Guide to Peloton All-Access Membership & Multiple Users

For anyone who is planning to bring home a brand new exercise bike, the brand name “Peloton” is sure to cross his mind. Peloton bikes have made indoor exercising extremely convenient.

However, to gain access to all the facilities of a Peloton bike, you will require a membership plan. The membership will give you access to different classes, both indoor and outdoor.

However, users often have a query about the terms and conditions of the membership plan- how many people can use a single membership at a time, how many devices the membership can be connected to at the same time, etc.

This article will help you solve some of the queries. Give this article a read till the end to have the proper knowledge.

Peloton All-Access Membership & Multiple Users 

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Can you share Peloton subscription?

Yes, you may share a Peloton subscription, but only with people who share the same residential address as yours.

Peloton offers two kinds of membership plans – one is the Peloton All Access membership and the other is an App membership.

If you buy fitness devices like a Peloton Bike or a Peloton Tread, you will require an All-Access membership. The All-Access membership of Peloton allows you to share your subscription with members who share the same residential address as yours.

Initially, one who purchased the All-Access membership could have access to an unlimited number of user profiles. Later, due to a change in the policy, the number of user profiles was limited to 20.

The membership can be attached to a Peloton Bike and a Peloton Tread at the same time, but not to a Peloton Bike and a Bike+ simultaneously.

Peloton imposes limitations on the number of streams that can take place through a single membership simultaneously. The membership holder has to take responsibility for all the activity that takes place under the membership plan.

Can multiple people use Peloton all-access?

Yes, multiple people can use the Peloton All-Access membership. There is a provision for multiple users on Peloton.

According to the policies of Peloton, the All-Access membership is designed such that it can be used by multiple people at a time. Initially, there was a provision for unlimited user profiles. Later, the policy was changed and there was room for only 20-members at a time.

A condition that was specified by Peloton is that all the members should share the same address of residence. If that condition is fulfilled, you can choose to share your membership plan with multiple people.

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Can my wife and I share a Peloton membership?

Yes, given that you and your wife stay in the same house, and fulfill the criteria of sharing the same residential address, you will be able to share your Peloton membership with your wife.

Given that you are using the Peloton Bike and your wife is using the Peloton Tread simultaneously, both of you can use the membership seamlessly without any hindrance.

However, if you both wish to run the membership on a Peloton Bike and Peloton Bike+ together, there’s bad news! You will require two different membership plans for that.

Does peloton membership include family?

No, Peloton does not really specify anything like a “family” membership. According to the terms and conditions mentioned on the website of Peloton, you can share your All-Access membership with as many as 20 people.

However, the only requirement is that all the individuals, who are sharing the membership, should be residents of the same address.

How many users can use Peloton account?

Peloton supports multiple users on one Peloton account. The Peloton account can be used by 20 users at the same time. The only criterion that Peloton demands to be fulfilled is that all those who use the user account should have the same residential address.

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The Bottom Line

Therefore, it is evident that one subscription can support multiple users on Peloton. If you are looking forward to staying fit while saving some extra bucks, an All-Access Membership will be a great choice for you!