Do Peloton Shoes Run True To Size?

Shoes that you choose for exercising, spinning and cycling have a significant impact on your performance.

A good shoe is packed with multiple features such as durable material, well-ventilated, and superior quality.

Peloton is a worldwide famous brand that is widely known for its superior quality products. The brand offers spinning shoes that is optimal for both athletes and ordinary people.

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Do Peloton Shoes Run True To Size

Before you choose a pair of shoes, the first question is, do shoes run true to size? Well, when talking about peloton shoes, they do run true to size.

Both men and women can get shoe sizes varying from size 36 to size 43 for a wide range of people.

They provide perfect fit easily for individuals with standard or semi-narrow feet.

The size of the shoe may vary from person to person, so if you have narrower or smaller feet, consider going for size down, but for wider and larger feet, going an inch higher in size will be perfect. 

How To Measure Your Foot Size Correctly?

The perfect fit of the shoes can make your spinning experience better and moving in shoes comfortably.

The process to measure feet in basic steps:

  • Start by stepping down on a piece of paper for tracing the outline of your foot. In case you find trouble touching toes, you can consider asking for assistance to trace your foot on your behalf.
  • Find a ruler for calculating the length of the foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel. have a pen and paper with you to note down the measurements.
  • It is also very essential to measure the widest part of your foot
  • To find the right fit for your shoes, you can compare the measurements on the shoe size chart and find the right number that matches your measurements. Make sure to match both width and length both right to eradicate complications regarding the shoe size.

Thus, these are the simple process for measuring your feet and finding the right fitting shoes from the peloton for yourself.


It is not easy to get the right fit, and only a professional shoe fitter can help you to get an accurate fit. However, not many people have access to a professional shoe fitter, so it is good to keep the consideration of simple tips.

  • Choose to measure your feet after a complete day of walking, as walking can increase the size of feet. Feet tend to get bigger after the full day of walking.
  • It is good to wear the type of stockings or socks you will wear with your purchasing shoes.
  • The maximum difference in shoe size measurements is 1/8 inch; thus, your foot measurements should be equally detailed for being effective. When rounding up and down, it will minimize the accuracy of measurement to help choose a good shoe fit.

Peloton Shoe Sizing Guide

When you choose peloton shoes, you need to consider different factors to find the perfect cycling shoe to be true to size. 

Width of shoes

It is better to know your foot’s width and choose the shoe accordingly.

The base of the toe or on the tip of the shoes where they fan out is essential to look for, and make sure cycling shoes you choose don’t apply pressure on any of these parts of your foot.

Length of shoes

There is no room for extra space in cycling shoes, and the same goes for running shoes to prevent injury. Shoes need to be well-ventilated, but extra space will increase the chances of getting an injury. 


Shoe you wear must provide good enough support and stability to your feet during movement. The alignment of the foot is also an important thing. Look the foot alignments when the shoe comes in contact with the ground.


Midsole is a significant part of the shoe that provides cushioning. Spinning shoes don’t really minimize the force that goes through it; however, time of transfer may get increased, so the body has enough time to adapt.

These are some important factors that you can look up to when buying peloton shoes to get your ideal fit.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart

You can get various sizes and styles with pretty good standards for standard and semi-narrow feet. Let us look at the size chart to make it easy to choose the right shoe size.

Women’s Shoes Size

Men’s Shoes Size

36 EU = Women’s size 5 US

40 EU= Men’s size 7 US

37 EU= Women’s size 6 US

41 EU= Men’s size 8 US

38 EU= Women’s size 7 US

42 EU= Men’s size 9 US

39 EU= Women’s size 8 US

43 EU= Men’s size 10 US

40 EU= Women’s size 9 US

44 EU= Men’s size 10.5 US

41 EU= Women’s size 10 US

45 EU= Men’s size 11 US

42 EU= Women’s size 11 US

46 EU= Men’s size 12 US

43 EU= Women’s size 12 US

47 EU= Men’s size 13 US


48 EU= Men’s size 13.5 US

Should I size up or down for peloton shoes?

Most people consider to size up for having good comfort levels. It is important not to wear tight shoes as it can lead to injury and cause huge discomfort.

Peloton shoes are provided with half size increments, so you don’t have to worry regarding the fit. Thus, it is easy to size up to add a little comfort to your feet, and to size down a thick pair of socks can surely come in handy.

When you are known to your feet measurements accurately, you can easily decide whether to size up or down for peloton shoes.

So, individuals with standard and semi-narrow feet can easily get the right fit, whereas people with smaller or narrower feet can size down, and people with larger and wider feet can size up for a comfort ride.


Do Peloton Shoe Stretch?

No, peloton shoes don’t stretch, but they have a standard fit. These shoes are perfect for cycling as they are not too tight but feel comfortable. However, fit may vary for the individuals with larger and wider feet size where shoe may stretch a little on regular wear.

Should Peloton Shoes Be Tight?

No, the peloton shoes you are buying shouldn’t be tight but true to your size. The shoe material is durable and superior, so it will not stretch on regular use. Make sure to choose the right fit for your feet to have a comfortable spinning experience.

Are The Peloton Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, peloton shoes are comfortable and perfectly fitting shoes. The brand offers a wide range of shoe sizes that help most people in choosing their ideal fit and have comfort indoor cycling experience. The perfectly designed sole of the shoes allows people to ride peloton for long hours with comfort.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small Or Big?

No, peloton shoes don’t run small or big, but they are true to their size, and that’s what makes them worthy of your cost. There are rare cases where peloton shoes run small or big due to narrower or larger feet size of buyers

Are Peloton Shoes Too Small?

Obviously not; peloton offers different sizes of shoes for men, women, pick the perfect fit for your feet. Peloton shoes take care of comfort, and with the right measurements, you can get the right fitting shoes for yourself.

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In conclusion, we can say that peloton shoes run true to size, especially for the standard or semi-narrow feet. The fit may vary from person-to-person as some can get the right size while others may need to size up or down to have a perfect fit.

The most important thing for choosing cycling shoes is that they need to be comfortable during cycling workouts.

It is good to choose shoes with the right fit that has enough air passage space and keep your feet completely stable during workouts.