who can invest in a lot of time per training session. Those individuals should enjoy lifting progressions as well.

The PHATburn program is not an ideal one for professional bodybuilders and powerlifters as it does not support rapid progressions in the weights that are being used for training.

PHATburn Powerbuilding Program Spreadsheet

Being an advanced athlete you can certainly try out the PHATburn Powerbuilding Program. This program, on one hand, adds volume to your training routine and on the other hand, meets up with both of your strength and hypertrophy goals.

To present you with a detailed and descriptive idea about how you should proceed with the PHATburn powerbuilding program, we are providing you a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet serving as a template will guide you about which exercises you need to perform along with their prescribed number of sets and reps. You will also be guided about the percentages of weights that you would be lifting in every set.

The PHATburn program spreadsheet consists of three strength-oriented and three hypertrophy oriented days. The three strength days further get divided into the following

  • Back strength day- Hepburn pulling movements, assistance pulling movements, and auxiliary pulling movements.
  • Pressing strength day- Hepburn pressing movements, assistance pressing, and curling movements, and auxiliary pressing and curling movements
  • Squat strength day- Hepburn Squat movement, assistance squat movement, and auxiliary squat movement.

Similarly, the rest three days are focused on promoting hypertrophy. They include:-

  • Back hypertrophy day- hypertrophy based shoulder and pulling movements.
  • Squat hypertrophy day- hypertrophy based squat, curling, extension, and ab movement.
  • Pressing hypertrophy day- hypertrophy based pressing, pulling, curling, fly, and extension movement.

This workout template presented in the form of Google sheet gives you an apt idea about the exercises that you would be performing on different days. Let’s have a look at it.

Final Words

The PHATburn powerbuilding program spreadsheet presented above will avoid any kind of perplexity that might rise in exercise selection and the set/rep scheme that should be followed. Following this spreadsheet will make sure that you get the best out of the program.


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