25 Peloton Bike Maintenance Tips

Every fitness equipment requires routine maintenance. This is done to ensure the longevity of the exercise equipment. You just can’t clean them randomly. There are some important methods needed to be employed while doing routine maintenance checkups.

You should notice and follow certain indications while checking different parts of your exercise bike.

Proper, maintenance of your Peloton bike is necessary to keep it in a good condition for a longer time. If you maintain your bike regularly then the quality will also not perish making it worthy enough for a good resale value.

A well-maintained bike with all the parts working in a good condition is a win-win situation for the seller as the bike will make a good profit. Even if you aren’t opting for a resale, maintaining your Peloton bike is very crucial to avoid any mishappening at the time of the workout. 

There are certain parts of the bike which are highly susceptible to damage, once these are damaged, the only option left with you will be to replace it. So, to avoid spending huge money on the replacement of bike parts, it is very crucial to take good care of it from day one.

Peloton Bike Maintenance

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How To Maintain The Peloton Bike? 25 Peloton Bike Maintenance Tips

For keeping your Peloton bike in a very good shape, we have made this list to get your work easier and quicker-

  1. First of all, you must place your bike on a mat. While working out, bikes produce a lot of vibrations and pressure on the floor. To avoid this, place a mat below the bike. This will also reduce friction between the bike and the surface.
  2. Always place your bike in a place with some space around it. The bike should have enough home for free and easy movements to avoid any accident and mechanical friction of the bike.
  3. Make sure that only adults use the bike. Although the bike is durable it may get broken as some parts are clumsy and vulnerable.
  4. Right after your workout, you must ensure that the screen is shut down by pressing the red button on the tablet. Before shutting it down, make sure to disconnect the bike from any type of local or personal network.
  5. After this, immediately wipe down the screen using an authentic electronic screen cleaner on a microfiber cloth like the ones used to wipe down the screens of LCD, TV, etc. This will remove any kind of stain or sweat drops accumulated​ on the screen and will make it clearer.
  6. Never use harsh chemicals on the frame, as these may decolorize the bike which will eventually make it unattractive. This will hamper you from working​ out on it. Believe it or not, the stylish frame and the beautiful color are some of the stimulating factors needed for working out strenuously​.
  7. For screen, keep in mind to not clean it with bare hands or a rough cloth while working out or post-workout, this will result in scratches forming on the screen.
  8. Next is the beautiful and the alluring frame of the bike. This should be cleaned well using a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser. Remember, to maintain the shine of the frame and to avoid scratches, avoid using thick soap water and a harsh cloth.
  9. Right after cleaning, ensure that the frame is well dried out so wipe the moisture off using a very soft cloth.
  10. For removing the dust off the bike, use two soft brushes, one big and the other small, the smaller one can be used to clean every small part of the bike where the bigger brush or cloth won’t reach.
  11. Handles are the part where maximum sweat gets deposited due to prolonged holding the bike. This can also be a breeding house for germs, so to make it suitable for other people, use a mild disinfectant spray.
  12. Pedals are the most roughly used parts​ of the Peloton bike. These should be inspected every month to make sure that these are clean, turning smoothly, and devoid of any damage.
  13. Also right after the workout​, tighten the pedals to make sure that these are fitted well to the bike. Before tightening, remember to turn the resistance knob fully to the right for locking the flywheel.
  14. The left pedal, however, is directed reversely, so it should be tightened​ in an anti-clockwise manner.
  15. The right pedal is directed normally, so this can be tightened in a clockwise manner.
  16. For higher functionality, try to replace the pedals from time to time every year to avoid workout-related injuries. Else the person may get injured if not taken care of.
  17. Post workout, make sure to clean the pedals thoroughly to avoid any dirt sticking on them.
  18. For maintenance of the seat, clean it after every use with a damp cloth to avoid any sweat getting deposited. It’s not clearly visible, but the seat cover does catch a lot of dust and dirt, so it should be cleaned using a damp cloth and a good cleaner.
  19. Also, after every workout, tighten the seat as it is the most fragile and a loose seat may result in you falling off it and henceforth an injury. So, it’s very important to tighten the seat after every workout.
  20. You may also use an odor spray to get rid of that foul sweat smell after workout. This will leave your bike good smelling and you would want to use it everyday.
  21. Lubricating the chain and the flywheel is very necessary as these are the parts which are highly susceptible to get damaged due to prolonged friction. So, oiling these parts occasionally should be done to avoid any damage
  22. The resistance knob should be lubricated using a Peloton lubricant to clean it and make its performance more smoother. If the resistance knob gets blocked then there is no use of the Peloton bike as resistance allows a person to workout​ more effectively and efficiently. So, regularly oiling the base of the knob is important for its smooth functioning.
  23. The buffering issues of the Peloton bikes should be solved then and there only. App freezing along with buffering is one of the most common problems observed in the Peloton screens. One can do a history-clean and a cache-clean to solve any kind of problem as soon as possible. This will render the bike more functional and durable for a longer time.
  24. One thing to make sure of is that if there’s any problem with any part of the Peloton bike, be it of hardware or software, it should be solved as soon as possible. You must not wait for it to get resolved on its own. If you are not able to solve it, you must connect to the help center for this. This will ensure the longevity of your Peloton bike.
  25. At last, after doing all the above-mentioned steps, you may cover your Peloton bike until the next workout to avoid it catching dust and other substances.


Is It Ok To Do Peloton Every Day?

Yes, you can do Peloton everyday. However, if you are a beginner then you should at least ride Peloton for three days a week. Peloton is a great way to workout indoors, that too within a limited space. So, if you really want to get in good shape then you should use the Peloton bike for at least three days a week and if you are more fitness advanced, then you can do Peloton everyday.

Should You Turn Off the Peloton Bike?

Yes, you should turn off the Peloton bike after every workout to ensure its longevity and quality. Before turning off the bike, just make sure that it is disconnected from any type of local or personal network. For turning it off, you just have to press and hold the red button on the screen for 1-2 seconds. Turning off the bike after workout is also necessary for power saving.


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Peloton bikes are an amazing option for your workout routine within the premises of your room and also when you have limited space.

But, to avoid any damage or accident, you must make sure that it is properly taken good care of. Peloton bikes are not cheap, in fact, they are costly, so if any part is​ damaged, you are left with the option of either replacing the part or selling the bike when you are unable to replace it.

This inconvenience can be resolved right from the first day by following all the maintenance​ tips as discussed earlier. This care and proper handling of the bike will make sure that it is durable and also the quality is not compromised.