Peloton Rower: All the Details! Release Date, Features, Pricing & More

Peloton is one of the most sought-after companies in the fitness industry. They are renowned for their great services, the likes of which include their bikes and treadmill facilities. But news regarding a mysterious new addition to their arsenal are circulating in the industry.

Everyone who loves to sweat is wondering about this rower that the company is planning to release in the international market.

If you wonder the same, you have come to the right place. Below is everything you need to know about Peloton and their latest addition, the Peloton Rower.

Peloton Rower: Release Date, Features, Pricing & More

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What is the Peloton Rower?

If you still do not know about the Peloton Rower, then you have chosen the right article as you’ll get to know all the relevant details regarding the peloton rowing machine. After their successful endeavors in developing spin bike, treadmill and yoga programs, Peloton has decided to expand their business by developing the rowing machine.

Peloton has several studios to its name. The company conduct indoor treadmills and other classes from those studios. With news of the new peloton rower, die-hard Peloton followers are now looking forward to peloton rowing classes.

Like the previous machines by Peloton, the Peloton rowers would be equipped with the facility to allow classes, which is one of the most sought-after features.

When is the Peloton Rower coming to market?

Various sources confirmed the peloton rower release in 2020. The peloton rower release date has since been delayed for multiple reasons. The most significant reason is the COVID Pandemic, which halted various projects worldwide, including the peloton project plan.

Many believe that the company will release the peloton rowing machine in 2022. If all goes well, the machines could be available in markets worldwide as early as mid-2022. There is yet to be any official statement from the Peloton management regarding the Peloton rower release, but users are optimistic about the release of this revolutionary equipment.

In the fall of 2019, news surfaced Tonic Fitness Technology, one of Peloton’s primary assembling accomplices, had got a patent connected with an indoor rower. This is the very organization that Peloton acquired back in October 19, implying that Peloton would now possess the Intellectual Property. Therefore, they have an option to use it for the rowing machine.

In November 2019, we got the most authority affirmation of a Peloton rower employing the Bloomberg news report, referring to unknown sources at Peloton who affirmed that a Peloton Rower release date would be at some point in 2020

There was an official announcement for the Peloton treadmill at CES. This led people to believe that the Peloton Rower announcement would follow a similar trend. However, despite the highly-anticipated CES 2020, Peloton didn’t make any official statement regarding the peloton rower release.

A week before the CES, another FCC document uncovered a Peloton contact screen tablet that the brand might utilize for a rower or cheaper treadmill. After the CES finished without Peloton rowing machine declaration, there isn’t any solid proof for its release. The company didn’t open up about the product release date.

Peloton leaders have now affirmed that the worldwide pandemic has constrained Peloton to defer their arrangements for new item declarations. Peloton CFO Jill Woodworth has brought in new investors for Peloton throughout May 2020. The issue summarizes that they have new items ready to go. But Peloton has decided that it is still too early to declare their products in the market.

Also, towards the end of May, Peloton settled on the choice to renounce their patent application for their new Peloton screen tablet. This was also an indication of their new product. But it is still uncertain exactly when the Peloton rowing machine would hit the market.

How much will the Peloton Rower Cost?

Even though the company hasn’t confirmed the Peloton rower release date, people are assuming a competitive price for the rower. Industry experts are estimating the product price through extensive research of their previous products along with considering all the competition and craze of rowing machines in general.

There isn’t any concrete news on the pricing of the peloton rowing machine. As per the various rumors, prices should be around 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars.

Industry experts believe Peloton rower to be the next big hit of the Peloton brand. To accomplish the same, they have to ensure that the peloton rowing machine lives up to the expectations of their customers and maintains the benchmark set by their previous products.

General Information About Peloton Rower

You might wonder how the Peloton rower rumors originated without any official announcement from the peloton team. The answer to that comes from the efforts of various researchers who went through the Peloton Application and discovered new code that suggested the addition of a fourth segment, the peloton rowing classes.

Furthermore, after discovering the additional code in the applications, researchers noticed the code name Mazu, which is also the name of the Chinese God of water. At first glance, it may not capture much attention. But if you put some thought into it, you can deduce that it could be an appropriate codename for a rower.

Besides the code, Peloton has also made new implementations to their facility plans, which gave an even clever message towards adding a new segment. In the latest outline for the new factories, they’ve allocated dedicated spaces for what is going to be the testing rooms of the peloton rowing machine. Peloton even bought a new patent for their upcoming product, which most of fitness enthusiasts believe to be the peloton rowing machine.

To make it even better, the company registered the website domain of under Peloton Interactive Inc. All these further confirm the rumors of their upcoming peloton rower release.

Why did Peloton Decide to Develop Rowers?

Fitness enthusiasts love home gym gear, and the rower is one such piece of equipment that every gym-goer would need. Throwing the hat into the ring with a rowing machine is indeed a good judgment. Individuals with Peloton treadmills and spin bikes search for ways to cross-train and bring new changes to their workout routines.

These are just of the numerous benefits of using a Peloton Rowing machine. Because of this huge market available, and the only competitor being Hydrow Peloton made a wise decision by taking strides in the Rower market. The Peloton Rower release will certainly revolutionize their brand and the industry due to the profound impacts of smart gym equipment.

Peloton can likewise add an entirely different class of competitors to drive their membership enrollments higher, adding to their primary concern. Peloton desires to broaden and contend with indoor industry pioneer Hydrow, which streams live classes from London and Miami.

Peloton has three live studios and a fourth so-called secret studio. The live studios incorporate one for their cycle, one for the Tread, and one for Yoga. The theory is that the fourth secret studio will be a rowing studio.

Peloton Management has declined to affirm any creation or delivery dates. However, most businesses anticipate that production will start in 2022 due to delays from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Peloton rowing machine checks out from an industrial viewpoint also. A rower is a genuinely normal exercise machine that individuals have in a home gym. Peloton clients additionally are searching for ways of supplementing the leg workout they get on the stationary cycle and treadmill. People love full-body training and rowers are the ideal equipment for an all-around exercise. Therefore, peloton rowing is something people are looking forward to with much excitement.

Because of different items hitting the commercial center, there is some surety of the interest for a Peloton Rowing Machine.

Peloton Rowing and Hydrow: Will There Be a Clash?

Hydrow, which has an already established name in the world of premium rowing machines, is surely going to give tough competition to the peloton rowers. In fact, the new Hydrow rower scores high on all the major points and comes with an enormous screen where you can live stream with mentors on the water. You can race against others live or on request on a leaderboard, similar to the Peloton hardware.

One more closeness to Peloton is that Hydrow permits you to utilize their application with outsider rowers like the Concept 2 rower, similar to the Peloton Digital application. The peloton application also enables you to do their cycle and treadmill workouts on any twist stationary cycle or treadmill.

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The Bottom Line

The Peloton rower is indeed one of the most intriguing and exciting products of Peloton, and millions of people worldwide are looking forward to the release of this product. It is bound to help a lot by offering more independence and efficiency through those services.

As of now, Peloton refuses to announce any further release of their new products. At the moment, all we can do is wait for Peloton to announce the release for the Peloton Rowing machine and be hopeful that Peloton recovers from its current situation at the earliest.

Not just us, the entire world is waiting for Peloton to announce the Peloton rower release officially. We hope for the release of this machine without any further delay.