Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes Review

There are thousands of cycling shoes in the market but very few of them can fulfill all the requirements from a good pair of biking shoes. Some are comfortable but don’t provide enough support while others may be providing good support but not enough breathability.

It is tough to build a pair of shoes that is perfect for cycling and even tougher to make one suitable for indoor cycling as it is not as it needs to be much better in breathability due to lack of natural airflow.

Peloton has very few cycling shoes to offer and all of them are designed to be used on indoor bikes specially Peloton bikes. The recently launched Peloton Altos cycling shoes are also specially made for Peloton bikes.

These spin bike shoes were a much-awaited addition to the range of cycling shoes by Peloton. These are a bit more pricey than most cycling shoes but said to be the best they have made yet. Let us take a closer look to understand whether these justify the wait and price.

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes Review

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes

The new Peloton Altos shoes are similar to the other Peloton shoes in terms of quality, color combination, three-bolt cleat system, and durability but it defers on many other points.

This gorgeous pair of indoor bike shoes have a sleek design that wraps around your feet perfectly. The combination of little red on the black uppers and the sole of the shoes makes it match your peloton bike perfectly.

The single velcro strap closing system instead of the old ratchet clip in standard peloton shoes make it easier to put on and take off the shoes. This makes your transition to and fro between spinning and other exercises easier. The velcro closure might not seem catchy to some due to apparent durability issues, but the one used in Altos cycling shoes is better than many straps you have seen.

The three-bolt mount system of the shoes accommodates look delta cleats that are compatible with Peloton Bike and Bike+. Both these bikes are equipped with Look delta pedals.

The design of the shoes is slick, it doesn’t look so bulky around your feet. The uppers are black in color same as the velcro strap. There is a white peloton insignia on the strap. The heel, toe, and inner heel pad of the shoe is red in color, there is a peloton logo carved in the bottom of the heel. All these elements together give a very attractive look to the shoe, and it matches perfectly with the peloton bike.

The top of the shoe is different than the standard cycling shoes. It is not hard and stiff, but flexible and comfortable to fit on the feet.

The uppers are made out of strong and breathable woven jacquard mesh that is combined with well-placed airflow vents to keep your feet comfortable for long duration spinning sessions.

Though the uppers are flexible and overall shoe fitting is sock-like, the shape of the shoes stays firm. The outsole is stiff glass-filled nylon made to help you transfer the power efficiently to the pedals.

Features & Specs 

Peloton has come up with new shoes after many years. They might have collected customer feedback all those years and came up with Altos cycling shoes that try to fulfill all those issues one might have with the standard cycling shoes.

They have eliminated the issues like sweaty socks and bulky feel around the feet by making the design sleek and using breathable uppers with air vents. The shoes run true to the size and fit like the sock on normal and narrow feet.

The table below lists the prominent features of Peloton Altos cycling shoes.

Features & Specs

Material used

Foam for toe and heel pad, Velcro strap for closure, waffle mesh fabric for interior, jacquard knit uppers, nylon


Stiff sole made out of glass filled nylon


Three hole system, compatible with look delta cleats


Red color Look delta cleats included


Women 5 to Men 15 sizes with 1/2 size increments


Single velcro strap


Snug fit, sock like fitting on narrow and normal width feet


Woven jacquard mesh uppers combined with well-placed air vents provide enough breathability

Description of Altos cycling shoes on Peloton website claims it is the best cycling shoes they have made yet. There are many shoes that can be used for pedaling on your spin bike, but if you have a peloton, Altos would be a perfect match.

The features and specifications of the shoes suggest that it is one of the better biking shoes in the market right now or even the best.

Peloton Altos Shoes



Build Quality

Made out of high-quality materials, the Altos cycling shoes have a sturdy built quality overall. It is a perfect balance between flexible fit and sturdiness.

Shoe uppers made out of a combination of jacquard knit and woven coated fabric, the inners are lined with waffle mesh fabric. The shoes are reinforced with foam padding for toe and heel support cups.

The outsole of the shoes is made with glass-reinforced nylon that provides a firm and stiff bottom for a better power transfer. The single velcro strap for closure is held by synthetic leather that loops over the midsection and closes the shoe firmly.

The shoe seems built to last, we could be in a better position to know its build quality after using it for a few months.

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The major elements that can make a shoe comfortable to wear are fit, cushioning, ease of clipping in and out, breathability, and ease of putting them on and off.

Peloton Altos cycling shoes are made with mesh uppers and have strategically placed air vents to make them optimally breathable for keeping your feet comfortable on long-duration spinning sessions.

The padded toe and heel cups, waffle mesh inner lining, flexible uppers, and snug fit velcro closure secures the feet well and supports them to keep them stable. The single velcro closure makes it very easy to put on and remove the shoes.

The cleats are designed to fit with stock pedals of your Peloton bike, thus unlike other shoes, they are very easy to clip in and out. Considering everything, Altos cycling shoes are more comfortable than many other indoor bike shoes.

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes Review

Aesthetics and Styling

The narrow tow and sleek design of the shoe make Altos cycling shoes appear interesting and fast. Most of the stationary bike shoes are rather bulky.

The combination of a little red line of the inner mesh that pops out around the ankle with the whole black exterior of the shoes adds to its beauty and also matches it with the peloton bike styling. The white peloton logo on the velcro strap stands out on the red and black combination.

The texture made due to air vents on the uppers and the horizontal lining on the tongue enhances the look of otherwise aesthetically alright spinning shoes.

Peloton Altos Shoes sizing

The smallest size available in Peloton Altos shoes is Women 5 and the largest size available is Men 15 in US sizes. To cover the whole size range, they have included the half sizes too.

Sizes: W5, W5.5, W6, W6.5, W7, W7.5/M6, W8/M6.5, W8.5/M7, W9/M7.5, W9.5/M8, W10/M8.5, W10.5/M9, W11/M9.5, W11.5/M10, W12/M10.5, M11, M11.5, M12, M12.5, M13, M13.5, M14, M14.5, M15

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Almost all better things come at a premium price, Altos cycling shoes are no different. At $145 per pair, these are $20 costlier than the standard peloton shoes.

If you compare these with other biking shoes these might sound a bit expensive but it is not something that you would buy frequently, so a little higher price won’t matter that much.

Altos Peloton Cycling Shoes

Pros & Cons


  • Better build quality than the standard cycling shoes
  • Sleek design makes it aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Keeps the feet comfortable by keeping good airflow
  • Fits like the sock, keeps the feet secure on the pedal
  • Compatible with look delta system, cleats included in the package
  • Lightweight
  • Optimally cushioned
  • Best suited for Peloton bike


  • Not compatible with two hole SPD pedals and cleats
  • Difficult to walk around the bike with shoes on
  • Not suitable for wide toes

Is Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes Worth The Buy?

If you own a Peloton bike or bike+ then you should upgrade to Altos cycling shoes whenever you are changing the shoes next time.

Even at a price point of $145, they are worth the buy as they are designed specifically for providing better comfort, stability, and ease of use for peloton bike users.

If you have any other exercise bike than peloton, you can consider Peloton Altos as one of the options while choosing a pair of new spinning shoes, they are still worth it.




If you are in the market for new spinning bike shoes, then the Peloton Altos presents a very good option for you.

These are better indoor cycling shoes in comparison with many counterparts in terms of comfort, fitting, ease of use, and styling. These might not perform well on outdoor bikes and their durability is yet to be tested, but these definitely provide a great new option for peloton bike users.

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