How To Use Peloton Without Cycling Shoes?

A Peloton bike is a great piece of exercise equipment to have at home. With the right workout plan, this single machine can help the whole family to exercise all muscle groups in their body. However, it might seem a bit too much of an expense to buy Peloton shoes for everyone in the family considering that now everyone will be using the bike as frequently.

This gives rise to the question that whether we can use the Peloton without shoes, or rather without peloton shoes. If yes, how?

The stock pedals on the Peloton bike are compatible with cycling shoes having a three-hole cleat system that can accommodate look delta cleats. So, to spin the Peloton bike efficiently you either need Peloton shoes or look delta compatible cycling shoes.

So to ride Peloton without shoes, you either need to change the pedals or use the Peloton toe cage. You will find exactly how you can ride Peloton with regular shoes and the changes needed to be made in your bike pedals for that, further in this article.

How To Use Peloton Without Cycling Shoes

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Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton?

No, it is not necessary to wear any special shoes for riding your Peloton. But it is recommended to use Peloton shoes or at least the road bike shoes for your safety.

Every bike stationary or outdoor does need a compatible pair of shoes to ride it with efficiency and safety. If you wish to compromise on safety and efficiency, you may be able to ride wearing any shoes on any type of bike.

The compatibility of shoes and the bike’s ability to accommodate riders wearing any type of shoes depends on the type of pedals installed on the bike. In the case of peloton bikes, the stock pedals are look-delta cleat compatible.

If your peloton bike is still having the stock pedals installed on it then for riding this bike with utmost safety and for achieving efficient power transfer from your legs to the crank, it is recommended you use road bike shoes. Almost all the road bike shoes are a three-hole system and compatible with look delta cleat.

The peloton pedals are flat enough, you can easily push it wearing any simple flat sole shoes. But when it comes to high resistance training when you have to push really hard there is a great chance that your foot might slip off the pedal causing a serious injury.

The peloton bike has a heavy flywheel weighing about 38 pounds, to handle the momentum due to such a heavyweight you need your feet secure and stable on the pedals. And for that, you need to wear road cycling shoes while using Peloton.

Using the road bike shoes with look delta cleats you can pull the pedal in the upward stroke that allows you to engage more muscles and adds more power to each stroke of the pedal.

So, it is not necessary to use any special shoes for Peloton but it is recommended you use one especially if you have stock pedals on your bike.

Do You Have To Use Peloton Shoes?

Do You Have To Use Peloton Shoes

No, it is not necessary to use only Peloton shoes, any cycling shoes that are compatible with look delta will work as efficiently as Peloton shoes on your Peloton bike.

Though the Peloton shoes are preferable as they have some benefits over many road bike shoes.

The peloton bike pedals are look-delta cleat compatible. Any shoes with a three-hole system are compatible with look delta cleat. So, if you have a pair of three-hole system cycling shoes that might also work with your Peloton bike.

For better performance, safety, and ease of use your cycling shoes need to possess certain qualities. Good ventilation, a secure connection with the pedal, and ease of clipping in and out are some of those.

The size and silhouette of the cleats are what determine the ease of clipping in and security of connection with pedals. As the cleats come with the shoes, you need to select the shoes with cleats perfectly matching your pedals.

As peloton shoes are designed to go with Peloton bikes, they perform the best in terms of safety, ease of use, and many more aspects. But there are many look delta compatible cycling shoes that perform as well as peloton shoes.

Can You Ride A Peloton Without The Shoes?

Yes, you can ride a Peloton bike without shoes. You can use your peloton barefoot or wear any type of shoes but only after replacing the stock pedals with the ones that are flat, plain, and wide.

If you have Peloton at home and wish that everyone in your family or even some guests can be able to use it without needing some special shoes, we would suggest you replace the stock pedals.

You can either replace them with flat pedals or double-sided pedals with one side flat and another side clipless. The flat pedals or the flat side of the double-sided pedals won’t keep your feet as secure on the pedals as they would be with clipless pedals and compatible shoes.

Double-sided pedals are better in comparison as they allow you the benefits of riding with proper cycling shoes and also allow others to ride Peloton without shoes.

Even if no one at your home currently has cycling shoes compatible with peloton pedals, it makes sense to buy double-sided pedals, as it keeps both options open. With these installed, you don’t need to change them again in the future when you want to improve your cycling sessions by buying the proper shoes.

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Can You Ride A Peloton With Regular Shoes?

Yes, you can ride a Peloton with regular shoes provided, you make some changes to the stock pedals that come with the bike. You can either change them or alter them to suit regular shoes.

You can ride a Peloton as it is with regular shoes, but you would be susceptible to injury due to accidental slippage. Even if you manage not to slip from the pedal somehow, you might injure yourself due to unnecessary excessive pressure on the small part of your feet.

The best way to ride Peloton using regular shoes without compromising on efficiency or safety is by attaching toe cages to the pedals. The toe cages allow you to pedal on the peloton wearing any type of shoes and still apply the pulling force in upward stroke and keep the feet secure to the pedals.

The toe cages suitable to fit on the peloton pedals can be bought from the Peloton website itself. The toe cages and straps have built-in look delta cleats. You can choose to keep them wrapped on your shoes or can unstrap and keep the hanging to the pedals.

Another way to ride a Peloton with regular shoes is by changing the stock pedals with flat pedals or two-sided pedals. This would be a little more expensive than adding the toe cages on peloton pedals though.

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How To Use Peloton With Regular Shoes?

The toe cages are a great option for riding peloton without cleats and still have the same stability and efficiency in riding. The bike doesn’t come with toe cages, unfortunately, but you can easily find them on the internet even on the peloton site itself.

Installing the toe cages on your Peloton bike pedals allows you to slide in your feet wearing any type of shoes and pedal safely.

The peloton bike toe cages are made of thermoplastic material and come with an adjustable nylon strap for securing your feet in position. The toe cages have an integrated look delta cleat at the bottom. The surface of the cage is wide and stiff for distributing the force in a wider area.

You can either attach the toe cages to the shoes after wearing them or clip in the pedals after sitting on the bike. Or you can keep the toe cages clipped in on the pedals and hop on and off the pedals using the adjustable nylon strap.

With toe cages attached to your shoes, your regular shoes would function as cycling shoes on Peloton. If more than one member of your family intends to use the Peloton bike frequently, it is better to leave the cages clipped on the pedals for riding the peloton using regular shoes.

If the cages are left clipped to the pedals you just need to put your foot in the toe cage and tighten the adjustable nylon straps before starting the spinning session and at the end of the session just loosen the strap and take out your feet.

How To Attach Toe Cages To Peloton?

How To Attach Toe Cages To Peloton

If you get your toe cages from the Peloton store itself rest assured they will be suitable for the peloton pedals. If you are getting them from some other source please make sure they can be installed on look delta pedals before buying.

The peloton toe cages come in the semi-assembled form. The toe cage has the look delta cleats already bolted at the bottom all you need to do is wrap the strap and clip in on the pedals.

Follow these steps to attach toe cages to your Peloton bike.

  • Take one cage and thread the nylon straps open end through the bottom of the toe clip then thread down through another hole in the bottom
  • From the same side take the strap to the top and thread it through both the holes at the top
  • Pull to bring the buckle at the bottom of the clip
  • Run the open end through the buckle
  • Repeat the same with another toe cage just make sure that the buckle is on the opposite side than the first one
  • Fit the toe cages over the shoes you wish to ride the peloton with. Keep the buckles on the outer side
  • Pull the nylon straps to tighten the toe cage. Make them tight enough to securely stay on the shoes
  • Now clip-in the pedals by fitting the cleats into the pedals and pushing down

Done. You are ready to ride the peloton with safety and efficiency. After the spin session, you can either clip out by twisting your foot or you can leave the cages on the pedals and take out your feet by loosening the straps.

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The Essence

Riding a Peloton bike without compatible cycling shoes can be injurious and inefficient, but if done with some changes to the pedals it can be an effective way to ride the peloton wearing any type of shoes.

Among the options available, attaching toe cages to the pedals is the most effective and inexpensive way to make your Peloton bike ridable using regular shoes. They are also easy to install and use.

With toe cages attached, your whole family can use the peloton for exercise without having to buy cycling shoes for everyone.