Orangetheory Prices & Membership Cost 2023

When Ellen Latham introduced the concept of Orangetheory to the world, it received some mixed reactions. While some agreed with him, others didn’t, and said they would rather stick with the conventional fitness concepts.

However, over years, more than a decade into its introduction, Orange theory is one of the fastest growing fitness concepts in the world.

If you are still clueless about what the concept ‘Orangetheory’ means, here is it- It aims at bringing your heart rate to the orange zone for a particular period of time. The exercises will usually span one hour and will be done in groups, with a particular rhythm.

And of course, the concept is scientifically proven and has been giving incredible results to hundreds of thousands across the globe, especially from the United States. 

So, if you are looking to start with Orangetheory fitness, and wondering about its pricing, then this article is for you. In this article, we will dig deeper into various pricing options and other additional costs of an Orangetheory membership. So, read along.

Orangetheory Prices
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Orangetheory Prices & Membership Cost

Well, the fact is, there is no ‘fixed’ Orangetheory membership cost. Instead, the rates depend on what plan you choose, and sometimes, what location you are from.

However, we do have a close-to-precise idea about Orangetheory pricing. Here is how much it generally costs for different plans of Orangetheory classes

Orangetheory Prices & Membership Cost

Basic Membership (Up to 4 classes per month)

Monthly fee


Initiation fee


Cancellation fee


Additional session fee


Elite membership (Up to  classes per month)

Monthly fee


Family add-on


Elite corporate


Initiation fee


Cancellation fee


Additional session fee


Premier membership (Unlimited number of classes)

Monthly fee


Family add-on


Premier corporate


Initiation fee


Cancellation fee

Nil (unless late)

Late cancellation fee


No shows fine


Sessional packages

10 Sessions


20 Sessions


30 Sessions


drop in (1 sessions)


Usually, once you sign up for Orangetheory, your agreement will be valid for the next 36 months. After that, you can, or you need to renew the contract. 

Also, in order to cancel before that, you have to submit a cancellation request before 30 days. That means, once you have submitted your plan cancellation request, the request will be activated only after 30 days. 

Orangetheory membership cost
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How much does Orangetheory cost?

The most attractive feature of Orangetheory pricing is its flexibility. You can choose from multiple choices according to what you prefer or what suits you the best. 

The lowest Orangetheory price is the 28$ drop-in session fee for one session. It helps you engage in a random class with no strings attached. That means, you can attend the drop-in class without a membership.

Also, most orange theory gyms offer the first one or two classes free of cost. Contact the gym nearest to you for more details.

Now, speaking of the membership plans, the basic plan will cost you $58 per month. With the basic Orangetheory plan, you can attend a total of 4 classes per month. For each additional class, you will have to pay $18.

You can opt for the basic Orangetheory plan if you are not sure of attending more than 4 classes per month. Otherwise, it will be better for you to go for higher memberships. 

Just above the Basic Orangetheory membership is the elite one. A normal elite membership at Orangetheory will cost you $109. Additionally, with an extra $99 per month, you can opt for family add-ons and have some family fitness time at the Orangetheory. 

Also, if you attend the classes with your corporate mates, per-head membership costs will be $99 per month. 

With an elite Orangetheory fitness membership, you can attend 8 sessions per month. Besides that, you can also attend additional classes for $18 per session. 

Now comes the premier Orangetheory membership that you can obtain by paying $169 per month. Similar to the elite membership, this one also has extra discounts for family add-ons and corporate memberships. 

You can obtain a premier class family add-on at $159 per month. And for the corporate package also, the monthly premier membership costs $159 per head. 

With the premier Orangetheory membership, you can attend an unlimited number of sessions. Therefore, this plan does not have an “additional session charge”. However, if you do not show up for a class after scheduling for it, you will have to pay $12 from your side. 

Besides, you need to inform them at least 8 hours before your scheduled class, if you want to cancel it. Otherwise, you may have to pay a late cancellation fee from your side. The late cancellation charge at Orangetheory is usually $12. For more information regarding late cancellation fees, contact the Orangetheory gym nearest to you.

Those were the prices for different plans, namely the basic, elite, and premier Orangetheory Memberships. There will usually be no fee for canceling the membership. However, their rules mandate that if you want to cancel the Orangetheory membership, you need to give the request at least 30 days prior to canceling.

Overall, as you can see, Orangetheory prices may generally range from $59 to $169 per month on average. That means, you need to pick the best plan that suits your lifestyle, fitness goals, and other factors. 

Additionally, the final rates may vary a little from what we discussed here. For instance, an Orangetheory membership in a big city, say, New York, may cost you more than what we discussed here, and in a smaller town, it might cost less. 

Orangetheory Basic membership cost

The basic plan is the cheapest membership available at Orangetheory. The plan will accommodate only one individual, and you can obtain the membership for as low as $69 per month.  

With the basic plan, however, you can attend only 4 sessions per month, and each additional session will cost you $18. 

Orangetheory Elite membership cost

With up to 8 sessions per month, you can obtain the elite Orangetheory membership for $109

And to encourage corporate fitness sessions, they offer corporate plans at a per-head rate of $99 per month. Along with that, they also offer family add-on pricing of $99.

And similar to the basic plan, in the elite membership plan also, each additional session will cost you $18. 

Orangetheory Premier Membership cost

The Premier membership is the ultimate membership plan available at Orangetheory. To obtain the premier plan, you will have to pay $169 per month

However, in the case of corporate premier membership and family add-ons, it will cost 10 bucks fewer. That is, $159 per month. 

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Initiation Fee

One attractive thing about starting an Orangetheory membership is, you won’t have to pay any initiation fees. You will pay only for your monthly membership. 

Drop-in fee

You can opt for a drop-in Orangetheory session at $28. Attending such a session will let you know more about how the classes will be, and other things. 

Orangetheory deals and discounts

As discussed above, you can avail discounts on two conditions. 

One, if you bring a family member as an add-on to your membership. This you can obtain in both the elite and premier memberships. In both cases, the person attending with the add-on membership will get a discount of up to 10$ in the monthly fee.

Another way to obtain discounts is through taking corporate memberships. If a group of people or employees from a company (10 or more) plans to attend the Orangetheory classes together, there will be a drop of $10 in per head charges. It will be available in both elite and premier memberships. Furthermore, taking a corporate membership makes your exercise sessions even more enjoyable, as you will be with your colleagues. 

Can I go to any Orangetheory with my membership?

Yes, you can go to any Orangetheory with your membership. However, before visiting for a session, you need to inform them beforehand and ensure there are slots left. 

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Can I freeze Orangetheory membership?

Yes, definitely. You can freeze your Orangetheory membership for up to 2 times a year. The minimum freezable period is 30 days, and the maximum is 60 days, or 2 months

However, unless a medical condition, you may have to pay $15 for the months you freeze your Orangetheory membership. In case of medical conditions, they usually waive the $15 charge, provided you submit a doctor’s letter. 

How much does it cost to cancel Orangetheory membership?

There is no particular fee to cancel your Orangetheory membership. However, you should inform them at least 30 days before canceling your membership. In other words, your cancellation request will be completed only by the next month. 

Is it hard to cancel Orangetheory membership?

Considering procedures, it is not supposed to be hard to cancel an Orangetheory membership. But the thing is, your cancellation request will be activated only 30 days after you submit the request

And to cancel your membership, you can either visit your home Orangetheory gym or do it online by visiting their website. 

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Final Thoughts 

We would not lie. The membership fee at Orangetheory is never among the cheapest rates around for gym memberships. However, considering the intense, effective workout sessions and group exercises, an Orangetheory membership can really be worth the money. 

Additionally, contact the Orangetheory gym nearest to you to have a clearer picture about pricing. Because, the rate may change from place to place, although it generally revolves around the pricing we’ve discussed in this article.