About Us

About DrWorkout.fitness

DrWorkout.fitness promotes long term lifestyle changes for our users through exercise and nutrition for their all around wellbeing. It is our mission to provide the public and other fitness professionals with advanced fitness equipment training and the most sophisticated training programs in the industry. We have the best training program in this arena. We prepare our users for success!  We have the best weight-management program

Our Mission:

To provide evidence based workout and diet programs for free. 

DrWorkout Team: 

DrWorkout Team is a group of fitness industry experts dedicated to publishing authoritative proven workout plans, guides and instructions on DrWorkout.fitness website. We provide evidence based guidelines for training to maximize strength,muscle hypertrophy and stamina.

  • Dr Workout team offer a variety of exercise programs to encourage users to make changes for a healthier lifestyle.
  • We provide individual attention to users encouraging wellness through fitness testing, evaluations, health screenings, exercise programming, and personal training instruction.
  • We encourage the art and science of strength training and endurance training.