Peloton Century Shirts: Timelines, Eligibility, Sizing, Cost & More

What do you wear during your workout session? A boring outfit will never give you the energy to burn the extra calories. So, wear your Peloton century shirt and get the zest to go for an intense workout session on the peloton bike. Repeating the same old t-shirt is something that you do not want, and it will not look good in pictures.

Read this article to know more about the peloton 100 ride shirt. Through this article, we will try to solve all your queries, and at the same time, we want you to win one Peloton Century Club Shirt for yourself.

Peloton Century Shirt

Does Peloton still do 100 Ride shirts?

Working out is beneficial in all ways, and Peloton knows how to motivate. Anyone who hits the 100 workout program like the 100 cycling workout or anything equivalent to it will be eligible for a Peloton Century Club Shirt. The company will send its branded t-shirt to tell you that you have hit a milestone of 100 workouts, entirely free of cost.

How to get Peloton century shirt?

Good things take time to happen. You need to go out of your daily comfort zone and push it to the extreme. Getting a Peloton 100 ride shirt is the same.

Peloton century shirt is something that every young person wants to have at least one in their collection, as it gives them a sense of pride. It is an uneasy procedure in which you do everything. You do not have to go out of the way to win one t-shirt. Keep working out, and you will get the result. Set a mindset of pushing it to the extreme and work out religiously without fail.

Here are specific ways how you can manage to get a Peloton shirt.

Choosing the Right Peloton Class

Choosing the suitable Peloton class will help you stay more focused and give more effort to your workout, thus pushing you closer to getting the shirt of your dreams.

More Warm-Ups

You shouldn’t avoid doing warm-ups as it protects your body from several injuries and prepares your body for all the other exercises. In fact, warm-ups increase the number of classes in your workout schedule, which is a positive.

Consistency Matters

Like any other thing, consistency is your key to getting the Peloton century ride shirt. If you are can’t focus or get tired and lazy, think of breaking the entire schedule into three 30 minutes workout sessions instead of a long, tiring 90-minute stretch.

Choosing and Deciding Two Short Workouts

You can go for a more extended session but choosing two short workout sessions always helps. Two sessions mean you are doubling the number of sessions completed as well as it is going to reward you with much better results.

So the key to getting a Peloton Century Club shirt is being consistent and doing 100 workouts of any particular type of exercise. Keep in mind all the mentioned tips and stay focused.

How do I claim my Peloton Century Club shirt?

How do I claim my Peloton Century Club shirt

Once you complete your 100th workout, the company will send an email to congratulate you, and along with it, there will be a link with the century shirt code. If the link is missing or you cannot open it, inform Peloton as soon as possible and give a few more days to work on it.

Remember the email may take 1-3 days after completing your 100th class to arrive on your inbox. So give it some time. However, if you did not receive the email, visit the Peloton site and chat with the support.

Once you receive your Century code:

  • Visit and select your shipping region
  • Paste Century Code in the box
  • Click “Submit”
  • Select shirt size
  • Add the shirt to your cart
  • Complete the checkout process

Also, remember that the redemption code expires one year from the date you got it at 11:59 PM EST.

Peloton century shirts are limited to All-Access Members. And it is available only for residents of the US, UK, and Canada

Is the Peloton century shirt free?

This will be the first question that will come to mind whether Peloton is giving the shirt free or not. Yes, the Peloton 100 rides shirt is free for completing 100 yoga, 100 bikes, or 100 treads workouts. 

Do you get a shirt for each Century Club?

We understand that you would love to get a peloton 100 ride shirt for every century club. Completing a milestone of 300, 500, 100, or more is an achievement in itself. But for now, Peloton doesn’t seem to have any plans of giving their peloton century club shirts to anybody for more than one time. But don’t get too disheartened as we know that you want to have more of their shirts. There may be a change of plans in the future regarding Peloton shirts for each Century Club.

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How many Peloton century shirts can I get?

Well, there is one for everybody. Once you complete your 100 milestones, Peloton will send you one shirt, and sadly a person cannot get two. Maybe there can be plans in the future, but as of now, they are sticking to giving one to their customers.

How do I track my Peloton Century Club shirt?

How do I track my Peloton Century Club shirt

Visit the and head over to the ‘Track Your Order’ segment. This section is in the upper right-hand corner. Then enter your email address and order number. You can find all the details there regarding your shipment status.

How Does The Peloton Century Shirt Fit?

During summer 2019, Peloton has changed its design to a unisex shirt. Previously customers would complain about the size, and it used to be small, significantly shrinking after the first wash.

Things have changed now, and Peloton seems to have done justice to all fans who want to buy the peloton century club shirt. The sizes are from S to XXL, and for the ladies, it is from XS to 3X.

Do Peloton century shirts run small?

Yes, Peloton Century shirts used to run small in size. This is a complaint that the company would get from their customers earlier, now no one faces any problem with the fit. Peloton has a dedicated team of designers, and they have come up with a material that will not shrink nor cling to the skin.

Peloton century shirt sizing

Peloton century shirt sizing

This table will be pretty helpful while placing the order for our shirt. We have all the needed measurements for women and men and measure them appropriately to get the right fit.

Peloton Shirt Size for Men

Here are the sizes and the respective bust, waist, and hip, so you don’t have any problems.






35” to 37”

29” to 32”

35” to 37.5”


37.5” to 40”

32” to 35”

37.5” to 41”


41” to 42.5”

34” to 36”

41” to 44”


43” to 46.5”

37” to 42”

44” to 47”


47” to 48.5”

42” to 47.5”

47” to 50.5”

So take help from the provided table for choosing the best size that’s suitable for you. Confirm your size before proceeding to the checkout. You don’t want to look clumsy.

Peloton Shirt Size for Women

All the measurements are in INCHES, so keep the measuring tape around the bust, waist, and hip.






30” to 32”

23” to 24”

33” to 35”


33” to 35”

25” to 28”

36” to 38”


36” to 38”

29” to 31”

39” to 41”


39” to 41”

32” to 34”

43” to 45”


42” to 44”

35” to 36”

46” to 49”


45” to 47”

37” to 39”

48” to 50”


48” to 50”

40” to 42”

51” to 53”


51” to 53”

43” to 45”

54” to 56”

As you can see, the table contains all the sizes with the necessary measurements. Take help from this table in case you have any confusion regarding the size of Peloton 100 ride shirt. 

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How does the process of ordering a century shirt work?

Peloton will mail you a unique code and give you the link for proceeding with the shirt order. Proceed to, paste the unique code, click on ‘Get My Shirt, select the size and add it to your shopping cart. Proceed to the checkout and complete the process.

Where do I place my order for the Peloton Century Shirt?

You will get a link in your email, along with the code. Clicking on the link will direct you to However, the code is vital for placing the order for the Peloton century club shirt. So remember the code, click on the link and proceed with the process. If you don’t get any mail, reach out to their customer service as the code and link are vital for placing the order.

What is the Peloton Century shirt made out of? Is it 100% cotton or blend?

You don’t need to worry about the quality as the Peloton century shirt is 100% cotton. But remember, while drying the shirt, be extra cautious to prevent any kind of shrinkage. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality and comfort level of the t-shirt. Order your shirt and wait to experience its comfort.

Will I get a century shirt if I do 100 workouts on the Peloton Tread?

Yes, you’ll definitely get the shirt for 100 tread exercises. You can get the shirt once you complete 100 workouts of a particular type, which includes tread exercises too. So don’t worry about the kind of workout, rather focus on doing it with all the motivation and complete the entire 100 workout sets of that particular exercise.

What does a Peloton century shirt look like?

Peloton century shirt is in black with a logo in white at the front, and on the back, there is a minor official peloton symbol. The T-shirt also has a 100 sign on the left sleeve and a century on the right. 

Can I get a Peloton Century Shirt from Canada?

Yes, you can get the Peloton century shirt from Canada. You can head over to the for ordering the Peloton shirt. You can check your email for all the specifics regarding ordering your Peloton century ride shirt. But you need to be a valid resident of Canada, and you must be over 14.

Can I get a Peloton Century Shirt from the UK?

Yes, you can still get the Peloton shirt. Same as the Canadians, UK residents can visit Check your mail for the exact specifics. You can even reach out to the company’s support if you haven’t got any mail from Peloton. All the All-Access members can get the shirt.

All the other rules are the same for the UK residents as well. You should be over 14 and you must be a valid resident. Again, note that the code will expire at 11:59 PM EST one year from the day Peloton sent you the code.

If I do 50 cycling workouts and 50 tread workouts, do I get the century shirt?

This is one of the many misunderstandings among every Peloton fitness enthusiast. Unless you do 100 workouts of precisely one type, you won’t get any Peloton Century Shirt. You should focus on doing a particular type of exercise. You can get the century shirt if instead of 50 cycling exercises, you do a 100, or even 100 tread exercises. So try to go for a complete 100 set of the workout that you like.

Is there a Peloton Century Club pin?

These days, few of the Peloton showrooms have started to give out special pins to all the people who complete their century ride in the company’s showroom. Even the showrooms that have started giving pins aren’t giving all the time. The Peloton website doesn’t provide any pins.

Is it really 100 workouts of any type?

Peloton considers cycling, floor workouts, yoga, boot camp, running, cycling for 100 workouts. Once the company officially announces the Peloton Rower, it will also qualify as a century shirt. So focus on all the mentioned exercises to get the Peloton Century ride shirt.

How much does the Peloton Century Shirt cost? Is the Peloton century shirt free?

From 2020 shipping charges are free. Previously customers had to pay for it, but now it is on the company. So consider yourself lucky as you don’t need to pay any money, as previously all the customers had to pay $7 as handling and shipping costs along with taxes.

I completed my 100th workout but haven’t gotten an email from Peloton

I completed my 100th workout but haven’t gotten an email from Peloton

Unfortunately, this happens, so reach out to the company itself if you do not get the email. The email may take 1-3 days after completing your 100th class to arrive on your inbox. So give it some time.

If you did not receive the email visit the official website, use the chatbots and contact Peloton’s customer support executive. They will verify your workout manually, and if they think you are eligible for it, then indeed, they will send it over. 

If my partner and I share a Peloton subscription, can we both get a century shirt?

You and your partner can get the Peloton shirt on completing the 100 workouts of any type of exercise.

Do peloton app users get century shirt?

No, app users can’t get the shirt as per the new rule. But on the brighter side, you’ll get a badge that you can flaunt on social media or among your gym buddies.

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Wrapping Up

Getting a Peloton century shirt is an achievement in itself, and please take it as a source of motivation to work out a lot more in the coming days. Keep up this good habit of yours, do not let anything or anyone divert your mind from this positive habit.

Moreover, wear your peloton century shirt to show off on social media and let your friends and followers know how serious you are about your fitness. Let the Peloton century ride shirt be your source of strength and motivation to work out harder.