Peloton Tread vs Bowflex Treadmill 22: The differences that matter

Exercise equipment comes in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are just some single-function machines but some can function as a complete home gym in themself.

The Peloton Tread and the Bowflex T22 are not just the treadmills that provide a platform to run or walk, these offer much more value than that. These seemingly single-function gym machines can support full-body workouts in ways you can’t imagine if you haven’t seen such interactive machines.

Both these machines are loaded with the functions like trainer-led workouts, explore the world app compatibility, a wide range of speed and incline, curated workout and entertainment content, and access to a plethora of full body workouts through the giant screen on the machine.

These advanced capabilities put these treadmills far ahead of their cheap counterparts. One of these in your home gym can turn your humble home gym into a happening place where you will feel motivated to work out.

If you are planning to buy one of these and are confused about which one is best suited for your needs, keep on reading. In this article, we have explained the differences between these amazing gym machines that could affect your buying decision.

Difference Between Peloton Tread & Bowflex Treadmill 22

Peloton Tread vs Bowflex Treadmill 22

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Both these treadmills are equipped with plenty of high-end features. Along with that, both these machines are constructed using high-quality components and built to last long. The differences between these machines lie in finer details.

The Peloton is equipped with new-age functions like tread lock, jump buttons, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and the Bowflex features functions like foldability, fly knob, and comfort tech deck cushioning. These are some of the things that set the machines apart from each other.

The table below provides side by side comparison of Peloton and Bowflex treadmills based on different parameters. To make it better readable we have only compared them on the parameters on which they differ significantly.

Peloton Tread

Bowflex Treadmill 22

20 inches wide and 59 inches long running space

22 inches wide and 60 inches long running space

Woven nylon base and textured PVC top

Comfort Tech deck cushioning for a softer landing

Upto 12.5 mph speeds with 0.1 mph increments

Up to 12 mph speed

No folding capacity

Soft drop folding system reduces footprint by 40%

0 to 12.5% grade incline with 0.1% increments

Better incline and decline with -5% decline and up to 20% incline angles

Contact heart rate monitor included wireless monitor need to purchase separately

Integrated contact HR monitor plus a Bluetooth enabled HR armband included in the package

No fans included

Built-in fans with three speed settings

Straight handlebar only

Extended handlebar for comfortable grip at higher incline

Rotating intuitive knobs to seamlessly add or reduce speed and incline

Sliding speed and incline knobs on the sides to adjust on the fly

23.8-inch HD touchscreen with 0-50 degree tilt angle

Adjustable 22-inch HD touchscreen

Carbon steel platform with soft-touch coating

Steel frame with 15-year warranty

Polycarbonate tray with rubber lining to hold water bottles and small items

Accessory Tray with built-in media shelf, water bottle holder

Sleek design with 68x33x62 (LxWxH) inches overall dimensions

A little bulky in comparison with 85×39.6×70 (LxWxH) inches overall dimensions

Weight capacity of 300 pounds

Massive 400 pounds weight capacity

The table above provides some distinctive factors that can be used to choose one of these two treadmills.

With a running surface equipped with comfort tech cushioning for a soft landing and wide inclination ability ranging from -5 to 20%, the Bowflex T22 is a great tread for adding variety and intensity range to your HIIT workouts without impacting your joints too much. The additional Bluetooth HR armband and the built-in fans also help in the task by providing an accurate heart rate.

On the other hand, the Peloton Tread is a compact gym machine that takes up smaller floor space and is better in terms of screen size, on-screen options, and aesthetics.



Peloton Treadmill

Peloton Treadmill

Peloton is better known for its luxurious, high-end, and well-liked indoor bikes, it is obvious that one would have similar expectations from their treadmill as well. Upon reviewing the machine we can say that the Peloton tread does meet the expectations.

Though being a compact treadmill, the 20×59 inches running space is enough to run comfortably. The running belt is made of woven nylon covered with PVC making it durable and providing some natural cushioning on impact.

Powered with 3HP DC motor the treadmill can go up to 12.5 mph speed with 0.1 mph increments. These smaller increments allow you to easily make progressions. The motor runs quietly enough so you hear very clearly whatever is playing on that big HD screen on the machine.

The almost 24 inches big screen is not only for playing back entertainment videos, but it is also a console cum interactive training device backed with a 2.5GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and an 8-megapixel front camera.

The features like the one-touch wake, stop, seep buttons, the on-screen short-cuts, jump buttons to change speed by 1 mph or incline by 1%, and the adjustable knobs on the side make it very easy to operate and helps your experience exercising on it more enjoyable.


  • 8 inches big HD screen with one-touch control buttons
  • Intuitive knobs to add or reduce incline or speed
  • Interactive instructor-led classes with Peloton membership
  • Tread lock feature to protect from unauthorized access
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Easy to track your efforts and progress
  • ANT+, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth 5.0, and Ethernet connectivity
  • 8-megapixel front camera for effective interactive classes


  • No foldability
  • No cushioning on the running deck
  • Need to pay for a membership from the first day

Is it worth buying a Peloton Treadmill?

If this is the first exercise machine you are buying for your home gym the Peloton tread can be a good choice. It has everything needed to be a perfect cardio machine with many additional features.

The Peloton tread combined with all access peloton membership gives you the equipment and access to the Peloton instructor-led workout programs that can help you reach many fitness goals.

The machine is built to last, using high-quality components, and loaded with high-end features. It also fits in comparatively compact spaces. It is definitely worth buying for any fitness level, body type, and fitness goal.



Bowflex Treadmill 22

Bowflex Treadmill 22

The Bowflex T22 is a beast of a machine in all senses. The machine has a wide running deck, the total size of the machine is huge in comparison with many home gym treadmills and the motor it runs on is a whopping 4HP strong.

The machine itself weighs about 336 pounds and supports user weight up to 400 pounds.

The machine is heavy and big in size but the soft drop folding assist allows you to fold the machine very easy to save on floor space while not in use.

Bowflex Treadmill T22 can offer a great variety of intensity and speeds in workouts with a range of -5 to 20% incline and up to 12 mph of speeds. That combined with handrail controls allows you to vary the intensity of your runs for a wide range with ease.

You can use Bowflex T22 to work out at high intensity without putting too much pressure on the joints thanks to its comfort tech deck cushioning.

The screen on the machine is about 22 inches diagonally that can be used to control the machine and access workout apps like JNRY and Zwift. One-year membership of JNRY is included in the package.

With Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, the screen can not only be used to track your progress or access workout videos but also be a source of entertainment on long-duration workouts. You can access video streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime video on the screen.


  • Speed and incline knobs on the side to adjust on the fly
  • Soft drop folding assist system
  • Comfort tech deck cushioning
  • Bluetooth HP armband
  • Extended handlebars for comfortable grip
  • Built-in fans with three speed settings
  • Adjustable 21.5 inches touchscreen
  • Free 1-year JNRY membership
  • Weight capacity up to 400 pounds user weight


  • Too bulky for small home gym spaces
  • Too heavy to assemble by yourself
  • No front camera

Is it worth buying a Bowflex Treadmill 22?

For anyone who is looking to buy an exercise machine for their home gym that will last longest Bowflex T22 is worth buying. With heavy-duty construction and weight capacity beyond commercial treadmills, the Bowflex T22 may outlast every other piece of equipment in your home gym.

Along with the strength and longevity of the machine the features like Bluetooth HR armband, free 1-year JNRY membership, interactive touchscreen console, and comfort deck cushioning make it worth the price.



Peloton Tread vs Bowflex Treadmill 22: Head-to-Head Comparison

The Bowflex T22 and Peloton tread both machines have their pros and cons. Both treadmills have some features unique to themselves. But there are some common functionalities and attributes on which we can compare them head to head.

Build Quality

Peloton Treadmill: The strong carbon steel platform and frame provide a solid base to the machine weighing about 290 pounds in total. The traditional running belt is made out of woven nylon and textured PVC. The handrail and uprights are made using heavy-duty carbon steel and coated with soft-touch coating. The overall built quality is comparable to many commercial-grade machines.

Bowflex T22 Treadmill: In terms of build strength, Bowflex T22 is a better choice among the two machines. This heavy-duty machine weighs about 336 pounds and can support user weight up to 400 pounds. The machine does not just look like a beast and also got the strength of a beast.


Peloton Treadmill: In the technology, department Peloton has an upper hand. The 2.5GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 16GB memory, and 23.8 inches touchscreen make it following the workout videos and interactive sessions interesting and smooth without interruption. It is equipped with a built-in 4-array microphone, 3.5mm audio jack, and 8MP front camera for effective interactive sessions.

Bowflex T22

Bowflex T22: Equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity the Bowflex T22 is also compatible with android and iOS. Integrated contact grips and Bluetooth HR armband add to safety features by keeping you aware of the exact heart rate all time. The use of a comfort tech deck and soft drop system for folding assist technology makes it easier to use than its counterparts.

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Peloton Tread

Peloton Tread: Big high-definition touchscreen display measuring 23.8 inches diagonally that works as a video display as well as a control panel for the machine. The display can be tilted from 0 to 50 degrees angle for following workout videos for standing as well as floor workouts.

Bowflex Treadmill T22: Blowflex T22 also has a similar HD touchscreen display but is a little smaller than Peloton tread. It measures 21.5 inches diagonally. It can also be adjusted in different angles as per need.


Peloton Treadmill: Peloton tread has a speed range of 0 – 12.5 mph (0 – 20.12 Kmph). Speed can either be altered in small 0.1 mph increments or can use the jump buttons to alter directly by 1 mph at a time.

Bowflex T22 Treadmill: Comparatively Bowflex is nominally behind in max speed capacity. It has a maximum speed of 12 mph (19.3 Kmph).

Aesthetics and Styling

Peloton Tread: The minimalistic and simple design of Peloton tread makes it suitable to match any type of home gym environment. The signature red and black finish with soft-touch coating on handrails make it aesthetically pleasing.

Bowflex T22: The mix of red, black, and grey colors on the heavy and sturdy design of the Bowflex T22 highlights the structure’s strength. It is a big machine, even folded it will occupy significant space and looks muscular in every way.

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Size and space

Peloton Treadmill: Peloton tread occupies lesser floor space in comparison. It can fit in just 68×33 inches of floor space and the overall height of the machine is only 62 inches. But it is recommended that there should be about 12 inches of extra space on each side where you want to install the machine and the ceiling height should be 20 inches more than the user height.

Bowflex T22 Treadmill: This machine is almost as bulky as the commercial-grade treadmill. It needs big floor space. The unfolded dimensions are 85×39.6×70 inches (LxWxH), it is clear that the Bowflex treadmill needs significantly large space. Even folded it takes up a good amount of space. The height of the machine is also more than many counterparts due to extended handlebars. Recommended ceiling height is 30 inches more than user height to accommodate the top incline position.


Peloton Treadmill: The absence of cushioning on deck doesn’t affect too much as the belt and shoes take up most of the impact. The jump buttons, one-touch controls, and knobs on the handrail make it more comfortable to use.

Bowflex Treadmill T22: Use of comfort tech deck cushioning to provide a softer landing makes Bowflex T22 more comfortable on long-duration and high-intensity runs.


Bowflex T22 Treadmill

Peloton Treadmill: The machine has 0 to 12.5% incline ability and it can’t be positioned in decline mode.

Bowflex T22 Treadmill: Bowflex T22 is superior in terms of the range of incline. The incline can be set up to 20% and the machine can also be used in decline mode up to -5%.


Peloton Treadmill: The frame, drive motor, and the belt of the Peloton tread carry a five-year warranty against defects. The moving parts and the touchscreen warranty are only limited to 12 months.

Bowflex Treadmill T22: The frame and motor of the Bowflex carry a fifteen-year-long warranty. The warranty on moving mechanical parts is 5 years and 1 year on electronic parts.


Peloton Tread: The Peloton tread costs $2495. The cost doesn’t include delivery and setup cost which is about $350. The accessories like workout mat and heart rate band have to be bought separately.

Bowflex T22 Treadmill: The retail price for Bowflex T22 is $2699. The price includes the mat and shipping costs. The package also includes one-year membership of the JNRY app.

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What Is Better Peloton Tread Or Bowflex Treadmill 22?

On price point and comfort Bowflex T22 seems a better choice. The retail price for tread is a bit more for Bowflex than Peloton tread but if you consider the shipping cost, exercise mat, JNRY membership, and heart rate armband that you get included in the package with Bowflex T22, you get it cheaper than Peloton tread.

Build quality of both treads is comparable. The Bowflex is built for 400 pounds user weight and Peloton is for 300 pounds barring that, both machines are very similar in construction quality, styling, and finishing.

Peloton has the upper hand in technology with its big HD touchscreen, fast processor, connectivity, etc. While Bowflex wins the race in terms of comfort with its comfort tech deck cushioning, extended handlebars, and built-in fans.

You should buy a Peloton Tread if

  • You want a bigger screen on your tread
  • You are a fan of the Peloton app
  • You already own Peloton bike and membership
  • Available space is smaller
  • Better connectivity is the necessary



You should buy a Bowflex T22 if

  • You weigh equal to or more than 300 pounds
  • You need more range of incline to work out
  • You need to impart decline in your training
  • Looking for cushioned deck
  • Built-in fans are needed




Both these machines are high-end home gym treadmills. The Bowflex T22 is better on some parameters while Peloton tread is superior on others. Which one is better for you depends more on your workout requirement and space availability.

Compare the features and specifications of these machines with your needs and choose the one that matches. Both machines are worth the price.